Thursday, August 19, 2010

Where to start? Let's see... Aimee and Matt and the boys came for their visit and while they were here we headed to the beach. It was awesome for Gus to stick his baby feet into the Atlantic Ocean for the very first time, although he wasn't too happy about it. We also went to the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher and Aimee's boys enjoyed it. Aimee's oldest son especially liked the sharks and was so excited to see the shark exhibit. :)

I recently joined the MOMS Club of Fuquay-Holly Springs- Willow Springs. I went to a meet-n-greet back on August 11th and it was nice. I met three members and another woman that was new to the group. Then this past Tuesday I went to my second event, a lunch at Moe's and met more people. I decided to join and now I've been getting emails welcoming us to the group and they've given us an updated calendar and I also get the newsletter. I like that there are other babies in this group and Gus will get to meet other little ones and we can do play dates.

My parents are hopefully coming for a visit for Labor Day and I hope they're able to come because Gus hasn't seen them since July 11th! It'll almost be two months since he saw them and they need to be reunited!

I'm still loving staying at home with Gus. I don't miss teaching (yet)... and I don't miss the drama that comes from working in a school. My business has been doing well ( and I've done pretty well this summer season with bringing in some extra money. I've been really busy and have had a lot of orders to complete. Right now I've got one left to do, but it's a BIG order. I could definitely get used to having this be my only job-- I just hope my business takes off more and more!

Until next time...