Saturday, June 18, 2011

365 Picture Project Video

I finally finished the first year 365 project. I think everyone knows that I took (and still have been taking) a picture of Gus every day. I made a video that shows each picture in date order so you can see how he grew in the first year. It's simply amazing!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 168

This morning Gus slept past 8 which was okay with me since I went to bed so late last night. He and I went downstairs and we had breakfast (English muffin, yogurt, and milk). WE played for a little bit and then he headed to Wal-Mart to do our grocery shopping for the week.

We came home from shopping and I put away the groceries and we had lunch. 

Steve is on early release Fridays (for the summer) and got home around 12:30 and then had a conference call from 1-2. Gus went down for a nap around 1 and slept for over two hours. It was great!!

He got up and he and Steve snuggled and played for a while and then we had dinner and it was about time for bed. We didn't go anywhere this afternoon, and it was nice to just be home together as a family.

Today I got the Velcro that I needed for my daily schedule for Gus. I was able to get everything in place and then put on the fridge. I think it looks wonderful!!
Then Steve got me the stuff to hang up the family expectations. I love how it looks and I am so glad it's up and we can refer to it with Gus. He's too little to really understand, but I figure it can't hurt to have them up and have it be something that he's always known.

Tomorrow Will and Adri are coming over for lunch and then we're going to Spivey's Corner for the National Hollerin' Festival and Contest!! I'm excited!! I'll take lots of pictures and post them (probably not until Sunday). 


Day 167

I don't remember a lot of details from yesterday, so you'll have to excuse me. I had intended on blogging last night, but I had a MNO event and I didn't get home until 10:30 and I went straight to bed.

Here's what I do remember from yesterday. I made Gus and I breakfast, we had eggs, toast, and bacon (he didn't like the bacon). He slept until after 8 so I was able to get a shower and get out and get dressed before he started to stir... which is such a blessing.

We played downstairs for a while and then Gus took a nap. While he was sleeping, his geometic sorter came from Amazon:

When he got up from his nap, we played with this for well over an hour together. He absolutely LOVES to put things into containers, and he liked the colors, textures, and that the lid slides on and off. I also got him two books from Amazon:
This was only $7.69 and has  five full-length "Five Little Monkeys" books in one! It'll be great for the "Five Little Monkeys" packs that I printed from 1+1+1=1

Grace had these books and Gus loved them while we were at her house. They were $9.99  and comes with four adorable board books featuring Elmo!

So we played with the shape sorter and here are some pictures:

After we played for a while we had a snack break and then I read Parents magazine while Gus played independently.

I decided to see if I'd be able to capture his teeth in a picture so I could text it to family... and here's what I got:

Yes... a VERY squirmy-wormy boy. However, you can see the two teeth in the one picture and that's all I was looking to get. I was pleased.

I went to my MNO event at Daniel's in Fuquay-Varina and it was so nice. There were 12 moms and I knew quite a few of them, so it was nice to see familiar faces and meet some new people too. I met a new person named Lacey, and she has triplets that are eight days younger than Gus!! Kristen and Grace have had a few playdates with them, and I can't wait to have one with them and Grace too!! Maybe next week we'll do it.

Anyway, I had a great time and then got home at 10:30 so I went straight to bed. I'll be back to post later today about today's events.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 166

Today seemed like the longest day ever. Thankfully, Gus woke up after 8 and I felt rested. We had a playdate this morning over at Sharon's house. It was the first one for my MOMS Club. It was fun for Gus... we were there with two other moms. The one lady has a 15 month old and I cannot believe what this little girl can do. Not only could she talk and say things like "Penguin" when she saw the penguin toy, but she could count as well. Her mom said, "One... two..." and the little girl said, "Three." Is that normal? Am I a complete and total slacker-mom? I couldn't believe my eyes or ears. I know there's a two month difference between her and Gus, and maybe she's about to turn 16 months, but even at that, that's only a three-month difference. The mom said she has probably at least 300 words in her vocabulary. 300.

So I left there feeling like a shit-mom. I know I can't compare Gus to other kids, but I couldn't help but wonder... I mean Gus doesn't say much of anything that's understandable. He says mama and dada clearly, but doesn't usually say a lot of words that have any resemblance to words at this point. It all sounds like gibberish to me. He's said, "Elphie" once or twice, and has said, "kitty" but not on a regular basis. I know boys and girls are different when it comes to language, but should I be concerned about this? I thought he was a rock-star because he does talk... ALL THE TIME... but it's not anything we can understand.

Anyway... we came home and Gus played for a bit before we had lunch.

We got our Baby Mum Mum crackers today and I was super excited to open the box and give some to Gus. He really liked the ones that Grace had. I got him the vegetable ones and was hoping that they'd be as yummy as the plain. He liked them a lot!

While he was munching on one, I could totally see his little teeth and decided to get out my good camera and try to capture the teeth. It was no use... no teeth for me today. However, I did get a lot of cutie pictures of Gus.  :)

After he was done with his two crackers, he wanted to read so I took some pictures of him picking out a book and then I read to him. He also likes his photo books and likes to look at the pictures of himself from when he was a wee baby and also from his baptism. I like to point out his birth family. :)

After we read, it was definitely time for a nap. We headed upstairs and I put Gus down. He didn't go down easily... here are pictures from the webcam...
Standing up and playing...

Turned with his back against the bars of the crib...

Turned back around...

Checking out the camera...

He finally went down and slept for just over an hour. It wasn't as long as I had hoped, considering that he's merged two naps into one. You'd think he'd nap for a longer stretch of time. I think part of this issue with sleeping soundly is his teeth.

When he got up, he wanted to play up here for a bit, so we played and then after a while we went downstairs.

Tonight, Wendy and the girls came over to have dinner with us since Ryan and Steve both had work things tonight. Just before the arrived, Gus figured out that he could use his fork and bang it hard against a plate and it makes a lot of noise.

Steve got home, Wendy left, and then we watched the season finale of Sister Wives. I can't wait for all my shows to come back in the fall... :)

I decided tonight to stop doing weekly posts on Gus's blog and just do a daily one. It's too hard to remember what he did during the week and the amount of pictures I'm uploading at a time for a week is HUGE (over 100). So daily will become my new routine (maybe).

See you tomorrow... is it Friday yet????