Sunday, April 22, 2007

Music: Annoying bird outside my window

Mood: Exhausted

This weekend was so much fun! We went down to Dayton Friday night. We went straight to the fraternity house and there were a TON of people standing outside drinking and talking. One group was playing beer pong while the rest were just talking. Mitch and Jess were there when we showed up and we went over and said hi to Jess. Mitch has a handlebar mustache now and looked like a trucker. We haven't seen them since January and I honestly thought it was fake... but it wasn't.

We stayed at the house for about three hours or so and it was nice to see so many people that knew Steve. They call him "Chunk" and it was very strange to have everyone calling him "Chunk" instead of "Steve" or "Walker." I got to see the inside of the house (very gross) and the plaque with Steve's name on it for Best Brother. I had to use the bathroom and had to pee in the bathroom that wasn't meant for a female to use (it was soooooo gross).
We left around 11:30 and hit the ghetto Taco Bell and then went to the hotel and checked in. It was a nice room... very comfy bed and they gave us music to listen to at bedtime (a sound cd). I slept like a baby.
We slept in on Saturday. Eventually we got up and got ready and drove over to the house for a bbq. Steve ordered Donnato's pizza for me (it was sooo good) and told everyone that I had never had Donnato's pizza. It was s good thing we ordered ourselves a pizza because they were supposed to have food from 11-2 and they didn't get anything really started until 1:30.
We watched everyone play volleyball and then we walked over to the bookstore. I got a new book (Something Borrowed by Emily Giffen) and a hoodie and then Steve got some t-shirts and a magnet and two pint glasses. He got 10% off for being a UD alum. We walked back to the house and stayed for a bit... I got REALLY sunburned and ended up getting a blister on the ball of each foot from my sandals.
We went back to the hotel and I took a nap while Steve showered and played on the internet. I got up and showered and then it was time to head downstairs for the formal. We got there and there was a HUGE line for the drinks (open bar one hour before and one hour after dinner). We got our seats and then got back in line for more drinks.
Dinner was good but made us both very ill. We headed back to the room and laid down to try and get comfortable. We both used our own bathroom (smile) and then headed back to the ballroom. I made some Raspberry Pucker and lemonade (so very good) and took it downstairs with me.
We went to bed around 12:00 or so and then got up at 9 this morning. We went to the union and had breakfast (a buffet sponsored by EDT) and then we walked around campus.

I had to use the bathroom and we headed into the engineering building (where Steve spent all his time in college) and while I was in the bathroom a professor talked to Steve. He remembered Steve and they chatted for a bit. I came out and Steve told me that he was the guy that we had JUST seen on the History channel (it was very cool). It made the whole weekend!!
Before heading back home to Michigan we went back to the house and Steve bought a t-shirt (Ghetto-Fest) and then we came home.
I am tired and ready to go bed.
Until next time...