Sunday, December 30, 2007

Song: "Guaranteed"-- Into the Wild Soundtrack (Eddie Vedder)
Mood: Excited to be home!!

Well I'm finally home!!! Talk about a long trip! It was awesome to see my parents and spend time with them, but it made me wish I had a longer amount of time to spend with them. Steve and I talked about inviting them to come and visit again in January when I'm tracked out.

Speaking of track out, I cannot wait!!! I go back to work on Wednesday and thankfully, I only have 14 school days and I track out again! Three long weeks to do absoltuely NOTHING! I can't wait! I have to go into school and work on my profile cards and update things, but I don't have to leave my room this time, so I can just work in my own room. I am planning on going in tomorrow and work because we left in such a hurry on the 21st, I didn't have any plans for the day we come back and I didn't take anything home with me.

My principal is leaving. In one way I am kinda sad. I really liked her and was excited about coming to OG to work with her, but then she turned out to be kinda mean. She always "picked" on me I guess you could say, and I never had the feeling that she liked me much. Which is what it is... not everyone is going to like you, but I never did anything to make her not like me. Oh well... I am glad that someone new will be coming in and changing things. I am most nervous about Katie leaving and going to teach at the school that my principal will be opening. She said she's not going, but I wouldn't be surprised if she went. I will be very sad if she goes, because she is a wonderful friend and brightens my day!!! I don't think Lisa is going, but she did offer to go. It would totally suck if they both left.

The new teacher at my school, she took Michael's place, she is brand new. She's like 25ish and kinda loud. No idea what she doesn't know, but she won't take anyone's advice. It's kinda annoying. Anyway... turns out she's an AGD. She saw my bag in my room and then asked me if I was an Alpha Gam. Small world right?

Anyway-- I am sick of blogging so I am going to stop for now. For more info about the last week see the Walker Blog.

For those of you interested in what Santa (Steve and family) brought me this year... here's the break down:

1) A new GPS that's amazing. I named her frauline Nuvi (she's German)
2) Lucky perfume
3) HP and the Order of the Phoenix DVD
4) Kenny Cheney's newest CD (Pirates and Poets)
5) Shrek the Third DVD

6) A homemade apron
7) The Simpson's movie on DVD
8) Show Don't Tell Secrets of Writing book
9) 90210 Season 2 DVD
10) Sears gift card
11) Macy's gift card
12) A warm-glow candle
13) iPod transmitter thingy
14) Pens

That's all that I can think of for now...

Until next time...