Saturday, June 02, 2012

A New Toy!!!

My new iPad 3

Yesterday we found out that our much awaited, highly anticipated tax return was deposited into our checking account. HUZZAH!! We were able to get a nice refund through the Adoption Tax Credit (after countless hoops to go through), and as a result, we were quite pleased with our return.

We discussed what we needed to do with our money, mainly pay off some bills, including Steve's Mustang, and put the rest into savings. We still have a house in NC that we're paying on and our funds are dwindling.

However, we had talked before about putting a little bit aside to get ourselves a splurge gift. So last night, we talked about our financial plan and what we're going to do, and we decided to go today and get each of us the iPad 3. We will give Gus Steve's old iPad (he has the original) and put all his apps on there and make it as kid-friendly as possible.

I had wanted to get him the Leap Pad for Christmas (they're $100 and then more with accessories). Now we don't have to do that. I want to get the Fisher Price iPad case for it, so if he drops it, nothing will happen to it, but he'll be all set with his very own iPad.

It's kinda ridiculous that our two year old will have his own iPad... don't think that concept is lost on me. Anyway, I absolutely LOVE it. It's like a giant iPhone and all my apps that I have on my phone, transferred over to my iPad (and are still on my iPhone) and didn't cost anything to have them on two devices.

Today was a very good day and I am a very happy girl.  :-)

Child Training Bible

Gus's Bible

Not too long ago, I saw a post about the Child Training Bible. It was on one of the homeschooling blogs that I follow and I was intrigued. I decided to look into what it was and I really liked what I saw.

While we were in Michigan, I talked to my mom about it and she said she had a children's Bible that she wanted to give Gus. It's the coolest Bible and one that is kid-friendly. I thought that since I now have a children's Bible for him, I should order the Child Training Bible kit and put it together for us.

Here are a few pictures of his completed CTB:
You need your own Bible, highlighters and tabs, and then the kit comes with the cards you see above

The Bible is color coded to represent different areas of discipline and then scriptures that correspond to each area

The various discipline areas are seen on the main page and then you just pick a tab and read the verse that goes with that area

I really enjoyed reconnecting with the Bible. I'm not an overly religious person, and there are definitely things about the Catholic Church that I disagree with, but I am a firm believer in God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit. 

As a Catholic, we don't really grow up learning Bible verses and aren't taught or encouraged to memorize them. So the Bible isn't something that I've ever put a lot of importance in and I've always viewed it as the inspired word of God. I don't want to debate anyone on this, it's my view and I'm entitled to see things as I choose. I do think it's an incredible book though, and I really enjoyed going through it to highlight verses and put the tabs in their right spots.

I want Gus to have a solid foundation in the Catholic Church. I want him to know Jesus, God, and The Holy Spirit and I do not feel that he has to be older to make this connection. That's where I as a Catholic, have views that differ from others.

We don't go to church right now, because it's impossible to get Gus to sit still and he likes to be loud. When he's a little older, I fully intend on taking him to Mass each week and when he's school-aged, he'll be going to formation classes. I want him to have moral aptitude and to know that we're all here because of God. I want him to know that Jesus loves him and is always there for him.

Anyway... I wanted to share what I bought and put together for Gus. I do have one complaint... and that's that it is all negative stuff. I'd love to see something similar that talks about the positive things that come with childhood and verses that coordinate with them.