Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Clifford and More!

The past two days have been full of fun, firsts, and fevers.

When we got home on Monday, after swimming, Gus started acting "off." He even asked for a nap, which is HIGHLY unusual. When he woke up, he had a REALLY high fever. I gave him some medicine to bring it down, and it did, but he wouldn't eat anything.

When he went to bed Monday night, he seemed to be feeling better. We were excited for our morning plans of heading to Chuck E. Cheese with some friends. 

We got up on Tuesday and he was feeling better, had more color in his face, and seemed like his usual self. Our cleaning people were in the livingroom cleaning and we hung out on my bed and watched Mickey.

We ended up not going to Chuck E. Cheese,. but we decided to go see a movie instead. This was our first time ever going to see a movie and I wasn't sure how Gus would do. It was $1 to get in, so I figured if he didn't like it, we weren't out much.
He wasn't sure about it when we first got there

Hugh was okay as long as he could see me (I tired facing him toward the screen and he started crying)

Our movie was Clifford

He started to enjoy himself when the previews started

Totally enjoyed watching the movie too!

He fell asleep with twenty minutes left in the movie

We came home and Gus started acting sleepy again. He went up for a nap without a fight. He had not had much to eat all day, despite getting him chicken, fruit, and popcorn at the movies.

Just before his nap

Steve came home and we had family time before dinner.

Pushing against Steve to scoot across the room!

After Gus's nap yesterday, he woke up with another HIGH fever. We called the nurse line through our insurance and she told Steve to keep giving him meds, keep him hydrated, and watch for seizures and odd behavior. Gus was willing to drink, but not eat, so Steve went and got him some Pedialyte.

This morning, Gus was still feverish, but it came down with Tylenol. He had Pedialyte off and on all day, but didn't really eat anything. We skipped swimming today.

Hugh absolutely ADORES Gus

Hugh took a nap, and Gus was playing quietly. At about noon, I looked over to where Gus was laying on the couch and he was sleeping. Had probably been out for a while and I just didn't notice because he had been watching a cartoon on his iPad.

When he woke from his nap, he was hot again so I called our pediatrician to see about getting him in this afternoon. Steve came home early so he could take Gus and I could stay home with Hugh.

This afternoon, Hugh tried carrots again and this time really seemed to like it and started to understand that eating solids can be fun!

Steve got back with Gus and we learned that he has an ear infection. So we have antibiotics to help treat it. His fever was gone tonight and he was pretty active once the meds started to kick in.

I ordered Gus some new undies (Thomas and Friends) and he was very excited to open them!

I'm hoping that tomorrow is an uneventful day of rest.