Monday, October 26, 2009

My Trip to the Psychic

So while visiting my family in Michigan, my mom had mentioned to me that she and my Aunt Margie had gone to a psychic for a reading. Before we had even gone to MI, I had wanted to see about going to see a psychic while there.

The last psychic that I saw (Nancy Rose Gerler) had told me that I'd meet Steve, so I am definitely open to what they have to say. I wanted to see someone about family issues (the inability to get pregnant) and see what they saw for us.

Anyway, I was given a tape of the session, and today decided to take some notes on what Rachel (the psychic) had to say. First, we went to the Boston Tea Room and I had a 5:00 appointment. Steve was not happy about it... in fact, he practically threw a temper tantrum about me pissing away $40. Anyway...

Here's what she had to say (this is coming from my notes):
Palm Reading

  • I have a strong life line with upsweeping motions which indicate positive and good changes coming into play
  • I am currently at the first of two change lines which means that there are changes about to take place in the near future. The second change line shows that within the next year to year and a half, there will be additional changes in my life.
  • I have a split point in my life, at approximately age 48. This could mean menopause, or other health aspects.
  • My love line is strong with some fraying, which indicates that I am an emotional person and I need to be pulled back into check every once and a while. My emotions can easily get the best of me. SO TRUE!!!
  • My head line is balanced which indicates that I am smart and can handle several things on my plate at one time. I am seen as a valued individual at work.
  • I have a bit of a writer's line which means that journaling and writing helps me manage stress and tension. I also find peace and grow when I write and reflect on my thoughts. Absolutely!
  • I have a slight psychic cross which would indicate that I have some natural psychic ability. I should always trust my instincts and follow my intuition.
  • I have two marriage lines in my palm. Yes! At least I got it right the second time around!!
  • I also have the opportunity for two children with a third line that's thinner. The two children lines are deeper while the third is not as deep. It could represent a child that's non biological, lost opportunity due to birth control, or a miscarrage. I thought this was so very interesting!!
  • I have a spirit line that shows coming into my life in my 20s. I'll maintain a connection to this particular spirit through my 45 year.

After she read my palm, she did a tarot card reading. As she was laying out the cards, she made a loud "huh" noise of surprise, and said, "Are you in the military?" I told her that I wasn't, and she asked if I had a brother in uniform. Dave is a former Marine, and is a detective and used to wear a uniform as a police officer.

Then she got quiet and asked if I knew of a tall man named Paul or Pete. I shook my head no, and she said that there was a man in the room with a short P name. She said I was connected to him on a spiritual level. My grandfather was always known as "Pap" (my dad's dad).

Then she said my cards showed a lot of relationship aspects. She said that there will be new dynamics with my relationships in the next year.

She asked if I had been married for about three years. I said yes. She asked if his name started with an S. I said it was Steve. Then she said my husband has been struggling with something (stress) for nine months or the ninth month (September). She said there's an issue that he's going through and he's feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. She said it's a work issue (not me) and he's frustrated with other people. The fact that she knew we had been married for three years blew me away. Steve has been dealing with uncertainty at work for a while now.

She then said that I show good strength. My cards indicated that now to the next five months (March) there will be other opportunities with work. It will lead to a new beginning financially and will provide me with better strength and comfort. She said the downside to this is that it could be an inheartance and that's never good. There will be other options coming our way as a couple (as far as financial aspects go). I asked if the work opportunities could be for Steve and she said yes, that it could be for either of us.

Then there was a long pause. She looked a bit confused and asked, "Are you pregnant?" I said I wasn't and she asked if there was any chance that I could be. I said no. Then she said, "Does your husband have a little girl?" I said no and that we didn't have any kids. She said, "Why do I see a little girl around you?" I told her about LOG and she asked how old she was, I said that she was two months. Then she said, "There's an energy of a very small female child around you." She said it helps me draw upon my maternal aspects and my ability to conceive. Definitely weird that she asked if I was pregnant.

Then she said there was a June/Joanne/Joan J female providing me with spirituality and helping with pregnancy. She said it's a two syllable name and could be from my side or Steve's. This person crossed over in 1989. Can't think of anyone...

