Monday, June 11, 2012

MOMS Club Tour of Bobby G's

Ready to start the tour!

I planned/organized a tour of a local restaurant for my MOMS Club. I had been looking for events for us to do, and saw a list of local restaurants on the "Taste of Alpharetta" website. Among the many was one that caught my eye. Bobby G's Authentic Chicago Pizzeria. I looked at their website and thought it sounded so awesome. I immediately sent the owner (Bobby G) an email asking about tours. He replied soon after and said that they had never had a group come for a tour, but he was interested in having us. We must have emailed four times and then he sent me to his kitchen manager, Kevin, to work out the details. This was back in April.

So the big day arrived and there were ten moms and TWENTY-ONE kids!!! It was such a great turn out! We met in their outdoor party room and gathered and then Bobby and Kevin came out and introduced themselves to our group. They explained how it came to be, why they created it (Bobby and Kevin-- and many employees-- are from Chicago). Then we took a tour of the inside and the kitchen.
The inside is decked out with Chicago sports, politics, and famous people

The kitchen area

Once we got back in the kitchen, Kevin asked for a volunteer. NO ONE raised their hands, so I did. Kevin was delighted and led me to the hotdog station (whoo hoo). He explained the history behind the Chicago-Style dog, and the term "raking it through the garden." Then I got to eat it!

Now that's what I call a hotdog!

I had never tasted a Chicago-Style hotdog before. The only part that I didn't like was the peppers. The pickle and tomato gave it a nice crunch and the celery salt was the perfect addition. I'd definitely eat one again!! Gus and I enjoyed sharing this one (he liked it too).

Then we were shown the fridge and prep area and then the kids washed their hands and got to create four pizzas!! They took turns and had a great time (Gus had more fun eating the toppings).

The original plan was for the kids to make a pizza, and all the drinks for everyone would be free. Then anything that the moms ordered for lunch would be 50% off. When the kids were done with the pizzas, Bobby said, "How about you guys go out and relax and we'll send out some salads and you have have something to drink while you wait." So we headed out, moms got drinks for the kids, and Bobby G's provided the kids with crayons and a coloring sheet.
Gus and Aubree coloring together

Everyone getting ready for lunch

Gus was enjoying his punch  :-)

Then the pizzas arrived and there were four that the kids made, plus two thin-crust pizzas!!! It was a LOT of food. I went inside and asked about the moms being able to order lunch and Bobby told me that as long as everyone wanted pizza, it was on the house.

I was shocked.

So everyone had a GREAT lunch and stuffed ourselves with salad, soda, and the most delicious pizza that I've had since moving to Georgia.
So excited to see the pizza arrive!

It was soooo yummy!
Gus and Aubree

While we were enjoying lunch, Kevin and Bobby came out again to thank us for coming and then, to top it all off, Bobby gave each mom a $10 gift card and said it's for us to come back and use with our husbands!! I couldn't believe it!!

It was an exceptional day and we had a great time!! I took home a lot of pizza and it's what we had for dinner tonight. Steve was more than thrilled at how good it was and we'll for sure be going back to Bobby G's in the future!!