Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Well... we're home!! I cannot even begin to express how happy and elated I was to get home! On the flip side, I was so very sad to leave Michigan and say goodbye to my parents and brothers and their families. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my parents and allowing them to be apart of Gus's first two months of life.

I was able to see so many good friends that I never get to see when Steve and I come up for a visit. We usually only have three days or so, and I always reserve that very special time for family and my wonderful friend Aimee and her family. That's usually all we have time for, and then it's time to either head home, or head to Indiana to visit Steve's side of our family.

We got home on Sunday, July 11th, which also happened to be Gus's two-month birthday. It's hard to think that it took two months to get home. I would not have ever thought it'd be two LONG weeks. I think being away from Steve made it even more difficult.

We spent our last day/night in Michigan by going to dinner to celebrate our ability to go home. It was bittersweet. For the first time in I can't remember how many years, both of my brothers were at my parent's house with their families. It was the five of us with our spouses and kids. Something I always dreamed of being apart of... and it happened. Dave is the oldest and was there with his three kids, Scott is the middle child and was there with his two kids, and then I'm the baby and was there with Gus. 3,2,1...

My parents were excited, but my mom was beyond happy. She's wanted a picture of her kids and their kids for so long... and had the delay with the adoption not happened, she wouldn't have had us all be there together.

So we left Michigan at 6am and arrived at home at 6:30pm. Steve was worried that it'd take up to 20 hours to get home with Gus... due to frequent stops. However, Gus did an amazing job and slept the whole way! He'd wake up and be smiley and happy and then he'd go back to sleep. He enjoys the car and we're so very lucky for this!

When we got home and moved all our stuff inside, it was time for bed. I took Gus to the nursery and changed him on the changing table. Then we sat in his glider and I rocked him while I fed him. I had an overwhelming surge of emotions come over me as I was feeding him. I had sat in that room so many times and prayed that we'd get a baby soon and be able to start our family. There I was, rocking my baby while he fed. I had wanted to come home so much, and there I was. It was a moment of realizing that all of my dreams and prayers had been answered and come true.

So now we're home and Steve took yesterday off. It was stressful... and it'll take some getting used to (on his part) since he's been away from us and not had to worry about anything for weeks. Having Gus is so amazing, but also so challenging. We feel like we can't get anything done because we're always having to tend to his needs. I will say that today (first day as a stay-at-home mom) has been great.

I think it'll just take some time to adapt. I'm excited to be a SAHM and raise Gus. I feel so blessed that we're able to do this and I'm able to be here for all the moments. I never knew what I didn't know about parenting... but it's been wonderful thus far and I can't remember my life before Gus. Strange to write that... it so quickly has become a life I don't really remember, and one that I don't really miss.

My business is starting to pick up (it's the summer and a busy time of year), so I'm stressed about how to manage Gus and get my orders completed. We'll see...

Until next time!!