Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Well let me just say that a lot can happen in three weeks! As you can see by the picture, I have my glasses and I've gotten used to them. I wear them all day and everything is so much clearer!

We received the "Formal Application" from CAS and will begin the next step in the process to adopt. We have a lot of questions to answer and then we have to get physicals, background checks, and fingerprints, and then references and send everything in by December 20th. There's a lot to do and very little time, but we'll manage. We have the long holiday weekend to work on our packet and get it ready to be sent back to CAS.

Probably one of the most exciting things that has happened in the last three weeks is that I was nominated for Teacher of the Year for my school. I found out that I was nominated about a week or so ago. There were nine others nominated and I was just flattered to be included with some of the wonderful people that were nominated. Then yesterday, my principal told me that I was voted Teacher of the Year! I was absolutely floored. It's the most humbling honor and it's still surreal to think that I was voted TOY by my peers. It doesn't seem real.

I didn't tell anyone about it yesterday, but I did tell Steve and he was so excited- he posted a tweet about it on Twitter and that's linked to Fb and then people that I work with that are also his friends, they saw the post and then they started commenting to me. Before I knew it, everyone knew. Today when I went to our leadership meeting, my principal announced it to everyone and then she announced it on the announcements for the morning... and then she posted it on Bb.

My team mates decided to make me a crown (the green one that I'm wearing in the picture) and they presented it to me at the end of the day. The fourth graders all came into the hall to watch them present it to me and they clapped and cheered. It was very cute!

So now... I'm not sure what happens, but I have been told that this is just the beginning. I have to fill out a bunch of forms and "toot my horn" and then my information goes to the county. From there it could go to being Wake County Teacher of the Year (not going to happen) and then from there, North Carolina Teacher of the Year... and then National Teacher of the Year. Again... not going to happen, but it's still a HUGE honor to be recognized and awarded the title!

Enough for now... I'll be back later to post more on what's going on. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and it'll just be me and Steve. I have to think that this will be the last Thanksgiving with just us! It makes me very hopeful and eager to enjoy this holiday together!


Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happy All Saint's Day!
     Today is the day that my Grandma Burney passed away five years ago. It's insane to think that it's been five years since she passed. I thought about her this morning when I was getting up. I also thought about my mom and how hard it must be for her since it was her mom. I don't even want to think about losing her and how it must feel to not have your parents around. I am so blessed to have my parents. My relationship with my dad is the best that it's ever been, and my relationship with my mom just continues to grow and develop into more than just mother/daughter- but even more and even deeper. I have two brothers who I can depend on for anything, and they have partners that I couldn't have picked any better myself. I am blessed with three nephews and two beautiful nieces and everything is wonderful.
     Anyway- I went to the eye doctor yesterday. The last time I went and had my eyes checked was December of 1996. Crazy to think that it's been almost three years already! I had the glaucoma test and then they dialated my eyes. I have to have my prescription updated-- and I am getting progressive lenses. Saying progressive lenses is a nice way of saying bi-focals. LOL. I'm actually kind of excited because I can't really see and the current prescription is for driving and reading and the new glasses will be for all the time. I'll be able to see! I think the frames are cute too (my eyes were dialated so I honestly don't know if they're cute or not!). I get to pick them up on Saturday.
     Yesterday was Halloween and we had a TON of kids come to our house! We had our spooky music and strobe light, and then while we were in Michigan, we picked up these awesome window things that glow. You'd have to see a picture to understand, but we had two pumpkins and two skulls. It looked pretty awesome.
     While we were getting ready for the kids to start coming, we met our new neighbors (they live across the street). Their names are Wendy and Ryan and they have two little girls. Anyway, Ryan took the kids trick-or-treating and then after a bit Wendy came over and was passing out candy at our house with us. She was really nice. She's from Garner and he's from Rochester, NY. It was nice to meet new people and hopefully we'll hang out with them again some time!
     Steve got back from New Mexico on Friday. He was gone from Tuesday morning until Friday afternoon. While he was gone, I tackled the other guest room (the one filled with my teacher stuff in boxes). I moved my C4 stuff into that room and hopefully that'll become the new guest room and when it's time, we can make the current guest room into a nursery. I'm ready to do that now... but without a baby that could be a problem.  :)
     We're just about ready to send in our preliminary application for adoption. Steve has to finish his portion and then we're on our way! Hopefully they'll accept us, and then we schedule a home visit and then after that, we submit the official application and do background checks. Then we make a family page on the website with pictures and stuff and we wait and pray that we'll get a baby!
     I still have another week left of my vacation and I am excited! Steve loaded Windows 7 on our computers this weekend, and I hope to get my newsletter done early. I go in on Friday to set up my room. I am a little stressed, but I think as long as I can get someone to help me move stuff, I'll be okay.

Until next time...

Monday, October 26, 2009

My Trip to the Psychic

So while visiting my family in Michigan, my mom had mentioned to me that she and my Aunt Margie had gone to a psychic for a reading. Before we had even gone to MI, I had wanted to see about going to see a psychic while there.

The last psychic that I saw (Nancy Rose Gerler) had told me that I'd meet Steve, so I am definitely open to what they have to say. I wanted to see someone about family issues (the inability to get pregnant) and see what they saw for us.

Anyway, I was given a tape of the session, and today decided to take some notes on what Rachel (the psychic) had to say. First, we went to the Boston Tea Room and I had a 5:00 appointment. Steve was not happy about it... in fact, he practically threw a temper tantrum about me pissing away $40. Anyway...

Here's what she had to say (this is coming from my notes):
Palm Reading

  • I have a strong life line with upsweeping motions which indicate positive and good changes coming into play
  • I am currently at the first of two change lines which means that there are changes about to take place in the near future. The second change line shows that within the next year to year and a half, there will be additional changes in my life.
  • I have a split point in my life, at approximately age 48. This could mean menopause, or other health aspects.
  • My love line is strong with some fraying, which indicates that I am an emotional person and I need to be pulled back into check every once and a while. My emotions can easily get the best of me. SO TRUE!!!
  • My head line is balanced which indicates that I am smart and can handle several things on my plate at one time. I am seen as a valued individual at work.
  • I have a bit of a writer's line which means that journaling and writing helps me manage stress and tension. I also find peace and grow when I write and reflect on my thoughts. Absolutely!
  • I have a slight psychic cross which would indicate that I have some natural psychic ability. I should always trust my instincts and follow my intuition.
  • I have two marriage lines in my palm. Yes! At least I got it right the second time around!!
  • I also have the opportunity for two children with a third line that's thinner. The two children lines are deeper while the third is not as deep. It could represent a child that's non biological, lost opportunity due to birth control, or a miscarrage. I thought this was so very interesting!!
  • I have a spirit line that shows coming into my life in my 20s. I'll maintain a connection to this particular spirit through my 45 year.

