Friday, February 24, 2006

Song: "Now That I Found You"- Terri Clark
Mood: Bummed :(

Okay so today is really the last day of my vacation. I'm not looking forward to going back to work yet. We've got March Is Reading Month when we go back and we're doing a camp theme for the month (the whole school). In the fifth grade wing we're the History Hideaway (yes... the committee picked a genre to go with each grade level) and we have to name our cabins. All this with the additional stress of conferences coming up on the 15th and 16th.

We've got Genieve's wedding tomorrow in Ann Arbor (St. Thomas) and we're looking forward to seeing the church where my parents were married. I've never been inside but it's beautiful from the street. Then we're going to their reception (at 4:30) and who knows what after that. Sunday we're relaxing because it's the last day before I go back.

Steve and I have our second Main Dish Kitchen event next Saturday and that's also my brother David's birthday (he'll be 35). Next Sunday will mark 31 years that my parents have been married. Monday will be our two year anniversary! Then on the 8th my sister-in-law will turn 34 and Thursday I've got a staff development day (no kids).

The following week I've got parent-teacher conferences on Wednesday and Thursday (not too bad because I don't have to meet with everyone... only the parents that request conferences and the parents that I've requested... so I have like half that I'd normally have). Friday is St. Patty's Day and Steve and I are going to see comedian Jim Gaffigan at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor. That weekend is the annual St. Patty's Bash at the Mitchell's so we'll be there all weekend.

Ahhhh... just from all that you'd think I'd need another vacation! Only 32 days until Spring Break (as of Monday, Feb. 27th)... let the count-down begin!!

Anyway-- today I took my mom to Applebee's for lunch and then I dropped her off at work and came home and got Ned. He had his yearly vet appointment. He was so excited in the car but as soon as we walked in he started shaking like you wouldn't believe. I tried to calm him down but he was freaked out. The vet took blood and then gave him his rabies vaccine. He was good to go and we came home and played outside for a little bit before Steve came home from work.

I'm about to go to bed... talk to you later ;)


Thursday, February 23, 2006

This is Taylor Hicks and he should be the next American Idol!!! Soul Patrol Baby!!! Posted by Picasa
Break is almost over... :(

Well today is Thursday and my break is basically over and it makes me sad. I can't wait until summer break!!

I got up at 9am this morning and ate a bagel for breakfast with some oj and then hopped in the shower and got ready for my pedicure appointment. My toes look so cute now! I wore flip-flops to the salon because I didn't want my polish to get ruined by socks or shoes. I was done by noon which is a good thing since I was meeting mom for lunch!

My mom and I met at P.F.Changs for lunch. I read something from Beckie that said something about scallops at P.F.Changs, I thought she said sweet and sour scallops. Well it wasn't on the menu but the server said they could make me some-- no problem. We started with chicken lettuce wraps... soooooooo good. Then our food came out and I can't even begin to describe how absolutely delicious my food was.

Mom and I parted ways and I came home and watched the True Life: I'm a Competitive Eater that I DVR'd the other night. It was interesting. After that I came up here and saw that Jerry got my message that I left him on myspace about putting his song back on for me, so I switched songs and now I've got that happy song on my myspace page and I love it!!

I've just been chillin up here with Neddy listening to my current playlist of 700+ songs. Neil Diamond is on right now and I'm lovin' it!!

Steve just walked through the door so I'm gonna jet. Talk to ya soon!


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Day with Steve

This morning I woke up and got in the shower and headed off to Southfield to meet Steve and some of his coworkers for lunch. We had Thai and it was soooo good... "Jack talk Thai" anyway, after we had lunch we hit up 7-11 and got some Slurpees and candy (for the movie) and came back to FM (Federal-Mogul) where I got to sit in Steve's cube for a while, while he worked. It wasn't too bad... my plan was to listen to my IPod while reading magazines that I brought from home but my IPod wasn't charged so that plan failed. Instead I got to listen to all the many conversations buzzing around the office.

If you've never been to a "cube farm" you're missing out. As a teacher it's something that I had only seen in movies. It's quite the place. You can hear EVERY conversation around you... phones ring through the wall and you'd swear it was YOUR phone. The best part is that you can't close your door to make the noise go away because you don't have a door!! It's crazy! Anyone with ADD could NOT function well in this environment. It's amazing to me because that's how many businesses work... there are cube farms all over and people actually come to work and go into their cube and at the end of the day come back out. Since I'm not tall (I couldn't see over the cubes) all you see is a maze. It's the weirdest place.

After spending a few hours in the cube farm we went to the Star Southfield to see Something New a movie about a very well-to-do black woman that's looking to find the I.B.M (Ideal Black Man) and instead she falls in love with her white landscaper. It was very cute and I enjoyed it, however, Steve was totally not into it. He got the tickets for free so we weren't out any money. He just didn't get into it. It's kinda like a Waiting to Exhale and How Stella Got Her Groove Back kinda movie. Basically a chick-flick.

We just got back home from our day out and I decided to come online and check my brother's blog and my sister-in-law's blog. Dave has his updated but I can't leave any comments because I'm not in his secret club (LOL) but Heather has some new pictures posted of the kids. Very cute. They're coming to visit the beginning of May.

Alrighty-- American Idol is on tonight and we're excited to see how our boy Taylor Hicks does (he's awesome). If you don't watch... you should tune in just to see him tonight. Tomorrow I've got a pedicure in the morning and then Friday I'm taking Neddy to the vet for his shots. Saturday is Genieve's wedding and we're excited to go to that and then Sunday is my last day of vacation for a while.... (HEAVY SIGH).

Talk to you later!


Sunday, February 19, 2006

I Made It To Mid-Winter Break!!

Friday was a really good day at school, the kids were really good and the day went by really quickly which is nice since I couldn't wait for 4:00 to get there! Steve brought me lunch and had lunch with me and the kids and then he took Esio Trot and Alfie home. The kids were totally estatic about his Mustang (the boys mostly) and it was cute to see them flipping out when Steve started the engine and it made it's growl sound.

Saturday night Steve and I got up early and went to Bob Evan's for breakfast (we haven't done that in a really long time) and then came home and cleaned the house. My mom came over and we all went to the Chinese Buffet for lunch (it was alright... not the best). We invited my parents over for dinner and they came over with Scott and had lasagna, salad, and bread for dinner. It was pretty tasty.

This morning Steve and I got up and had breakfast and then we went and saw Date Movie, which was pretty funny. A no-brainer but it was good. We came back here and my mom came over and we had French Dip sandwiches for lunch and watched Fever Pitch which was pretty good.

Right now Steve's downstairs doing laundry and sewing his jeans that ripped. We're having Pot Roast Pot Pie for dinner (another one of our Main Dish entrees). We're excited to go back to Main Dish on the 4th.

Next Saturday we've got Geniveve and Ryan's wedding. That's about all that we've got planned for the next week. I intend on relaxing and doing absolutely nothing :) I might go downstairs and go through some of my things. Maybe if I get motivated I'll even start a scrapbook. We'll see...