Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 71

Today was another busy day for us. We got up around 6am to say goodbye to Corey and Heather and then I went back to sleep until about 10:30. I had the most messed up dream, and while I can't remember it, I do remember that it was weird.

We went to Harris Teeter this morning to get some basil (Wal-Mart didn't have any and I needed it for my tomato basil pizza), and then I got a special VIC-card Saturday only coupon for two 12 packs of any Coke product for $1.79 each. You just can't beat that. So we went to get that (I got Cherry Coke), and then we came home. 

I started cooking around 1:00 and the timing was perfect. I made four meals for my Philly Dinnertime Dilemma Cooking Creme party and the last one finished just as Jen arrived! I think the party went well and I had such a great time with the people who came. There weren't as many people as I had hoped (Wendy didn't come, and then three others didn't come either), but it was fun with the people that did come. Adri and Will came, and then so did Jen (Matt did not come) and then Kristen came. It was fun. Here are some pictures:

After everyone ate, Jen suggested that I show the girls my Scentsy stuff and make it a Scentsy party too. I don't know if any of them will buy anything from my party (that'd be awesome if they did), but it was fun anyway.

Gus was down for a nap from about 2:00 all the way until 5:30... I was worried about him but he was fine. Steve went to get him and he was just waking up. Steve brought him down and he was in a great mood. We somehow got on the topic of mullets and Steve brought out his mullet wig. The rest is history... here are some funny pictures from the end of the evening:
All in all it was a fabulous Saturday spent with some wonderful friends! After everyone had left Steve commented about how awesome it was that everyone got along so well. I agreed. Maybe we'll have another get together and I'll make sure Kristen brings her husband and Grace, and Jen brings Matt!

Day 70

So yesterday was a VERY busy day. So busy in fact, that I am actually writing this tonight for yesterday. Here's what happened to make our day so busy!

First off, Gus celebrated turning ten-months-old yesterday. I can't believe it. Steve found a video of Gus on the day he was born and I couldn't get over how tiny he was and how much he's changed in ten months. It's truly amazing.

So I took the ten-month pictures and of course, they're super-duper cute. Here are just a few of my favorites (I took over 100):
So we enjoyed the morning and then around 12:45ish, my cousin Corey and his wife Heather arrived! They live in Michigan and were here in NC visiting Heather's family and wanted to stop in to see us on their way back to MI. It was so nice to see them and they hadn't seen Gus since July! However, they see his pictures and videos on Facebook and felt like they knew what to expect because of that.

Anyway, we had lunch together here at the house and then we all played with Gus and watched some television and then headed to Raleigh to meet Steve for dinner at The Pit. It was delicious (of course) and after we headed to Rita's for dessert. They LOVED Rita's and then we came home. We played with the dogs for a bit and I took some pictures of their dogs Charlie and Bailey. Charley is a yellow Lab and is three and then Bailey is a brand new Golden Retriever puppy!! It was so fun to see their dogs!! Here are the pictures from their visit:
Gus and Heather
Charley kisses for Gus
Of course, gotta examine Heather's mouth
Howell Family Photo
Corey with Bailey and Heather with Gus
Gus and Corey
Gus and Corey playing
Fun with Corey

It was a great visit but it was too short. They had to get back on the road this morning, so we said our goodbyes and told 'em we'd see them in May for Gus's first birthday!!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 69

Let's see... today Gus slept until about 7ish and then was up for a little more than an hour and then went straight back to sleep for another two hours. He pretty much slept away the whole morning. We came downstairs at 10:30 and played for a bit and then I wanted to take him grocery shopping right around nap time, with the hopes that he'd fall asleep while I was shopping. He did! I took the above picture while waiting for my lunch meat and cheese at the deli.

I love shopping during the week. There's no one there and I can get everything I need and get out of the store in about an hour. During the weekend, we spend so much time fighting people in the aisles and then have to wait forever in line to check out. During the week is so much better for us. AND I'm doing a pretty good job of not going totally crazy with buying a bunch of junk (although I did buy unnecessary things yesterday and a few today).

