Saturday, March 05, 2011

Happy 36th Anniversary Mom & Dad!!!!

Christmas 1977?

So today is the 36th anniversary of my mom and dad saying "I do." They are two of my most favorite people and while they don't always get along (who does?), they make me smile and I know that they love each other. I have many pictures of them and the oldies are the ones that crack me up the most... there's something funny about seeing your parents when they were your current age... it's weird.

Anyway... here are some of my favorite pictures of them together:
Sometime in the 80s

New Year's at Aunt Karen's... late 80s?
David's graduation from Loyola (2001?)

With Dave at his graduation

Assembling meals together at Main Dish

Christmas 2006

FREEZING cold Tiger's Game- May 2007

Our 31st birthday dinner

Ann Arbor Comedy Club to see Haywood Banks

My starter wedding (2001)

Some holiday at my old house in Canton (2005?)

Mom's "flying up" IHM ceremony

Steak & Ale for their 31st Anniversary-- how things can change in five years!!

Lily's Baptism (2009)

With Lily

Frankenmuth-- October 2009

First visit to NC-- May 2008

Cider Mill-- October 2009

Labor Day 2006-- Mackinac Island

Picture of them at The Antlers in Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Mom and Dad rockin' out to Guitar Hero on the Wii (2009)

I love this picture! September 2010

Wrightsville Beach, NC
November 2010 with Gus


Thanks for getting married mom and dad.... and for sticking together through ups and downs. You have shown me what marriage takes to make it and you are an inspiration. Making it to 36 years without killing each other... awesome!

Love you both!!!

Day 64

Have you ever met someone and said to yourself, "I know God put this person in my life for a reason?" Well, that's how I feel about Will and Adri. When I tell people how we met them, they give me a crazy look and I can't blame them. I met Adri after being friends on Yelp. She messaged me about noticing that my reviews were from NC and also MI and I think I had mentioned being in MI for the adoption, or somehow there was a mention of adoption (maybe on my profile). Anyway, she messaged me and told me that she and Will were looking into adoption and asked if she could contact us for information. I was delighted. Will and Adri are our first and only friends who share an adoption connection with us. I am so thankful to have them in my life because not only are they super cool, but they are so incredible.

We met them a few months ago at the Ale House when I was sick. It wasn't a great first impression and I was so embarrassed that they met me while sick. Then they came to our house in January (I think) and we had dinner and they brought delicious cupcakes for dessert. Well, today we drove to Wake Forest to have lunch at one of their favorite places and then we headed back to their house to visit.

 Let me start by saying that I never knew how cute Wake Forest is!!! What a cute little town!! If you've never been, you've got to go if you get the chance. You can see where the old Wake Forest University was (it's now a Baptist Bible College of sorts). I loved it. We had a great lunch (awful service though) and then headed back to their GORGEOUS home for a nice visit.

 We brought Gus's learn and groove music table and he was in heaven. He used it to walk himself all over their main floor. If he wasn't using that, he decided to use one of their books.

While we were there we talked about their adoption. They're in the beginning stages but are so eager to get things going. I could so relate and knew how excited and anxious I was when filling out the formal application. It was such a thrilling day when we mailed the completed book to CAS. They have a lot like we did, but then even more with a lot of "what if" scenarios. I hate "what ifs" and so does Steve. They're a little stressed about getting the right words on paper, but I know they'll say exactly the perfect things.

Adri made cookies for dessert that were delicious. She showed me the nursery and it was stunning. So crisp and clean and welcoming. Their little baby is going to love their room and the most beautiful part of the room is the handpainted picture that Adri painted for the room. It's so colorful and complements the colors in the room so well. She's so darn talented!!

I pray that they find the right words for their paperwork and then can start the next leg of their journey with hope and excitement. They have to take classes and attend a workshop for their agency. I hope they get a lot out of their experience and learn something new. I'm excited to see them with a baby because they are two of the most caring, loving people that I've ever met. They are naturals when it comes to babies and Gus loved them!

LOVE Adri's face in this picture!!!!

I was showing them my Hipstamatic app on my phone and took three pictures of Adri using the random lens feature on the phone. Here are the three different views:

We hit three o'clock and Gus started to get fussy so it was time to pack it up and head home. We will see them again on Saturday for my Philly Cream Cheese Dinnertime Dilemma party!

We decided to hit up Costco while we were on that side of town and cash our rebate check. We get rewards for using their AMX and had to cash our check. However, they didn't have cash, so they wrote us a check (so stupid). So... we did a little shopping and sampling (Saturdays at Costco are the best) and we got Gus a new book that he LOVES, and then three awesome Carter's outfits and then some soy sauce (we're about out). Then we headed home to find a Wachovia and deposited our chceck from Costco.

We grabbed some dinner, came home, watched tv and now it's time for bed. Tomorrow we're not doing anything all day and then we've got the A"CAT"amy Awards SPCA event for Purry and Bing. I jokingly said we should take Purry with us... how funny would that be??