Saturday, November 05, 2011

Day 309

We are beat! We got up, had breakfast, then met Rick for our trip.

We got on the road at 9:30 and arrived at our first house... Fox Grape Lane. This was one of my top two houses and I was so eager to see it.

Unfortunately, it was just okay. The kitchen was the best part, but that's about it. The basement was okay... But we hated the paneling. It had a VERY small backyard too. We gave it a seven out of ten.

Then we hit like four houses that were all 4s and one was a 0. I was getting disappointed and worried.

Then we went to Amberleigh away... Not one that I expected to like, but holy smokes!! We gave it a solid ten!!

This house was simply amazing and was on a two acre lot. There's a creek running through the middle of the property- so beautiful and rustic!

We went to McDonald's for lunch and Gus got to play for a bit.

Then we saw the last few and they were like sevens and eights... Until the last house of the day. It was another ten!! I don't have an exterior pic, so these are some of my favorite features of the house:

Mahogany door-- so pretty

Media room in the basement

View of the livingroom into the foyer

Incredible closet in the master

So today was Johns Creek and Alpharetta and tomorrow we have Marietta and Roswell.

Here are some pictures of Gus from today:

We got home and Steve went and got us carry out... I had nachos and a southern taco: BBQ sauce, fried pickles, fried chicken, Sautéed onions and cheese-- it was so good!!

Gus did so well today- no nap and in and out of the car and he was a champ. I'm praying that tomorrow goes as well and should be better because we're only seeing five houses.

Off to bed-- nite!

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Friday, November 04, 2011

Day 308

We made it to Atlanta!! What a day!

We got on the road at 8:45, stopped for gas and I grabbed breakfast and we were headed south by 9:00.

Gus was delighted to have the DVD player on with multiple episodes of MMCH for his entertainment.

We drove to Gaffney, SC and stopped at CFA for lunch. I wanted a place that was mom/kid-friendly and we were eager to get into the play area as soon as we were finished eating.

Gus played for about thirty minutes and was ready to get back in the car.

The drive was GORGEOUS! The fall colors were at peak color and the cotton was bloomed-- I was tempted to pull over and take some pictures (I didn't though).

Gus napped for about an hour and woke up in a fabulous mood. For being alone in the back for such a long time, he did an incredible job!

Here's something fun that I saw after we were in GA on I-85:

It had to be a NASCAR driver's truck based on the NASCAR logo all over-- isn't it awesome?!?!?

We arrived in Buckhead at 4:00... The traffic just outside the area was CRAZY!!! It was surreal seeing exits for cities that I've been seeing online while searching for houses.

We met Steve and he was so happy to see us! Gus was happy too!! We went inside and got to meet a TON of Steve's co-workers.

I had a massive headache and looked like ass, but I'm hoping they understood that I had just spent seven hours in a car...

Anyway- what a NICE (and VERY young) group of people! They were super excited to meet Gus and loved him!

Eryn (Steve's recruiter) had cupcakes delivered to W50 this morning to celebrate Steve's first week! It's the first time that's been done for someone, so naturally, Steve was a rock star!! :-)

After that we headed to the hotel, unloaded the car, and checked Yelp for somewhere local to eat.

We picked the Buckhead Diner and made 6:00 reservations. Based on the pictures and reviews I wasn't sure what to expect. The white chocolate banana cream pie is what convinced us to try it out.

Blue Cheese Chips

It was WAY fancier than I anticipated, and a $75 dinner with us splitting a steak to make room for dessert. It was delicious though... I can't complain!

My 1/2 NY Strip and twice baked asiaggo cheese potatoes

Gus's gourmet grilled cheese and Mac-n-cheese that Steve said reminded him exactly of his grandma's recipe

The white chocolate banana cream pie sooooooo worth the dinner!

We are now ready for bed and shopping tomorrow! Wish us luck!

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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Day 307

November 3rd, 2010

November 3rd, 2011

Whew... what a day!!

I knew that today was going to be exhausting, but I didn't know HOW exhausted I'd be at the end! I am beat! Here are pictures from this morning:

Throwing a fit (isn't he cute???)

He couldn't help but smile at me  :)


At Applebee's (you can see he's super tired already)

This morning we got up and had breakfast, played, and listened to music. Wendy texted me to see what we were doing for lunch and I told her I wasn't sure, but I had to run to Fuquay-Varina to hit the bank and Wal-Mart. She said she wanted to come and we'd grab lunch while out.

We headed to Applebee's... yummmmm. I got my Oriental Chicken Salad fix... it was heaven! Gus had some applesauce and a corndog. After lunch, we headed to Wal-Mart and I was able to get all the things that I needed to get.

While at WM, I left to go use the bathroom and when I came out of the bathroom, I could actually hear Gus crying (in the middle of the store). I found him and he was absolutely inconsolable. I thought it'd just be easier for him to stay with Wendy so I could run to the bathroom (Who doesn't appreciate a little alone time every now and then in the bathroom right??), but it was like I abandoned him. He flipped out and I had to hold him and carry him for quite some time to get him to calm down.  :-(

We left WM and I headed to Wells Fargo to deposit Steve's paycheck. As we were driving home, Gus was crying again... this time it was because he was so tired. He didn't do a morning nap today... so by 2:00 he was DONE.

I had to stop over at a mom's house from MOMS Club to drop off a white t-shirt and some money for her to make Gus a shirt. I'm eager to see what it looks like when she's done with it!!

We got home and I dropped Wendy off and headed inside with Gus. I changed him and then we went to the stairs to head up, but he was too tired to make it on his own. I had to carry his poor, tired little body. When I finally put him down, he fell asleep almost instantly.


While he napped, I cleaned the kitchen, unloaded the dishwasher, cleaned out the fridge, emptied all the garbages, packed Gus, and then organized my house-hunting binder.

Then Gus was up, so we headed downstairs. He slept from 2:30-5:45 and it was wonderful. It kinda stinks to go to one nap, but man, it was a nice long stretch of time that I was able to get a ton done!!

We watched The Wonder Pets (sooooo cute) while having dinner and then I tried to get other things organized for tomorrow. It was time for bed, so we came upstairs and I needed to clean the playroom. 

We cleaned it up and then we played with the blocks for the 30-Day Challenge. Today's challenge was to build with blocks. It was fun!

I put Gus to bed and then packed myself, loaded up the car with all our stuff, hooked up the DVD player and my GPS, added new songs to iTunes and synced my phone, and then talked to Steve. 

I'm 99% packed. All I need is Gus, his loveys and blanket, our pillows, my phone, a light jacket for Gus and to turn off the heat and we'll be ready to roll! I'll need to stop for gas in the morning too.

I was able to pre-load the trip to Atlanta into the GPS and it said it was only going to take 5 hours and 45 minutes. This is more than an hour different (shorter) than what Google maps said. Hmmmmm... we'll see. I'll be happy if it's an hour less in the car!!

Anyway- I should get going. I'm going to blog from my phone over the next few days... should be just as good. 

On a final note-- Rick did NOT email me his notes tonight (quite disappointing). He said yesterday morning that he was working on them and would have them for me today. I stressed how important it was to me to get them before we left, so I'd have time to review the houses and the notes before preparing my binder... :-(   

See you tomorrow from Atlanta!! YEEEEEEE HAWWWWW!!!