We got to the car and it started to seriously rain. We got home and I had the joy of bringing in groceries in the rain. That's the one part about shopping alone that sucks... bringing everything in and putting it all away by myself while Gus is crying because he wants to be held. :(

He didn't nap this afternoon and by the time 6:00 rolled around, he was done. He gets loopy and when he's that tired, he tends to hurt himself because he's not as careful as when he's not so tired. Tonight he decided to try and stand on the rocker chair and instead he flipped it over onto himself and had a major melt-down. He really just wanted to be held and cuddled, but he was distraught like you wouldn't believe. My poor baby.

I got a new bracelet (yes, from Amazon)... isn't it the cutest thing ever???
I found it while searching for items with the word Gus in them. Among books and whatnot, was this bracelet! It's so funny because I call him "Gus-Gus" sometimes. I love it and had to buy it!

Wendy left this morning for the beach and it was weird not seeing her today. It'll be weird that I won't see her again until Monday.  :(   Good thing I've got some fun planned for tomorrow and this weekend to keep me occupied!

Other good news is that Kristen is going to be the K15 play group coordinator for my Triangle Mommies group! I'm excited to FINALLY have a play group for Gus!! YAY!!  And, this other mom named Melanie contacted me about getting together next Friday for a play date with her 12 month old son! Kristen and Grace are going to join us and the three kids will play while we chat! I'm excited!!

Here are some other pictures from today:
I'm excited for tomorrow because my cousin Corey and his wife Heather are coming to visit! They'll be spending the night and leaving Saturday morning to head back to MI. We're going to The Pit in Raleigh tomorrow night and I'm so excited for some Carolina Style Ribs!!! :)

Saturday is my Philly Dinnertime Dilemma Cooking Creme party! I'm excited to use the creme and see what everyone thinks about it!!! 

See you tomorrow!!

3-9-11 Couple Steps.MOV

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

3-9-11 Talking and Bedtime.MOV

3-9-11 If I Had A Hammer.MOV

3-7-11 Tubby

3-7-11 Playing in the Office.MOV

3-7-11 Mama and No.MOV

Day 68

Well... I got to hang with Wendy today so my day was good in that regard. It started off well with Gus sleeping for 13 hours without any interruption (thank God). We came downstairs to play and while we were playing, he stuck his finger into my nose (he was trying to stick them... where else? Yes, my mouth.) and when he went into my nose, he ended up giving me a bloody nose!
It's totally gross that I took a picture isn't it? Well, I had to have some proof and wanted to send the picture to Steve to make him feel bad for me.  :)   It worked.  My nose seriously bled and bled and didn't stop... and then finally it did.

Gus took a 45 minute nap and then when he got up, Wendy came over and we headed to pick up K from pre-school and then we went to Chili's for lunch. They have new lunch combos that are really cheap, and when I checked in with Four Square, I got free chips and salsa for us (FTW!!).

We got done with lunch and went to Wal-Mart and Wendy needed things for their trip to see Ryan this weekend. I ended up spending $40 on stuff that we didn't really need. :(

It was long-past time for Gus to take an afternoon nap, and we came home and Wendy took the girl's home. We headed to her place after I let the dogs out and changed Gus. I made him a bottle and headed to Wendy's so we could watch Black Swan while Gus napped.

Let me just say what a messed up movie!! It was so strange and she was psychotic and never went to the doctor about the things that she was seeing/doing. WEIRDO. It was odd... not the greatest movie ever made and her performance wasn't the best either. Don't get me wrong, she was good, but so much hype has been made about her performance and the movie that I guess I was underwhelmed. Wendy and I joked that the sex scene was the best part of the whole thing. LOL

We came home and Steve was here, so he watched Gus while I made dinner. I decided to make meatloaf with mashed potatoes and corn. It was such a great choice and sooooo yummy. I used to HATE meatloaf and I guess I hate other people's meatloaf, but mine is so good!! :D

I took some videos of Gus tonight. One is of him talking and going to bed, and the other is him taking a few steps (very beginning of the video). I also have one from earlier today with his hammer. He's such a silly little man!!

Here are some pictures from today:
Gus and his hammer
Gus being cute

Sad Gus
Happy Gus
One second crying...
The next he stopped
Here's what a smartie we have on our hands... he's figured out that he can use his dino to step/stand on and then he can climb on the furniture and get on the couch!! YEAH. Not cool. He ends up getting up and then can't figure out how to get down and ends up launching himself off the couch.

As Wendy would say, "Oh me..."