Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 176

What a fun day!! We got up with Gus around 6:00 and he was definitely not ready to be up for the day, so we changed him, fed him, and put him back to bed. He slept until about 8:30. I got on facebook and saw a post by a friend of mine that she would be at the Holly Springs Farmer's Market this morning selling beef (they own Wilkerson's Beef). I had an immediate desire to take Gus to the market while Steve slept in. 

When I went in to tell Steve that I was going to take Gus to the farmer's market, he said he wanted to come too. So I went down, started breakfast (ham and cheese hashbrown casserole) and we headed to the ATM and then downtown Holly Springs! Here are my pictures:
We parked at City Hall and walked across the street to the market

Steve and Gus  :D

Gus LOVES to people-watch so he was a very happy boy!!

The menu board at the Wilkerson Farms booth

Look at those peaches!!!!

Kinda busy for 9:30am!

Shopping with his eyes...

Totally made me laugh... LARPers!!!

I had Steve take this picture of me for my nephew Alex!!

LMAO-- Uncle Bob's Nuts (hehehe)... we got some kettle corn and organic honey peanut butter!

We got home with two minutes to spare!! The timer went off and I took breakfast out of the oven while we put away the goodies that we bought at the market. It was so much fun to walk around and see all the different foods and treats! Definitely something I can see us doing each Saturday as a family! Maybe next time we'll go around 10 and then get some ice cream to have on the way out!  :)

Here's what we bought today:
I'm a sucker for kettle corn... and who doesn't love Uncle Bob's Nuts?? HAHAHAHA

SOOOOOO yummy!!!

Filets (there are two in the pack)- our dinner!

Think Tastefully Simple for guys!! 

The potatoes, squash and zucchini were paired with the filets tonight

What we got today

We had breakfast and I took some pictures of Gus:


Chillin' on the floor (LMAO)

Gus took a nap around 11 and then Steve took The Beast to get inspected and he stopped to get his haircut. When he got home, Gus got up and we headed to Lowe's to meet a lady that I bought some Duplo blocks from ($8 for 140!!). 

At Lowe's we got more wood for my second magnet board and my felt board!

We stopped at Wal-Mart to get some odds and ends and then came home. Gus played while Steve hung up my blue pocket chart that I used to make Gus's chore chart!

Gus's Chore Chart  :)

So before I go any further, let me say that yes, I am aware that Gus is only 13 months old. He doesn't have any chores at this point, but as he gets a little more independent and able to do more things for himself, he'll be given more and more to do. On the chart (you can't really see it in the picture) his chores are: brush teeth, get dressed, take a nap/quiet time, help with meals (can be eating, cleaning up, making them), feed pets, take a bath, no time-out for the day, and put toys away. These are all things that in the near future he can do.

We aren't going to be paying him for chores until he's four or five, so until then, he'll be earning frogs with his name on them and a set number of frogs will earn him some rewards. His rewards will NOT be us buying him anything. He'll get to pick randomly from the reward bucket and inside will be several cards with rewards written on them. They'll range from Daddy and Gus time playing with Duplo/Legos, wagon rides, movie night, rides on his Little Tykes bike, special trip to the library, Gus's favorite meal, a special dessert, or other treats like chocolate milk with dinner. All things that don't cost us anything and are considered a treat to Gus. As he gets older and has more likes, we'll adjust the rewards to meet his needs.

I called my mom today and talked to her for about ten seconds before she put my dad on the phone. He said she was "loopy" from the meds and wasn't comfortable talking to anyone.  :(   He said she had only had 1/2 a bagel and I told him that he needed to make sure she ate something! Then I talked to him this afternoon and he said she had a bigger lunch and was doing better. She's still in a lot of pain, but they got her out of bed and let her sit in the chair for a bit. I wish I was there with her!! We ordered flowers last night to be delivered today, and I was so worried that they wouldn't make it to her because I forgot the room number when I ordered. Thankfully, they arrived and my dad said she loved them. He sent me two pictures of her today:
Sleeping while he was there visiting with her  :)

With the flowers that we sent her!

Anyway... tonight we had the potatoes, squash, zucchini and filets that we bought at the farmer's market. They were delicious!!

While Steve was grilling I took a few more pictures of random things around the house, including some cute pictures of Gus and Elphie!
The new canvas print that Steve hung up for me!


Silly boy!!

Steve cannot do anything without his phone...

Gus and his best friend Elphie

Toebe and Hobo

Filet of cat!!

Tomorrow we're not going anywhere and it should be a great day of relaxing! I ordered some capris tonight from Old Navy online. I'm so excited for them to come!! I'm ready for comfy pants (besides the same ones that I wear almost daily)!!

Random thought-- Have you seen the commercial with the guy at the job interview and it's about gas? Holy shit, I laugh so hard every time it's on. I had to rewind it a few times because I couldn't get enough of it!! 

See you tomorrow!!