Monday, June 10, 2013

He's A Fish!!

It's amazing the difference that a week can make. Last Monday was Gus's first swim class and he was super scared of the water, crying, and just not happy. Once he got used to things he was okay... but they still had to stay on top of him and watch him closely.

Today was totally different. He was excited to go to swimming this morning and gladly put on his swim diaper and shorts. When we arrived at Dynamo, he was super excited to go over and sit in the water and wait for class to start. It was like a night and day difference.

He even jumped in the water and went under!!! I was so proud of him today and he was so proud of himself!! Some of the other moms noticed too and were commenting on what a great job he was doing. I also found out that he's the youngest in his group. The rest are all four turning five (the class is for 3-5) so he is smaller than the others and younger than the rest too.

Waiting for class to start

Patiently waiting his turn on the steps

Go Gussy Go!!

Climbing the walls... as they sing the "chuga chuga chuga chuga choo choo" song

Practicing how to get out of the pool

Getting ready to jump in

He jumped and went under!!

After they jump in, they have to lie all the way back...

He did it!!

He was excited to watch this little boy jump in and then Gus clapped after he jumped

On his back again!!

They practice blowing bubbles with their faces into the water... Gus isn't quite ready for that

Overall, I'm so excited that he's taking lessons. He's not able to swim in his own at this point, but he's not afraid of the water and is gaining confidence and will get there. I'm really glad we decided to do swimming this summer!!


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