Monday, December 31, 2012

ICPC Stinks

So we had a glimmer of hope that today would be our final day in NC and we'd get ICPC clearance to go home to GA. It's now 5:08pm and the window of opportunity is officially gone and I'm bummed.

We have approval from NC to leave the state, but GA still needs to review the documents and agree to let us return. Our attorney's office in GA said the ICPC office was open today, but closed tomorrow... So now the soonest that we can go home is Wednesday.

I'm totally disappointed because I'm just ready to be home and thought it'd be awesome to start 2013 in my home with my family, but that's not going to happen. :-(

Here are some pics that I've taken the past few days of Hugh, Gus, and my parents.

Yesterday, we drove to Wrightsville Beach to have dinner at our most favorite place in NC... The Oceanic. It was delicious.

I'm still recovering from a stomach bug. Saturday night/Sunday, I was up throwing up and was super ill, and I'm still not feeling 100%, though I'm not puking anymore, so that's a win. I guess having another full day here will help with me feeling better on the six hour drive home.

See you in 2013!!

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