After she read my palm, she did a tarot card reading. As she was laying out the cards, she made a loud "huh" noise of surprise, and said, "Are you in the military?" I told her that I wasn't, and she asked if I had a brother in uniform. Dave is a former Marine, and is a detective and used to wear a uniform as a police officer.

Then she got quiet and asked if I knew of a tall man named Paul or Pete. I shook my head no, and she said that there was a man in the room with a short P name. She said I was connected to him on a spiritual level. My grandfather was always known as "Pap" (my dad's dad).

Then she said my cards showed a lot of relationship aspects. She said that there will be new dynamics with my relationships in the next year.

She asked if I had been married for about three years. I said yes. She asked if his name started with an S. I said it was Steve. Then she said my husband has been struggling with something (stress) for nine months or the ninth month (September). She said there's an issue that he's going through and he's feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. She said it's a work issue (not me) and he's frustrated with other people. The fact that she knew we had been married for three years blew me away. Steve has been dealing with uncertainty at work for a while now.

She then said that I show good strength. My cards indicated that now to the next five months (March) there will be other opportunities with work. It will lead to a new beginning financially and will provide me with better strength and comfort. She said the downside to this is that it could be an inheartance and that's never good. There will be other options coming our way as a couple (as far as financial aspects go). I asked if the work opportunities could be for Steve and she said yes, that it could be for either of us.

Then there was a long pause. She looked a bit confused and asked, "Are you pregnant?" I said I wasn't and she asked if there was any chance that I could be. I said no. Then she said, "Does your husband have a little girl?" I said no and that we didn't have any kids. She said, "Why do I see a little girl around you?" I told her about LOG and she asked how old she was, I said that she was two months. Then she said, "There's an energy of a very small female child around you." She said it helps me draw upon my maternal aspects and my ability to conceive. Definitely weird that she asked if I was pregnant.

Then she said there was a June/Joanne/Joan J female providing me with spirituality and helping with pregnancy. She said it's a two syllable name and could be from my side or Steve's. This person crossed over in 1989. Can't think of anyone...

She asked if Steve or I was going back to school. Then asked if I was a fourth or fifth grade teacher. She said she saw me with older kids, but knew it was fourth or fifth graders. She asked if I had an issue with a male coworker. I said no. She asked if I had a principal that was a man that I had issues with. If not a man, a female with very strong masculine traits. She asked if I had a male boss. I said I did. She said he doesn't seem to get things accomplished and I do get along with him, but he drops the ball a lot and this causes me stress. Crazy that she knew I taught 4th grade AND the whole thing with my boss... nailed it on the head!

She said I was a leader at my school and there will be some changes coming within the next year and these changes will provide me a sense of comfort going into the next year. I am curious to see what this could be....

She then asked if I had any questions, and I said I was mostly interested in family and children issues. She asked if I meant starting my own family or current family members and I said both.

She said that the element of two is very strong in my cards. She asked if I had been to a fertility specialist yet. She also said my not getting pregnant was a result of timing issues. She said I was supposed to be married for three years before getting pregnant, and I'm at that point in my life and it'll happen any day now. Make way with a baby already!!

She said my first born child will be a female and she sees a lot of heightened female energy. She said we will be able to conceive on our own and we will definitely be expanding our family into the new year for sure. She said I could become pregnant soon and asked again if there was any chance of me currently being pregnant. Then she said that as far as the adoption goes, it'll take about three months for things to really get rolling, so if we start in November, we'll know something by the end of January. We shall see!

She said the timing issue has been held up for whatever reason-- and it was not meant to happen right away in my marriage.

Then she asked if there was a Scott in my family. SO WEIRD to name him outright! I said he was my twin brother and she said we were very close spiritually. She asked if he's the one that just had the baby and if he wore the uniform. I said that Dave wore the uniform and she said he needs to be careful driving or where he parks. Something to do with his car and he should just be aware of his surroundings.

Then there was another long pause.

She said, "You said Scott's child is two months old?" I said yes and she said, "And you're sure you're not already pregnant?" She said it was showing Scott having his baby and then a very short period of time, no more than a few months, and then my ability to conceive. She asked if there was any way that I could be pregnant again and said it was so strange to keep seeing me pregnant if I wasn't. I'd like to know why she's seeing me pregnant too!!

She said Scott and his wife (fiance) need to work on communication. She said that he can be argumentative at times and they need to be on the same page with things when dealing with their family. She said they're good for each other, but need to work on the communication if they're going to have a lifetime commitment to each other.

She asked if Steve has been to the doctor for fertility issues. She said she doesn't see either of us having medical reasons for not getting pregnant. It could be stress/timing issues. She said it could also be our home isn't condusive to conceiving and she suggested that we have sex while in Michigan. LOL :)

She said that Steve has some major decisions coming his way and that he makes decisions all day long. He said he has major changes coming at work and he should already know them, but for whatever reason he's been bypassed on the info. She said he'll have different people that he'll be working with/for and new responsibilities. She then said he'll have new networking and business relationships. So very interesting... I'll keep you posted on what we find out!

She said that our sleeping patterns need to be worked on-- one of us is going to bed earlier than the other, and the disharmony isn't good for us. So true!

Rachel said that I picked an excellent person for me and that Steve isn't easily pushed over, but he isn't controlling either. She said we balance each other and he's a good fit. He helps me with my emotions and suits me well. She said we work well as a team and he keeps me grounded and we have the ying-yang balance worked out perfectly. I agree!

Then she said there's spirituality arouhd the whole family and we all have spirits, but I have several spirits acting as spirit guides/guardians.

She said I have an elderly female-- with white hair that's my strongest guide right now. She said this person really loved me as a little kid, and asked if I had any elderly relatives that passed in my twenties. I said both grandmas, and she said she wasn't sure which grandma it was, but it was the short one (not the tall one) and she was really cute-- short and had white hair. She said I have a musical connection with her and she was an interesting woman. My Grandma Ghrist... and we're connected by music. I hear the Beatles and think of her immediately!

She said that since both grandmothers passed, Scott's first-born was a female and my first-born will be female and while they're not reincarnations of the grandmas, they would be a soul replacement and our children would be connected spiritually to the grandmas either by namesake, or other means. LOG is named after my Grandma Ghrist and I plan on my first born being named Coven Lillian, named after my Grandma Ghrist.

That was the end of my session... I was blown away.

Until next time...


