Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Happy Birthday Heather!!!!

This is one of my favorite pictures of my SIL Heather

Okay so everyone hopes that they will get along with their sibling's significant other. Heather is my sister-in-law and is married to my oldest brother Dave. She has a similar sense of humor to him, and compliments him very well. I don't know if I could have picked anyone better suited or matched for my brother. She literally brings out the best in him, and makes him so happy.

When I first met Heather (as far as I can remember) it was at Christmas. She came to our house on Christmas day and was wearing a dress. I remember thinking it was so strange that she was dressed up for Christmas, and she was the first person that I had ever met that actually dressed up for coming to our house. Usually it's just friends and family and everyone is very casual, so when she walked in wearing her dress (I think it was red or a shade of red... I could be wrong), I immediately thought to myself, "This girl isn't anything like the rest of us." I didn't know if I was going to like her or not.

I don't remember time between then and Labor Day, but I remember her going to Sault Ste. Marie with us and I just thought she was the funniest, nicest person ever. She's somewhat shy and reserved when meeting people at first (and was probably nervous to meet Dave's family), but she's really an amazing person. I'm so lucky to have her as my SIL.

Heather has a sister and two brothers. I believe she is the oldest (I could be wrong). Her mom is named Cathy (which is funny because our mom is named Cathy) and her dad is named Jack. They are both really nice people and have always welcomed my family into their home when we are out to AZ visiting.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Heather and my brother Dave together:
Okay to make things even better about her, she is an incredible mother. No kidding... she does it all and is so good at everything she does. She'd deny this and say that she's not good at everything, but it's my blog and I get to say what I think.  ;)
Proof of how amazing she is!

Seriously though, she is a wonderful mother to my two nephews and niece. She stays at home and is raising them to be independent thinkers, creative learners, and generous doers. She leads by example and makes sure that they're taken care of and loved every second of every day. I'm inspired by her and hope that I can be as good a mom to Gus as she is to my niece and nephews. She loves them with so much passion that it's hard not to feel touched when you look at her with them. She takes them to the park, the zoo, on various trips, the library, and sees them as individuals who can learn something new at all times of the day.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of her being her wonderful mommy self:
So here's my tribute to Heather. Thank you for being born and for coming into my family and being such a wonderful SIL. You're someone I look up to and consider to be the sister I never had. You're thoughtful, caring, compassionate, and best of all you're funny. 

Thanks for always making me laugh, being there to encourage me and give me advice that was so needed, and for loving my brother like you do. You've made me the aunt of three of the most amazing little people that I've ever known, and I can never thank you enough for them.

Happy Birthday Heather!! I love you!!


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Awww, shucks! Thanks, Cath!! I am so glad you have the picture of the tiny white sweater. I was just telling someone how I shrunk that sweater. Love you too.

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