Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Date Night!

The birthday boy

On Saturday night, Steve and I went out on our first (of hopefully many) date night. The last one that we went on was so long ago I can't remember, and it was well before Hugh.

Steve asked our neighbor that pet sits for us, and she was excited to come over and watch the boys. We decided to have he come around 5ish and then she'd only have a little over an hour with the boys before bed at 6:30.

We went to Longhorn for dinner and it was AWESOME. I mean, to just sit and relax and talk and focus on each other was incredible. Something that you forget about when one of you is feeding a baby and the other is wrangling the preschooler. 

We had firecracker chicken roll ups for an appetizer (part of their two for $40 deal) and then I had their warm bree salad and it was frigging delicious! Steve just had a regular side salad. Then we each had filets and we were able to get a free sundae to share for his birthday. It was so great.

There are a few movies out now that we had wanted to see, but they're "fluff" movies and I figured if we're going to see something in a theater, it needs to be something good that we can't watch with the boys and can't spend several days trying to watch. We chose The Wolf of Wall Street.

First of all, I love Leo. Always have, always will. He did NOT disappoint in this movie. In fact, he was outstanding.

The movie was three hours long and moved so quickly that we didn't realize that it had been three hours. It was non-stop interesting and had us hooked. 

There's a LOT of nudity and drug use, and a lot of swearing, but it was such an interesting and honestly, quite funny a lot of the time. I highly recommend it!!

It was so nice to hold my husband's hand during the movie and to snuggle and enjoy a movie together. It reminded me of our days before children. We love movies and would go weekly to see a movie. It was nice.

Our movie was at 7pm and I was reminded instantly that I haven't been out at 7pm on a Saturday in ages. The theater was busy and there were people everywhere! It was so crazy! We must be the only people in the area that don't get out (EVER). LOL

After our movie, we headed home (it was after 10). When we walked into the house, the living room was clean. Our sitter cleaned up and it was so sweet.

When we came in, she was up in Hugh's room and brought him downstairs. He was hungry, so she was going to feed him. He was so excited to see us and I was excited to steal some snuggles before putting him back to sleep. She said the boys were good and went down without any problems.

It was such a great night. We've decided to try to do a date night every month. I think it's a great idea and I really look forward to our date in March!!