Saturday, September 12, 2009

The 1960s

So in the last two days, I've watched two different movies about events that took place in the 1960s. I guess I always knew that the 60s had a lot of problems, but I don't think I ever really thought about, or even really acknowledged just how difficult it must have been to be alive during that decade.

As a kid, I used to love the music of the 60s (I still do as an adult) and would dream of going back in a time machine to experience the 60s for myself. As a child, I never really knew how scary and stressful it must have been to go through all the major events of that decade.

I am going to go through some of the major events of the 60s and share my thoughts and opinions of some. It' my blog... I can do whatever I want!!  :)

  • Started off with the Greensboro Lunch Counter sit-in at Woolworths... here in NC. I teach my 4th graders about this. This event happened February 1st, 1960 and started similar sit-ins throughout the south.
  • May 6th, 1960-- Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the Civil Rights Act of 1960
  • November- JFK is elected President over Nixon
  • March 1st, 1961- Kennedy announces the creation of the Peace Corps, and initiates 17 billion dollar nuclear missle program.
  • April 25th, 1961- The US invades Cuba at the Bay of Pigs and the mission is a failure
  • May 4th, 2961- The "Freedom Riders" begin to enforce integrated transportation in the south
  • August 13th, 1961- The Berlin Wall begins to be constructed as a way to separate East and West Germany
  • September 15th, 1961- The US begins underground nuclear testing
  • October 6th, 1961- Kennedy begins to ask American families to build fallout shelters. I cannot imagine how scary this must have been for all Americans. I'd freak out if Obama came on the television and encouraged me to build one for protection against nuclear war.
  • October 22nd, 1962 - Cuban Missile Crisis: Soviets establish missile bases in Cuba, Kennedy orders a naval blockade to divert any missiles from arriving in Cuba.
  • November, George Wallace is elected as Governor of Alabama. This is starting to get scary...
  • January 1963- Wallace gives his inaugration speech and talks about, "Segregation forever."
  • April 3, 1963- Sit-ins and mass protests happen in Birmingham, Alabama
  • April 12, 1963- Martin Luther King Jr. is arrested for his part in the protests in Birmingham
  • June 11th, 1963- JFK propses the Civil Rights Bill
  • June 12th, 1963- Jackson Mississippi, the NAACP Field Secretary Medgar Evers is assassinated inside his home- Beckwith (the assassin) is tried twice and both resulted in a hung-jury
  • August 28th, 1963 the March on Washington takes place with MLK's I Have A Dream speech being delivered
  • September 15 - Four Black girls are murdered attending Sunday school in the bombing of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. A target because it was where there was regular civil rights meetings. As a result Riots erupt in Birmingham, and two more black youths are killed in the violence.
  • November 22 - President Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas, Texas by Lee Harvey Oswald.
  • November 24 - President Johnson escalates American's military involvement in the Vietnam War. Things are only going to get worse from here folks.
  • January 8 - President Johnson declares a "War on Poverty" in the State of the Union address thus initiating plans for his Great Society.
  • February 9 - The Beatles first appear on Ed Sullivan Show, performing with 74 million people watching them, the largest audience in the history of television. Yay!! The Beatles are here!!  :)
  • July 2 - President Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act of 1964, making segregation in public facilities and discrimination in employment illegal.
  • The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution gives President Johnson authority to prosecute an unlimited war in Vietnam unchecked by Congress. Not sure of the date, but this just seems crazy to me.
  • July 18 - There is a Race riot in Harlem, NY
  • August 5 - Three civil rights volunteers working to register voters are murdered by southern whites. They first go missing on June 21, but only officially declared missing on August 5. The three voluteers were James E. Cheney, 21; Andrew Goodman, 21; and Michael Schwerner, 24. They been arrested arrested, incarcerated, and then released on speeding charges. Their murdered bodies are found after President Johnson sends military personnel to join the search party. It is later revealed that the police released the three men to the Ku Klux Klan who killed them.
  • August 28 - There are Race riots in Philadelphia
  • February - Martin Luther King Jr. and 770 other protesters arrested in Selma, Alabama for picketing county courthouse to end discrim voting rights.
  • February 8 - U.S. starts bombing North Vietnam. It's officially becoming a "HOT MESS"
  • March 6 - First American soldier officially sets foot on Vietnam battlefields, First U.S. combat troops begin fighting in South Vietnam.
  • March 7 - In Selma, Alabama, SCLC and SNCC lead marches for voting rights. Blacks begin a march to Montgomery in support of voting rights but are stopped at the Pettus Bridge by a police blockade. Fifty marchers are hospitalized after police use tear gas, whips, and clubs against them. The incident is dubbed "Bloody Sunday" by the media.
  • March 16 - Police break-up a Civil Rights demonstration of 600 in Montgomery, Alabama
  • March 21 - Martin Luther King Jr. leads march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama joined by 25,000 marchers.
  • March 24 - SDS organizes first Vietnam War teach-in at Univ. of Michigan 3000 show up. Teach-ins against the war begin.
  • March 25 - Civil rights worker shot and killed by KKK in Alabama
  • April - 25,000 U.S. troops stationed in Vietnam
  • April 17 - SDS leads first anti-Vietwar march in Washington. 25,000 attend including Phil Ochs, Joan Baez and Judy Collins In Washington, D.C., SDS stages the first large national demonstration against the war.
  • July 8 - Chicago school integration protests
  • August 10 - Congress passes the Voting Rights Act of 1965, making it easier for Southern blacks to register to vote. Literacy tests and other such requirements that tended to restrict black voting become illegal.
  • August 11 - Insurrection in Watts section of Los Angeles Major race riot (6 days) in Watts, leaves 35 dead.
  • August 13 - National Guard enters the Watts riots in L.A. in an attempt to stop the riots.
  • August 31 - Burning draft cards becomes an illegal and punishable act. Burning draft cards had become a popular protest method against the war. I think my dad had a draft card. In fact, I think he still knows his draft number.
This might just be the one year that wasn't too crazy... but get ready for the rest of the 60s...

