Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 162

Today was a great day! We started off our day by going shopping (who doesn't like go to shopping???) for some things for Gus. 

In Lowe's

Trying to grab the sheet metal

We headed to Lowe's and got two sheets of sheet metal that Steve's going to build our magnet boards from, and then I went to Michael's while Steve went to PetCo. I got Gus some AWESOME stuff that I saw on one of my new favorite blogs: In Lieu of Preschool. Here's what I got:
A lap-desk that he can use when he's just a little bit older- I TOTALLY copied the idea of personalizing it from her!

I decorated everything with his name

This is the other side

You can't tell by the picture, but this is rather large, and will be used to hold books

Two supply cases that we can use with his board

For his Tot Packs and Preschool Packs that I'll be printing and laminating

Felt for the felt board that Steve's going to make me tomorrow!

On the way home from Crossroads, we had to stop at Wal-Mart... I was in the backseat with Gus and he was soooooo tired. He fell asleep with his hand in his snack container and it cracked me up!

We got home and had lunch, and then I needed to take Gus's 13 month pictures before his nap. Steve had the noise maker from Kaitlyn's party and it TOTALLY made him laugh and made it so easy to get some GREAT pictures of him for today's special pictures!!

You can kinda see his two teeth in this one!

You can see the teeth in this if you click the picture

Gus went down for his nap and I edited and resized his pictures. He didn't want to sleep so we played for about two hours before he finally went down for about an hour and a half. Steve also took a nap during this time.

Once Gus got up, we headed to Apex for dinner at LongHorn Steakhouse. It was soooooo good. I told Steve, it might be right up there with Outback as my favorite place to go for dinner. They have the best salads and their filets are always so delicious! Gus ate like a champ and drank almost 10 ounces of milk tonight (yay Gus!)!!

On the way home, we stopped at Sonic for cream pie shakes that were yummy!! We put Gus to bed and then went outside to sit and watch the rain come in...

Well, we sat and sat and sat... and the rain never came. We decided to head inside and then wouldn't you know it... it poured!!!

So I mentioned this in a caption for a picture, but Gus now has two teeny-tiny baby teeth on the bottom! The first one came on the 8th and then the second one made its appearance today!

Tomorrow Steve is going to work on the magnet boards and felt board and we're going to celebrate "No Rules Saturday" on Sunday since we didn't celebrate it today.

See you tomorrow! Be sure to check out Gus's blog to see his 13 month post!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 161

Where did today go?? We got up a little after 8:15, which was AWESOME. When I walked in to get Gus, I had just caught him throwing his pants on the floor... and he was naked from the waist down. He took off his diaper, and then took off his pants. Fortunately, he had JUST done it, so there wasn't pee anywhere in the crib or on the floor.
His pants are on the floor right in front of his crib

No pants

We went downstairs and played ALL MORNING. Our cleaning lady (Suzanne) came today and so we hung out downstairs while she cleaned upstairs. By the time she came down to clean, Gus was more than ready for his nap. He slept for just over two hours.

When Gus woke up, I decided that I was in the mood for McDonald's for lunch. We went through the drive-thru and Gus had his first Happy Meal. He had Chicken McNuggets and some Apple Dippers. 

After lunch, we played in the livingroom for a long time. He played with the new ABC cubes that Wendy gave him...

Then he played with the bag that they came in... LMAO

The we played with his Laugh and Learn House... (which he LOVES)

Then Steve got home, so Gus was excited to see his daddy!

Gus had a snack and played a little more before his afternoon nap...

Gus took an hour-long nap and then we headed over to Wendy's for Kaitlyn's fifth birthday party. Here are some pictures from her party:

As the gifts were being opened, Gus was having a BLAST with Kaitlyn's balloon!

We left the party and came home, had dinner and then put Gus to bed. Now I'm tired and ready for bed myself. Tomorrow we need to go to Lowe's to get some items for my magnet board... and then to Michael's for a lap thingy for Gus, and then to Pet Smart for a harness for Elphie and some cat food and litter.

See you tomorrow-- Gus turns 13 months tomorrow!!! Be on the lookout for a special 13 month post from him on his blog!!