She asked if Steve or I was going back to school. Then asked if I was a fourth or fifth grade teacher. She said she saw me with older kids, but knew it was fourth or fifth graders. She asked if I had an issue with a male coworker. I said no. She asked if I had a principal that was a man that I had issues with. If not a man, a female with very strong masculine traits. She asked if I had a male boss. I said I did. She said he doesn't seem to get things accomplished and I do get along with him, but he drops the ball a lot and this causes me stress. Crazy that she knew I taught 4th grade AND the whole thing with my boss... nailed it on the head!

She said I was a leader at my school and there will be some changes coming within the next year and these changes will provide me a sense of comfort going into the next year. I am curious to see what this could be....

She then asked if I had any questions, and I said I was mostly interested in family and children issues. She asked if I meant starting my own family or current family members and I said both.

She said that the element of two is very strong in my cards. She asked if I had been to a fertility specialist yet. She also said my not getting pregnant was a result of timing issues. She said I was supposed to be married for three years before getting pregnant, and I'm at that point in my life and it'll happen any day now. Make way with a baby already!!

She said my first born child will be a female and she sees a lot of heightened female energy. She said we will be able to conceive on our own and we will definitely be expanding our family into the new year for sure. She said I could become pregnant soon and asked again if there was any chance of me currently being pregnant. Then she said that as far as the adoption goes, it'll take about three months for things to really get rolling, so if we start in November, we'll know something by the end of January. We shall see!

She said the timing issue has been held up for whatever reason-- and it was not meant to happen right away in my marriage.

Then she asked if there was a Scott in my family. SO WEIRD to name him outright! I said he was my twin brother and she said we were very close spiritually. She asked if he's the one that just had the baby and if he wore the uniform. I said that Dave wore the uniform and she said he needs to be careful driving or where he parks. Something to do with his car and he should just be aware of his surroundings.

Then there was another long pause.

She said, "You said Scott's child is two months old?" I said yes and she said, "And you're sure you're not already pregnant?" She said it was showing Scott having his baby and then a very short period of time, no more than a few months, and then my ability to conceive. She asked if there was any way that I could be pregnant again and said it was so strange to keep seeing me pregnant if I wasn't. I'd like to know why she's seeing me pregnant too!!

She said Scott and his wife (fiance) need to work on communication. She said that he can be argumentative at times and they need to be on the same page with things when dealing with their family. She said they're good for each other, but need to work on the communication if they're going to have a lifetime commitment to each other.

She asked if Steve has been to the doctor for fertility issues. She said she doesn't see either of us having medical reasons for not getting pregnant. It could be stress/timing issues. She said it could also be our home isn't condusive to conceiving and she suggested that we have sex while in Michigan. LOL :)

She said that Steve has some major decisions coming his way and that he makes decisions all day long. He said he has major changes coming at work and he should already know them, but for whatever reason he's been bypassed on the info. She said he'll have different people that he'll be working with/for and new responsibilities. She then said he'll have new networking and business relationships. So very interesting... I'll keep you posted on what we find out!

She said that our sleeping patterns need to be worked on-- one of us is going to bed earlier than the other, and the disharmony isn't good for us. So true!

Rachel said that I picked an excellent person for me and that Steve isn't easily pushed over, but he isn't controlling either. She said we balance each other and he's a good fit. He helps me with my emotions and suits me well. She said we work well as a team and he keeps me grounded and we have the ying-yang balance worked out perfectly. I agree!

Then she said there's spirituality arouhd the whole family and we all have spirits, but I have several spirits acting as spirit guides/guardians.

She said I have an elderly female-- with white hair that's my strongest guide right now. She said this person really loved me as a little kid, and asked if I had any elderly relatives that passed in my twenties. I said both grandmas, and she said she wasn't sure which grandma it was, but it was the short one (not the tall one) and she was really cute-- short and had white hair. She said I have a musical connection with her and she was an interesting woman. My Grandma Ghrist... and we're connected by music. I hear the Beatles and think of her immediately!

She said that since both grandmothers passed, Scott's first-born was a female and my first-born will be female and while they're not reincarnations of the grandmas, they would be a soul replacement and our children would be connected spiritually to the grandmas either by namesake, or other means. LOG is named after my Grandma Ghrist and I plan on my first born being named Coven Lillian, named after my Grandma Ghrist.

That was the end of my session... I was blown away.

Until next time...



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Cathy, Aren't you funny! Aunt Margie and I are going to see Nancy Rose some day next week. I'll let you know what she says! Love you, Mom

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