  • January 27 - US, USSR, UK sign treaty banning nuclear weapons in space.
  • February - 25,000 US troops sent to the Cambodian border
  • April 10 - Vietnam Week starts. Draft card burnings and anti-draft demonstrations
  • Martin Luther King Jr. begins to speak out against the war in Vietnam. This is when the Civil Rights issues meets the Vietnam War issues... you can just see how it can only get worst from here.
  • May 19 - First U.S. air strike on Hanoi
  • June 30 - The number of US troops in Vietnam reaches 448,400
  • July - Rioting throughout the summer in the US. Blacks begin protesting in Chicago, Brooklyn, Cleveland and Baltimore.
  • July 11 - Large riots and insurrections in the black ghettos of Newark and Detroit.
  • July 24 - Riots in Detroit lead to 43 deaths.
  • Oct 20 - Seven KKK members are convicted of conspiracy in the 1964 murders of three civil rights worker.
  • October 21-22 - Anti-war protesters march on and storm the Pentagon. "Diggers" exorcise the Pentagon. Overall 35,000 demonstraters are at the pentagon, 647 are arrested.
  • December - The number of US troops in Vietnam reaches 486,000. 15,000 soldiers have been killed in the war thus far, the majority, 60% died in 1967.
1968 (In my opinion, one of the worst years in the 1960s)
  • January 31 - Viet Cong launch Tet Offensive. The Tet Offensive throughout South Vietnam turns most Americans against Johnson's policy for war in Vietnam.
  • March 16 - Massacre of 200 - 500 Vietnamese civilians at My Lai.
  • March 16 - Robert F. Kennedy announces candidacy for President.
  • April 4 - Martin Luther King shot and killed in Memphis at the age 39. King was shot as he stood on the balcony outside his hotel room. Escaped convict James Earl Ray later pleads guilty to the crime. A moment that changed history forever. I can't imagine how helpless so many Americans must have felt when this happened. If the race war wasn't heated enough, this was sure to ignite the fire even more.
  • April - The week following Martin Luther King Jr.'s murder there is as a result black uprisings in 125 cities across the U.S.
  • April 6 - Oakland Police ambush Black Panthers. Black Panther Eldridge Cleaver arrested with a bullet-shattered leg, while Bobby Hutton is shot and killed.
  • April 11 - President Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act of 1968, prohibiting discrimination in the sale, rental, and financing of housing.
  • April 15 - Start of Spring Mobilization against the Vietnam war.
  • June 5 - Robert Kennedy assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan moments after winning the California primary.
  • August 1 - There are 541,000 U.S. Troops in Vietnam.
  • August 25-29 - Antiwar demonstration clash with police at the Democratic Convention in Chicago. There were approximately 10,000 demonstrators vs. 11,000 Chicago police; 6,000 National Guard; 7,500 U.S. army troops; and 1,000 FBI, CIA and other services agents. Bystanders and press were also beaten by police in the cross fire.
  • November 5 - Richard Nixon narrowly elected President, with Spiro T. Agnew, as his Vice-President.
  • November 6 - Student Strike at San Francisco State
  • March 20 - James Earl Ray is sentenced to 99 years for Martin Luther King Jr.'s murder.
  • April - There is a peak amount of 543,000 US troops in Vietnam
  • April 23 - Sirhan Sirhan is sentenced to death for Robert Kennedy's murder .
  • April 24 - U.S. B-52s launch the biggest attack yet on North Vietnam. As a result there are protests ensuing around the country.
  • July 20 - The Unites States' Apollo 11 lands on the moon, and Neil Armstrong walks on the Moon. Could it be a moment of hope??
  • President Nison initiates "Vietnamization" of the war thus decreasing the number of U.S. troops in Indochina.
  • August 9 - Sharon Tate & LaBiancas found murdered by Charles Manson & Crew. So scary...
  • August 15 - 17 WOODSTOCK Festival 500,000 people gathered for three days of music and peace that changed the world. With so much craziness going on, no wonder everyone when crazy for the weekend. I think I would have too!!
  • September 3 - Ho Chi Min, leader of North Vietnam, dies
  • September 24 - Chicago Eight trial begins. Tom Hayden, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin et al charged with conspiracy to incite riots at the Democratic National Convention.
  • October 15 - Declared Peace Day there are 500,000 protesters nationwide is the First Vietnam Moratorium
  • October 30 - The Supreme Court orders desegregation nationwide. FINALLY
  • November 25 - President Nixon orders all US germ warfare stockpiles destroyed.
  • December - The death and injury toll of US troops in Vietnam reaches over 100,000 US troops dead or injured in Vietnam.
  • December 1 - First draft lottery since W.W.II held in NYC
(All information found at

So, I watched Manson and Bobby this weekend. Both were excellent, but both really made me thankful that I wasn't alive during this time in history. My parents were, and I have a new appreciation for my mom and dad, and my aunts and uncles. I know the US has its problems now, but I don't know if my generation has really had to experience so much at once. On top of the race war, there was the hippie movement of love, peace, and drugs, and then the craziness of Vietnam, and then so many influential people assassinated. I just can't imagine.

Anyway-- hope you enjoyed the history lesson and my thoughts on the 1960s!!
Until next time...

    Sunday, August 09, 2009

    Song: "Never Tear Us Apart" by INXS
    Mood: Tired

    This is week three of track out-- which means that a week from tomorrow I go back to work. It's times like this, that I realize that I love being a bum. I feel no desire to go back to work, and yet, I know this last week of vacation is going to go by in a blink. It doesn't help that my entire first week (and up to now) was spent with the flu. It's moved beyond the flu and is now at the bronchitis phase. Not good.

    My parents came for a nice visit-- and it was so great to see them. It made me sad that they live so far away. It's my fault for moving, but it still hurts to say goodbye. The good thing is that we're going back up in October for the baptism. It should be cooler up there and we can go to the cider mill (if it's still open).

    We went to Carolina Beach for a week last week. We went to celebrate our 3rd anniversary. While it was no Bahamas... it was nice. I don't think we'll go back, simply because CB was very busy and too touristy. There wasn't much to do and the food was not very good and over-priced. I think next summer we're going to maybe go to Bar Harbor, Maine with my parents. We talked about it while they were here, so we'll see. I think it'd be a nice trip.

    Scott and Christie haven't had the baby yet-- but Christie's due date is the 15th... which is Friday. I have the 15th as my day (we took bets on when she'd have her) and I have her as weighing 7 pounds and 2 ounces. ;) I am excited to see pictures and to go up and meet her! Steve and I were asked to be her God Parents and we're super excited! I'm a God Mother to my niece Aine, but this will be neat to be the mom and Steve to be the dad. :)

    My business is doing really well still. I think in all I've made over $600. Not too bad. Not enough to leave my job as a teacher, but still a nice amount! The biggest order was for $130... and I'm still working on filling it. It takes a lot longer to make the products than I had first expected, but it's fun. :)

    We went to another Bulls game tonight- it was SO hot! We ended up leaving early... not only because of the weather, but because Steve goes back to work tomorrow. He's been out for two weeks. One week (when my parents were here) was because he had the flu too. The other week was while we were on vacation. He found out that his boss was fired... I'll just leave it at that, but I'll say I was happy. Steve was surprised, but I was very happy. :)

    We got season tickets to the Durham Performing Arts Center. I can't wait to go to our first show! We're going to see Cirque Dreams Illusions, Mama Mia, Wicked, Grease (with Taylor Hicks), Phantom of the Opera, Beauty and the Beast, and Spring Awakening (not sure what it's about).

