Saturday, January 24, 2015

Great Wolf Lodge (November 2014)

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We found out that we were not going to have anyone coming down to see us for Thanksgiving, and when we looked at the finances, we weren't going to be able to afford to go north either. We decided to see about a three day package at Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte (three hours from us). A friend from FB shared a code with me for 40% off and a $30 credit to be used once you check-in. We went ahead and booked the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of Gus's Thanksgiving break.

Talk about a GOOD TIME!!! I got the family meal plan and then I ordered the Pup Pass for Gus (it gave him ice cream, a snack, a stuffed animal that he could build (like BAB), a t-shirt/pillow case, and then some goggles and a glitter tattoo and some candy). All together the trip was less than $500 and I was able to pay for it with my income from Jamberry, so it was really nice.

Here are some of our pictures-- I didn't take my phone to the pool because I was swimming and didn't want to worry about it getting stolen/damaged. The one day I went to get our pizza for dinner and grabbed my phone when I grabbed our dining passes.

The place looked gorgeous for Christmas. Gus was super excited to go swimming, so we checking in and hit the pool!

We had pizza for dinner on our first night and then got up on Tuesday and spent the whole day swimming. We came back to the room so Hugh could nap, but that didn't exactly go as planned. We got the boys MagiQuest wands and they loved walking around and using their wands to perform magical moves.  :-)

Naps were not happening

Let's do some MagiQuest!

Gus making his stuffed animal (he picked a squirrel)

All that swimming and running around-- he crashed

We decided to go to Carabbas for dinner instead of eating at GWL because it was much cheaper, and just around the corner from the resort. After dinner we swam a little more and then went to bed. The boys crashed.

Our last day was a quick one, as we needed to head home to beat the Thanksgiving traffic. We stayed for a few hours and then on our way home, we stopped in downtown Charlotte to meet Tash for lunch (she used to work with Steve at Burt's Bees). It was such a wonderful trip and three days was the perfect amount of time to spend there!! We can't wait to go back!!

Gus and the slide

Big boy Hugh coming down the slide by himself!

Gus refused to take a picture with us

Getting his glitter tattoo

He wanted purple hearts

Sooooooo tired

This is how monsterous this place is

A stock photo of the inside

Here are some fun videos:

MagiQuest video:

Double Water Slide video:

Kiddie Pool Water Slide video: