Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 134

What a great day!! It started off by getting up around 7:30 and cleaning and organizing. We had a lot to do for today and wanted to make sure that we had enough time. We put Gus down for two naps and it helped, considering that he didn't go to bed until well after 8:30. 

My mom wasn't feeling good after lunch, so she came upstairs to lay down while I started to cook. My dad helped so much today with moving furniture and cooking, and chopping. :)
I was starting to stress a little and wasn't sure what time to start cooking things. I didn't want to be cooking when people started to arrive at 4. Fortunately, I was able to get it all prepared with help from my dad, Steve, and my mom. 

The big surprise for the day was for Steve. His dad and Sue Ann drove down to surprise him for Gus's birthday. He didn't see it coming and it was very sweet when his dad called to chat, and was walking up the street to the house while talking to Steve. When Steve realized that his dad was talking to him and in front of him, he was so surprised and overjoyed. It was a great moment.

So Steve's dad and Sue Ann helped move furniture and helped up organize and get things ready. Then they left to go and check into their hotel room. They came back and we had a little bit of time to relax before our first guests arrived.

Onesies that Gus has worn this past year. Starting on the left, it's newborn, then 0-3 month, then just 3 month and then 3-6, just 6 month, and 6-9 month

It was a Mexican food theme... I think everything was delicious!

I set up a quesadilla station and it was a HUGE hit!!

I fed Gus a little before everyone arrived...

Then we got him dressed for the party!!

My friend Tracie made Gus's cake and made a frog cupcake cake for me. I love how creative she is, and I wanted her famous red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. They were to die for, and she also made some little cupcakes for those who wanted a taste, but not a whole one.
The cupcake cake for our guests

Gus's special baby cake

Gus did such a great job today. There were people coming in and talking loudly, everyone wanted to see him, and he was totally happy. He smiled, laughed, waved, and carried on as if it was no big deal to have so many strangers in his house.  :)   He didn't cry or anything all day/night and was in such a happy mood!!

Here are some of our guests that came:
Mollie (left) and Allyson (next to her) were in my class last year--- then Emily is Allyson's little sister and was adopted through CAS. Judy (on the right) told me about CAS and without her, there wouldn't be a Gus in our life!!

Mrs. Dudding and Francis (was in my class last year)

Sue Ann (on far left) and then Maddie (was in my 2007-2008 fourth grade class), her sister Allie (was in my class last year), Olivia (her twin TJ was in my 2008-2009 class) and then Emma (Francis's sister)

Elosie and Megan

Of course, Grace (Gus's girl friend) and her daddy Thom

Matt, Jen and Gus

And then, Adri was there (I didn't get a picture of her), as well as my parents, my FIL, Gulbike and her mom (I tutor her), Kristen, Mrs. Nichols-George (former room mom of mine), and then Steve's co-worker Christie came by with her three kids. It was a house full of people and it was so wonderful to be surrounded by people who love us and love Gus. It was perfect and we couldn't have asked for a better time!!
Enjoying some food before the cake!

Here are the pictures of Gus hearing "Happy Birthday" and then taking his first bites and loving his cake!!

After we cleaned him up, we took him into the livingroom and opened gifts. We were showered with so many wonderful gifts... Gus is going to love playing with all of them!!

After everyone left, Matt and Jen were still here and we made plans for a Bulls game with them. It should be a lot of fun. Gus was playing with the awesome frog that his Grandpa Walker made him. He's so smart... he knew to pull it behind him and was dragging it around the house. Those toys are usually reserved for 18 month olds because of the need to be able to walk and figure out to pull it behind you, but Gus is incredibly bright and figured it out. He's ahead of the curve in so many ways!!!

Jen and Matt left and we cleaned up and then Gus was ready for bed. Grandma Walker gave him some love before I took him up for bed.

Tomorrow we're going to the beach and to The Oceanic for dinner on the pier. It should be another wonderful day and so memorable being with all the grandparents together!!!


Day 133 (Friday)

Yesterday was Friday the 13th!! I got up and went in to get Gus, and then we came downstairs. It was around 8:30 when I finally grabbed my phone to put in "Gus's info" like I do every morning (amount of sleep, diaper changes, feedings). When I looked, I saw that I had a text from Scott and one from my mom. The one from my mom caught my eye first and it said, "Hey there Aunt Cathy, what do you think of your niece?" The minute I saw it, I knew that Charlotte had been born.

Charlotte Emilie-Marie Ghrist was born at 6:53am and weighed 6 pounds 12 ounces, and was 20.25 inches long. Christie had her au-natural and finally had the birth that she hoped to have. She had Scott's friend Emily there as her doula and only had about 50 minutes of actual pushing. They went into the hospital around 9:30 pm on Thursday night and then she went all night with contractions and didn't go with any meds. I can't even imagine the strength that it took to get through that kind of pain, but she managed and was able to birth Charlie without Pitosin or an epidural!!

So of course, Scott sent me a picture and I started crying. I am so proud of all my nieces and nephews, and each time one of my brothers has become a daddy, I've cried happy tears. I can't wait to meet Charlie and to have her be a year and two days younger than Gus is awesome. Gus is going to grow up with Charlie and Lily being so close to his age... I can't wait to see them all together. :)

So for the morning we had breakfast, watched television, and then Suzanne came to clean. I took Gus up for a nap and then I was able to finish the DVD for the party. :)

I got him dressed (he was in pajamas all morning) and then we came down for lunch. I put him in the Brandon Webb t-shirt for the AZ Diamondbacks. It's a very special shirt because it says WEBB on the back, and that's his birth mom's last name. :)

I got a box of clothes from and in the first box that I got, there was this shirt. The person that I ordered the box from had it listed as "MLB t-shirt" but it didn't say the team or player. To have it be WEBB was just pretty awesome. I took pictures and posted them on FB for his birth family to see. I'm sure they got just as big a kick out of them as I did.

We had lunch (chicken nuggets, fries and apples) and then played for a bit. 

I put Gus down for his afternoon nap and my mom called to say that they'd be arriving around 5ish. I was super excited!!! They got to our house around 5:30 and not too long after they arrived, Gus woke up from his nap. They were able to spend a good amount of time with him, and he was being a ham-bone (as usual).

Steve took Gus up for bed and my mom and I headed out to Wal-Mart for food for the party. I should have known that it'd be super busy and ONE cashier... so we didn't get home until 10:30. Steve brought in the groceries and helped me put them away. We didn't get to bed until after 11...