    Okay-- enough from me. Talk to you later!
    Until next time...

    Saturday, July 18, 2009

    Where has the time gone???
    I've started the 2009-2010 school year and so far I really like my class. I've had a lot of positive things said to me from the parents and even got a standing ovation after I finished my Open House (it was a first!). This is my tenth year of teaching, and yet it doesn't seem possible.
    My business, Cat's Custom Classroom Creations has started to take off! I've had four orders placed online (from all over the U.S.) and then many people that I work with have placed orders for various items. It's been really exciting and fun, but a little stressful at the same time. There's only me working on this stuff, and I make everything by hand, so it takes a while to actually complete an order.
    I'm about to track out on Friday!! WHOO HOO!! My mom and dad are coming down on Saturday and are staying for a week and then Steve and I are heading to Carolina Beach for a week. We've rented a beach house and are SO excited to get away for a week for our third anniversary.
    Scott and Christie asked Steve and I to be the Godparents for LilyAnne... and we're super excited!! We're going to be going to the mitten in October for the Baptism and to visit Steve's family. His dad's wife Sue Ann was just diagnosed with breast cancer (again), so we're going to go up and see them and hope that by October things are better for her than they are now. We ask that you keep them in your prayers as they go through this ordeal together.
    Enough from me for a while... I'll write again soon but I need to go to bed!!
    Until next time...

    Sunday, June 14, 2009

    So the whole "Post A Day in May" thing was a nice idea, but once I went back to work, I didn't have time to write anymore.

    So, it's been just shy of a month since my last post. We have finished the EOGs (End of Grade tests). The kids in North Carolina take the EOGs at the end of the year. The 3rd and 4th graders take a day of just reading and then two days of math. One test is with a calculator and the other is without a calculator. In fifth grade they do the same as 3rd and 4th, but they also do a science test.

    The test is a BIG deal down here because not only do they announce how every school did on the test, but it's not just a measure of how many passed/didn't pass. They really care about growth. So you could have a whole class that everyone passed, but if they don't make growth, you're in trouble. The school gets recognized and ranked based on the growth, and there's bonus money attached to each school for the growth that the kids show. So it's so competetive and very stressful.

    Needless to say, this year, I didn't have all my kids pass the tests and they didn't all show growth. I got my scores on Friday and seriously had a hard time with it all. I feel like I need to just hang it up and quit teaching. I don't know what else I could have done this year. I seriously gave 100% to my teaching every day and I did so much EOG review that I thought I'd lose my mind! I have to think, I can only lead my students so far... if they aren't willing to give 100% themselves, and I KNOW they didn't all give 100% all year... then there's only so much that I can do. Right?

    Anyway... that's been the biggest thing that I've been dealing with lately. We bought a bunch of stuff for Scott and Christie's baby shower this weekend. I'm not sure when their shower is, but we bought them some much-needed things that we hope they'll love. I also bought the baby some killer onesies. They are seriously cute!! It's only two more months until I am an aunt again and I can't wait!!

    My mom called me yesterday to confirm that they're coming down to visit me over my next track out. So July 24th-31st they will be here. It should be fun! We have our beach house from the 1st of August-6th and I can't wait to go to the beach and just chill. I think we might go to Myrtle Beach, SC for one of the days because it's only 45 minutes away!!

    Alright... that's enough from me for now. I'll try and post again before the end of my school year, but it's going to start getting really crazy around here. Next Friday we have our next season ticket Bulls game, and then Saturday night we're going back for a game with my 4th graders. It should be fun!! It's also Father's Day next Sunday...

    Until next time...

    Tuesday, May 19, 2009

    Sorry I haven't been following my goal of "A Post A Day In May." Things happen...

    We drive up to Michigan on Thursday, May 7th to surprise my mom for her graduation and for Mother's Day. The plan started out with the intentions of us surprising Scott and my parents, but then my dad decided to go up north to the cottage and Christie (Scott's fiance) found out-- she was a little worried that if someone didn't tell him that we were coming, he'd miss out on our visit. So I ended up telling my dad, and then it became really hard for Christie to keep it from Scott.

    We stopped in Olmstead Falls, Ohio to have dinner with Kevin and Greta and their boys Ben and Ayden. They are two of the cutest kids! Ben is getting so big!! Ayden is just about to turn one, so I helped make a few pages for his birthday book. We were able to hand-deliver them and they loved how they turned out.

    From Greta's, we headed to Scott's place. We got in after midnight, so we didn't stay up too late visiting. On Friday, my Aunt Margie had helped me with a surprise for my mom, and told her she'd meet her for lunch at Applebee's. Scott and Steve and I went to Applebee's at noon, and there was my mom. She was expecting to have lunch with my aunt, so when we walked in, she did a double-take, but then thought it couldn't be us. Then when we started walking towards her, she realized that we were there for her graduation, and she started to cry. It made me cry and I was so excited to see her and to know that we surprised her!

    It was one of the best moments ever. Once we got to the table I hugged her and we both cried. The only "bad" thing was that Steve was not able to find his passport before we left and his birth certificate was included in the passport. So, we weren't able to be at the actual graduation ceremony (held in Windsor, Canada).

    We were able to get over and see Aimee and Matt. We got to hold Tanner (he's so tiny) and had a little bit of time with Lucas. Then we headed off to Albion to visit Mitch and Jess and saw their new baby Elizabeth (she's six months). On our way to Albion, we stopped at 7-11 and I was able to get my Slurpee and BBQ Better Made chip fix. It was sooooo delicious!! We had Hungry Howie's for dinner (their pizza is the best) and then drove back to Redford.

    My mom stopped over to Scott and Christie's place and we got to see her again before heading off to bed.

    Saturday morning we got up and Christie had made muffins (so good) and then after breakfast we went to Mongolian BBQ to meet my parents for lunch. It was so great to see my dad!! We had a delicious lunch and we decided to go see the Star Trek movie. it was really good!!!

    After the movie we went our separate ways and Steve and I went shopping. I was able to get some new undies and bras (hooray) and then we went to IKEA and got a few random things as well as a cute hippo and some hippo crib sheets for Scott and Christie's fetus (Lil).

