Thursday, November 24, 2005

And here she is with her new cut!!! We can't look at her without busting out laughing!!! Posted by Picasa

Here's another before shot. She had really pretty fur. Posted by Picasa

Here she is with her lion cut!!! Isn't she cute!!!! Posted by Picasa

Here's Hurmin all contorted on the couch (BEFORE). Posted by Picasa

Most of you know that I have a cat named Hurmin. You might think that Hurmin is a boy but you'd be wrong. Hurmin in a girl and we took her to the groomer's yesterday to get a lion cut shave. She's a long-haired orange tabby and she looks soooo cute with her new hair. She looks like a whole new cat. I'm going to post a before and an after shot.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thanksgiving Feast
Today we had our Thanksgiving Feast at school. It was really nice. I had a ton of parents come and a lot of grandparents as well. The food was delicious and the kids really seemed to enjoy themselves. I had a slight headache after the party but it wasn't too long and I was able to go home. Steve and I had Ding Feng for dinner (Chinese) and it was sooooo good. I'm now about to go and finish reading my Order of the Phoenix book so this weekend when Steve's in Ohio I can start the Half Blood Prince.

Have a wonderful Turkey Day!! I have to go to school in the morning tomorrow for NCA and then Jenny and I are meeting for lunch and then at 2:30 I'm taking Hurmin to get a lion shave (she'll be so cute) and then I have a nail appointment at 4:00. Then I've got four days of doing nothing but relaxing and sleeping in and wearing jeans!!!!


Jacky and her grandpa. Posted by Picasa

Mike and his mom Lisa. Posted by Picasa

Jamelle and his mom. Posted by Picasa

Ariana and her dad. Posted by Picasa

Addison and her mom Beth. Posted by Picasa

My 5th graders in line for food at our Thanksgiving Feast on November 22, 2005. Posted by Picasa