Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy Feet: Week 3

The difference between the first two weeks and this past week were remarkable! Maybe it's because we didn't bring a chair for Gus, therefore he didn't think he could sit out and not participate? I don't know... could be that both coaches this week were men? Whatever the reason, this past week was amazing.

Gus had so much fun participating in "Crazy Socks Day" and was one of the only kids wearing wacky socks. The coaches all liked his socks, and he picked out which ones he wanted to wear. His team played the Green Dragons and even though no one kept score, Gus's team totally won.

Here are some pictures and a few videos from this past week!

 Stood out on the field (without Daddy) and followed directions!!

 Hopping like a bunny

Hugh really enjoyed watching Gus

Actually playing in the game and taking the lead with the ball!!

We are so proud of Gus and really had fun watching him play soccer! He had a great time too and it was wonderful!!