Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Day 306

November 2nd, 2010

November 2nd, 2011

Today was an okay day. Gus slept until about 8 or so which gave me time to get in the shower and actually relax and not stress about rushing.

We were supposed to go to Kristen's for a Fab Five playdate, but something told me to check my Facebook, and I'm glad I did (I don't usually in the morning). Kristen had sent a message to me and Lacey saying that Grace had thrown up in the middle of the night and for us not to come over.

I asked Lacey if she wanted to still get together, but she said she wanted a rain check. Hmmmm... what to do?

We went downstairs and had breakfast and then I checked my email (on my phone) and saw that the 30-Day Challenge had posted day two's challenge. It was to build a fort (see Day 2 blog post for pics and info from our morning).

So we built a fort... it lasted for like five minutes and then Gus wore the sheet around the house.
Happiness is Gus sitting in my lap <3

The fort

Reading about snowmen

He loves the sheet wrapped around him like a cape!!

He had the sippy and the broom while being wrapped...

Tangled in the sheet and his dino rider

All straightened out...

 Gus took two naps today. Both were about two hours long... the second one, he got up right around 6:45 and I couldn't just turn around and put him to bed, so instead we had a later dinner, stayed up and watched Survivor (he played while I watched) and then it was bath time. He went to bed at like 9:30 and at 10:00 I could still hear him. I'm PRAYING that he sleeps until like 10 tomorrow... we'll see.

My new GPS came and I'm in the process of updating the maps on it. I need it to be ready for Friday morning!

Playing with his blocks while I watched Survivor

I talked to Rick (our realtor) and was so pleased with the conversation. He said he went out yesterday and saw a bunch of homes on our list. He said they were all nice and we'd be pleased with them. He took notes and will share the list tomorrow after he heads out one more time for a few more homes.

He said that one of the houses was off the market (just went off) but he was able to get the sellers to keep it on for another week so we could come and see it. Then another house, there was a mom with her two-year-old and she and Rick talked and she was excited to hear that we had a toddler and were interested in the house. She said the neighborhood is full of young families and everyone is really friendly and it's kid-friendly. 

We're trying to narrow down our list to like 10 houses. He said to plan on five on Saturday and five on Sunday and then if needed, he and I can go out during the week while Steve's working and see others. The top houses are what we'll see first. 

I'm getting excited and anxious. Mainly for the drive... but also to see where we'll be living. So far it's all been through online searches, and I'm praying that we find THE house and it jumps out at us as THE HOUSE. God will guide us through this process... I have faith.

We're going to try and coordinate something with Michelle (she is an AGD and was my student teacher back in 2007) while we're there. I'm excited to see her and the baby bump that she's sporting. She told me (I think I was the first non-family person that she told) that she was pregnant and I was ecstatic for her!! I'm excited to be moving to the area and be closer to her!!

Anyway-- I talked to Steve twice today. Once through Face Time (yay) and the other just on the phone. He told me about his day and how different it is to work there than at Burt's. He said it's way more laid-back, slower, and less stressful. He had a nice leisurely lunch with his co-workers today-- something he hasn't done at Burt's in a LONG time. He's happy so far... and I'm happy for him.

It's been WEIRD without the dogs around today. Kinda quiet... but so much less stressful. I didn't have to worry about letting them out/in, what they were into, what they were chewing on, where they were... it was just nice. But also, I missed them. I can't imagine our home without them.

On that note... I'm off for bed. See you tomorrow!! I'm cleaning and packing all day... should be fun (NOT)!


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