    We stopped and picked up some flowers and a balloon for Scott and my mom (Scott graduated the weekend before with his BS in Criminal Justice from Ferris State University, and my mom got her Master's in Pastoral Studies). We then went to Montana's (my parents love that place) for dinner. We gave them their gifts and flowers and balloons and then we had a nice dinner. After dinner we headed over to Dairy Dan for dessert (we love Dairy Dan!)

    We went back to my parent's house and just hung out there before leaving to go back to Scott and Christie's place. We were pretty tired so we went to bed pretty soon after getting back to their place.

    Sunday morning we got up and drove over to St. Sabina's to meet my mom for mass. It meant a lot to her that we came and went to church with her. It was my first time in a Catholic Church in over a year... in fact, I can't remember the last mass I attended. I don't think we've been to mass in over a year... maybe even two years.

    Anyway, after mass, Scott, Christie, and Alex (her son) met us for the Mother's Day Breakfast that the church was having. After mass, we went back to Scott's for a few hours and then we met my mom and dad at Kerby's Coney Island for lunch. I miss coney dogs!!! I am glad that they aren't around here though... it's a nice treat, but so tempting!!

    We went back to Scott's place and then got ready to head over to Christie's sister's place for a Mother's Day BBQ. It was a really nice party and I got to meet Christie's sister Jackie, her husband, Christie's brother, her mom, and then Fr. Terry came over also.

    We got back to Scott and Christie's and I took come cute pictures of them. We stayed up for a bit and enjoyed the last few hours together and then we went to bed.

    It was in the four o'clock hour when we got up and showered. We were on the road by five and then had a nice drive back to Carolina. We got home around 4:30 and that's with several stops! It was much quicker coming home for some reason. Steve says it's because we took a different route.

    I had all day Tuesday to rest and recover, while Steve had to work. I ended up going into work around 3:30ish and started to get my room ready for track in. Renee and Cheryl came in to help and it was wonderful!! I didn't get the whole thing done by 6:30, but it looked pretty good. From there we went to Diana's house for dinner and a meeting.

    Renee is the parent of one of the boys in my class. She invited me to join her sorority Beta Sigma Phi (a women's group). They aren't social Greek and it's nothing like a social sorority-- but they have Greek letters and call themselves a sorority. Anyway-- it's been nice getting to know the women in her chapter. There are only seven of them (they have a maximum of ten) and they are all great. Very friendly, caring, and all a little older than me.

    They asked me to join (extended an offer of membership) on Tuesday and I accepted. I am glad to be apart of their group and to learn more about Beta Sigma Phi. I am still an AGD and still have that in my life, but I just don't know any AGD's down here and the ones that I've met through the Junior Circle are nice, but not people I want to spend a lot of time with.

    Anyway-- I am glad to have met some new people and to have a group of women to establish a relationship with. I miss my friends from MI and I wanted to have friends outside of work. I hate that the only people I do things with are people I work with. It makes it very difficult to separate work and play.

    So that's the latest from me. I have a Leadership Team meeting this morning at 8am. Not sure what we'll find out. We have grade-level meetings with my principal on Thursday and we're supposed to find out staffing for next year. I don't know what grade I'll be teaching and don't know what track. I assume I'll be 4th grade track 3 (same as I am now), but you never know.

    A funny thing happened recently... a parent on track 1 in 3rd grade found my Bb (Blackboard) site and then ventured to my website. She sent me a really funny (and nice) email asking me to move to track 1 (the fourth grade track 1 teacher is leaving). She said she'd do anything-- bake me cookies, wash my car, LOL. It was really funny.

    Oh! I almost forgot to tell you what happened with my OBGYN appointment!! I got my lab results back and basically, everything is still totally normal, except my thyroid. My thyroid levels were high, so I am now on something for that. I take one pill a day and hopefully it'll help my levels. I was also taking some progesterone but the bleeding never stopped. However, I feel like now that the ten days are up, I AM having a period so maybe it worked and I'll restart my cycle as planned.

    Enough from me. Until next time...


    Wednesday, May 06, 2009

    Well, this morning I got up and went to the obgyn. I've been bleeding for more than 21 days (a lot more information than anyone needs to know) and it's been a mix of light-heavy flow. Steve suggested that I go to the doctor because (his words not mine), "Anything that bleeds for more than a week should be dead." LOL

    So, I went in and they did a CBC (complete blood count) lab workup and then she did an ultrasound and pap to see if there's something causing the bleeding (wound/tear). Fortunately, there was nothing wrong inside, so she decided to put me on progesterone. It's a hormone that will stimulate my period. Basically, I'll stop bleeding in a day or two of starting this, and then I am on it for ten days. At the end of the ten days, I should have another period and it should re-start my cycle.

    I hope it works. She also wrote me a prescription for intercourse. Seriously. It' on the fridge. I think it's hilarious! So now there are no excuses for not having sex... it's a prescribed activity!! :)

    I also had a nail appointment today and then Jen (my track mate at work) called to see if I wanted to grab lunch. We went to the Carolina Ale House (my favorite place) and then I just got home. It feels like a Friday...

    Until next time...


    Tuesday, May 05, 2009

    Today I cleaned the house (finally) and just need to vacuum and it'll be all set. Then I watched Sex in the City. It was actually an enjoyable movie. I never got into the series (no HBO) but I thought it was a good movie.

    I returned a pair of shorts via the USPS and then came home and had lunch. I watched The Hills from Monday night. Which made me think about Family Guy from Sunday. If you didn't see it, it was soooo funny! It was all about Lauren Conrad (she dates Brian) and how she really is smart, but has to play like she's dumb on television for the show. Brody Jenner was on it and so was Heidi and Spencer and Audrena. Very funny.

    Anyway, The Hills was very good (of course) and then I watched Gossip Girl from Monday night. It was okay... not the best episode, but not bad. I just wish Rufus and Lily would get engaged already! LOL

    Lastly, I watched College Life from Monday night. The one guy FINALLY got kicked out of his dorm-- which made me happy because he's a tool.

    Ahhh... this is my last Tuesday of freedom. I go back to work a week from tomorrow. I am kinda dreading it. I love teaching, but the last six weeks of the year is the WORSE and then throw in EOGs and starting a new year and then the first three weeks of a new year... I'll be amazed if I am still alive in July for the next track out.

    Heavy sigh...

    Until next time...


    Monday, May 04, 2009

    1. I love to draw.

    2. I can do just about anything as long as music is involved (my choice of music).

    3. I have two Master's in the Art of Educaation degrees (Curriculum and Instruction & Administration and Supervision). I did them immediately after I finished my undergraduate studies and did them back-to-back. I am so thankful that I did, because if I had to think about going back to school now, I would pass.

