Sunday, February 19, 2006

I Made It To Mid-Winter Break!!

Friday was a really good day at school, the kids were really good and the day went by really quickly which is nice since I couldn't wait for 4:00 to get there! Steve brought me lunch and had lunch with me and the kids and then he took Esio Trot and Alfie home. The kids were totally estatic about his Mustang (the boys mostly) and it was cute to see them flipping out when Steve started the engine and it made it's growl sound.

Saturday night Steve and I got up early and went to Bob Evan's for breakfast (we haven't done that in a really long time) and then came home and cleaned the house. My mom came over and we all went to the Chinese Buffet for lunch (it was alright... not the best). We invited my parents over for dinner and they came over with Scott and had lasagna, salad, and bread for dinner. It was pretty tasty.

This morning Steve and I got up and had breakfast and then we went and saw Date Movie, which was pretty funny. A no-brainer but it was good. We came back here and my mom came over and we had French Dip sandwiches for lunch and watched Fever Pitch which was pretty good.

Right now Steve's downstairs doing laundry and sewing his jeans that ripped. We're having Pot Roast Pot Pie for dinner (another one of our Main Dish entrees). We're excited to go back to Main Dish on the 4th.

Next Saturday we've got Geniveve and Ryan's wedding. That's about all that we've got planned for the next week. I intend on relaxing and doing absolutely nothing :) I might go downstairs and go through some of my things. Maybe if I get motivated I'll even start a scrapbook. We'll see...



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