Saturday, November 05, 2005

We booked the wedding and honeymoon and I got my dress!!

Today was a busy day for Steve and me! We booked our wedding/honeymoon and got our tickets. We're waiting for someone from Sandals to contact us and give us the exact wedding date and time (whoo hoo) but for now we're saying it's July 9th (we have to be there for two full days before we can get married). We're going to leave on Thursday, July 6th and come home on Thursday, July 13th. We're flying first class (awesome) and that's all we know for now.

I got a call yesterday that I could come and pick up my dress so I went today with my mom and now it's hanging in the spare bedroom closet. All is good and I'm excited!!! Steve is using frequent flyer miles for our airfare and found out that if we were to pay cash for them it'd be like $1250 per person!!! It's insane! Good thing that he racked up so many miles on his butt!!!


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween Party

We had our first and last Halloween party this past Saturday. I was so glad that Scott and Tarrah and Aimee and Matt came. It was disappointing that like 12 people who said they were coming bailed out last minute. It was an interesting night... and I felt bad for our guests that the party was so lame. Next year we'll just let someone else host the party.

Anyway-- I've included some pictures from the event.