    4. I have visited 45/50 of the United States. I would like to visit Louisiana, Oregon, Alaska, Arkansas, and Hawaii before I die.

    5. I can name all 50 states and capitals. I can also identify (with 100% accuracy) all states on a blank US map.

    6. I am very passionate about my calling-- I am a teacher. I can't think of anything else that would make me as happy and fulfilled.

    7. I feel sorry for people who have jobs that are just jobs. I would teach for free (sometimes it feels like I am working for free) if I had to.

    8. My parents are still married after 34 years. They were/are the most supportive parents and I hope to be like them when I have children.

    9. I have a twin brother named Scott. He is engaged to be married to a woman that I think was made for him. I am so thankful that she is in his life and loves him like I have always known he's deserved to be loved.

    10. My older brother Dave is an amazing individual. He is doing something that he loves and is very passionate about. He's served our country as a US Marine and then served his community as a police officer. He's now on the fast-track up and working as a detective. He has seen things that no one should see, but he manages to keep it all in perspective.

    11. I have a dog named Ned Flanders Walker. He's a rescue and our lives have been changed for the better because of him. He is the World's Greatest Dog and listens and does exactly what is asked of him. He is better behaved than some children.
    12. As I've gotten older, I've realized that I gave up a lot more than I had ever thought by dating my ex-husband through high school. I've realized that I gave up me, and as a result, the course of my future was altered because I gave so much of myself to him. I've learned to never give more than you can spare to another person.
    13. I have an obsession with shoes. I can always find a new pair that I want.
    14. I love to sing on American Idol Karoke Revolution I and II on my Wii. I have saved some of my favorite songs and have scored 100% on those songs. It's boosted my self-esteem when it comes to my singing voice, and as a result, I've started to sing in front of my 4th graders.
    15. I am a proud member of Alpha Gamma Delta. I have no regrets when it comes to joining while in college. I have met some of the best people and found an outlet for some of my creativity and leadership skills.
    16. I check out the Sunday Secrets on postsecret religiously every Sunday.
    17. Whenever I hear a song by The Cranberries I instantly think about my freshman year at MSU. My roommate would "do the deed" with her boyfriend every Thursday night. I had an evening class. Every Thursday night at 11:00 I would turn the corner to head down the hall to my room and would hear The Cranberries. I would know not to go into the room. I HATE The Cranberries now.
    18. I love to read and I am VERY picky about the kinds of books that I enjoy reading.
    19. I am not ADD. Not in the slightest. I think some adults use it as an excuse and it bothers me.
    20. I wonder if anyone is still reading this.
    21. Sometimes I look at my husband Steve and fall in love with him all over again.
    22. I love office supplies. I could spend thousands of dollars buying random supplies. My favorites are pens, markers, and paper.
    23. I have my own business! It was suggested to me by two co-workers and I kinda laughed and dismissed the idea, but decieded to give it a shot. We'll see... I don't know if I'll get any business, but it's kinda neat to say that I am a business owner. :) Cat's Custom Classroom Creations is the name, you should check it out--buy something even.
    24. I have dated four men named Chris.
    25. I am scared to death that I will never have children of my own, and I won't know what a beautiful being can be made with a combination of my DNA and Steve's DNA.
    26. Crossing the border (US into Canada/Mexico) scares me.
    27. I love The Cure.
    28. I tend to cheer for the underdog.
    29. I am Catholic but don't buy into all that the Church sells. I looked for other religious that might be a better "fit" but I can't give up on the basic, fundamental beliefs of the Catholic Church. So I stay Catholic.
    30. I am a rock star on Guitar Hero. Really.
    31. My sister-in-law Heather is a wonderful person. From the moment I met her, I liked her. She's very funny and has a wacky personality at times. She is the mother of my two nephews and niece. She is one of the best mothers that I've ever seen, and she's a wonderful wife to my brother Dave. I am thankful that he found her and that she gives all that she does to my nephews and niece.
    32. I've always wanted a horse. When I was little I said I'd get one when I was older. I'm older and I say I'll get one when I'm older. What if I get too old to enjoy a horse?
    33. I love going to live baseball games. When we lived in Michigan, I loved going to Detroit Tiger games. Then we moved to NC and now I love going to Durham Bulls games.
    34. I prefer the feel of the Durham Bulls games over the Detroit Tiger games. I feel spoiled by Minor League Baseball.
    35. I have a natural ability to use/understand technology. I have/manage five websites.
    36. I love giraffes. They are my favorite animals.
    37. I also love three-toed sloths. I think they're so cute!!
    38. My last favorite animal is a frog. Not a real one though. Real ones kinda creep me out. I like cartoon ones.
    39. I have a tortoise. His name is Esio Trot (tortoise spelled backward) and he is a Golden Greek Tortoise. He is 35+ years old and was a gift for Teacher Appreciation Day in 2004.
    40. At the end of this school year, I will have taught between 200-250 children.
    41. I am very judgmental and I hate that quality about myself.
    42. I tend to engage in gossip more than I should.
    43. I can keep a secret, but it's VERY hard. However, I am trustworthy with secrets-- despite my knack for gossip.
    44. I am usually very positive, however, one wrong move towards the dark side and I am toast. It's very difficult for me to refocus on positive things if I've been stuck focusing on negatives.
    45. I am very honest. Almost to a fault.
    46. I wish there was a way to just look exactly like I want to look. I've considered lap-band or gastric bypass, but I am not giving up on just being healthier and loving me for me.
    47. I am scared to death of Alzheimer's. I don't want to get old because of it.
    48. I am scared to death of not having the option of getting old.
    49. I love mozarella sticks with ranch dressing. I am a connoisseur and have strong opinions about which restaurants have the best cheese sticks.
    50. I can't believe I am only on number 50.
    51. I was President of my chapter of Phi Sigma Pi Coed National Honors Fraternity in college. I joined PSP for the friendships, but also because I wanted to be around people who were smart and focused on academics.
    52. I get very sad knowing how far away my nephews and neice are. It makes me sad to know that they don't really know me, and are growing up without seeing me. It makes me even sadder to know that when we have kids, our kids won't really know each other. This goes for my older brother Dave's kids and my twin brother Scott's kids.
    53. I miss my friends in Michigan more than anything. I miss not having people who have a history with me around.
    54. I wish my parents would move to North Carolina. I miss them more than words can describe. I cry every now and then when I start thinking about them and how much I miss them.
    55. I started an Ecology Club at my school. My husband Steve inspired me. So did three of my students from last year, so they are the officers of the club. I don't know what I'm going to do without them next year!
    56. I am so thankful that I am not teaching in Michigan anymore. I miss the awesome pay and the union, but I do NOT miss teaching with the team of individuals that I taught with.
    57. I wish I knew how to play guitar. A real one, not Guitar Hero (I rock on that one).
    58. I would like to get another dog. Maybe a smaller one (not too small) for Ned to play with.
    59. I miss my cat Bob.
    60. I've never met anyone like my husband Steve. He is the most wonderful person and my life is better because he is in it. He's smart, very handsome, funny, and caring. He loves me for me, and thinks I am perfect just as I am. I don't know where my life would be without him, and I can't remember life before him. I know he and I were made for each other because he appreciates things about me that no one else has, and I appreciate things about him that no one else has about him.
    61. I believe in psychics.
    62. I believe in ghosts/spirits.
    63. I believe in the Holy Trinity.
    64. I don't need a church to have a relationship with God. However, lately I feel like I need to go back. Something is missing from my life, and I think I know what it is. Church will help me find the answers to what I want to know.
    65. I had an amazing childhood. I was loved by both parents and supported. Looking back, I don't know if I'd say we were poor, but we didn't have a lot. My parents did all that they could for us, and I never knew what we didn't have. It wasn't until I was older that I really realized how little we had, but it doesn't matter. It's shown me that you don't have to have material things-- you just need love.
    66. I love lesson planning.
    67. I hate doing report cards and parent-teacher conferences.
    68. I get nervous everytime I get observed by my administrator. Even though I know I'm doing what I should be doing, and I'm doing it to the best of my ability, I get nervous that I'm doing something wrong. I blame one individual for making me feel this way.
    69. I love shopping online.
    70. I wish I had gone to a different school for my graduate studies. I just didn't feel like putting forth the effort and time.
    71. When I think about my ex-husband... the first thing that I think of is, "Did that really happen?" I can't believe that it was all real and that I actually spent so many years (11) with him and that I actually married him. I can't say I wish I hadn't married him, because it's made me the wife I am for Steve.
    72. I love the color orange.
    73. My ideal vacation involves a beach and a pool. It also involves warm weather and no rain, and a lot of good food.
    74. I am so glad that Steve works for Burt's Bees. Not only because he loves his job and is so happy, but because I LOVE their products. I am very spoiled because of it!
    75. I think overalls are cute-- no matter how old the person is that is wearing them.
    76. I think old people are the sweetest, most precious things on the planet. I have to stay away from them though, because I can't handle the idea of them dying. I could never work in a nursing home or hospital.
    77. I miss my grandmothers more each day. I cry at least once a week thinking about them and how much I miss them in my life.
    78. I can't wear flip-flops with the plastic toe thingy.
    79. I love the climate/weather in North Carolina. I wish I had been born here. It's my favorite state.
    80. My husband makes a mean breakfast.
    81. I make some mean au gratin potatoes.
    82. I like peanut butter and pickle sandwiches.
    83. I like purses. From age 0-25 I never liked them. I got divorced and suddenly, the world of purses opened to me and now I love them!
    84. I love going to the movies. My favorite part about going to a movie is the popcorn and pop (soda).
    85. I'd eat out/carry out every night if I could afford it. Actually, if I could afford it, I would have a personal chef who would make all my favorite things, but make them healthy.
    86. I do like to cook. I just need to have the time and focus to do it. I wish I was a better wife by cooking for Steve.
    87. I do not like to clean. I've been doing this blog instead of cleaning the house.
    88. I wish someone would nominate me for a teacher award. I've thought about nominating myself, but obviously won't. It'd be nice to be recognized for all that I do for my students. I know they appreciate me, but it'd be nice to get some recognition for it. Is that bad of me? :(
    89. I like giving things to people. I like to make things and give them away as gifts. There's nothing better than to see someone's reaction to a unique, unexpected gift!
    90. I miss going to the U.P. (Upper Penninsula of Michigan) for Labor Day weekend. When I look at pictures I get sad and want to go for this year. I know I won't be able to go, but I can dream.
    91. I would love to own a beach house/timeshare/condo.
    92. I am excited about visiting the Outer Banks this summer with Steve.
    93. I love that I am only two hours away from the ocean!!
    94. I love my Aunt Margie so very much. She is more than just an aunt to me and I miss her. I hold her very close to my heart. I also love my cousins (her children) Brandon, Corey, and Derek very close to my heart. Even though we're all older, I think about them and love them like they're my own siblings. I hope to raise my children with an extended family as wonderful as mine. I am so thankful that she and my mom were so close as sisters and decided to spend so much time together. The memories that I have with them are priceless.
    95. My mom had a pretty crappy childhood. I hope she feels like her life got better when she had her children. I know each of our lives wouldn't be what they are without her, and I hope she knows how instrumental she is to our development as people. She is graduating with her Master's degree in Pastoral Studies and I hope she finally realizes how very special she is!! Sometimes we have to wait a long time to have things finally start to pan-out for us. I hope she sees her life as fulfilled and happy.
    96. I have gotten closer to my dad as I've gotten older. As a child I didn't feel neglected by him until I hit puberty. Once I was in middle school-high school he kinda took a step back and didn't really do/say much with me. After I graduated from college, I feel like he has stepped back into his role as my dad and has made all efforts to be apart of my life. I wonder if he had just always been active how my life would be different. In any regard, I am thankful for the loving relationship he and I now have.
    97. I love going to concerts. It doesn't really matter who is playing. I love live music!
    98. I love my new car. I thought I would, but I really love it. It's the best car that I've ever owned and I am very excited to take it on a road trip!! Who knows where/when it'll be, but I am excited to take it on the road!!
    99. I am very hard on myself and can be a bit of a perfectionist. It's gotten me to where I am today, so I can't say it's a bad thing. However, I wish I could just "settle" and be happy with things as they are, instead of always having to correct them and make them "perfect."
    100. I hope people read this and leave me a lot of love on the comments!!

    Sunday, May 03, 2009

    Well... today started off with some pancakes, bacon, sausage, toast, hashbrowns, and eggs. Not the healthiest of breakfasts, but it was delicious.

    We're going to our second Bulls game of our partial season tickets. I'm excited-- Steve is... well, he's Steve.

    I am getting ready to take Chuck Dio to the dealership in Fuquay. There's a leak around the dome light and it needs to be fixed. You'd think they would have done a water test on the damn thing before putting it on the market to sell, but whatever. So I'll be carless tomorrow. I guess that's good because I have to clean and then work on another page for Ayden's birthday book.

    I'm definitely enjoying being tracked out.

    Until next time...