Saturday, August 06, 2011

Day 218

August 6th, 2010

August 6th, 2011

This morning I slept in and it was GREAT! I had two C4 orders to fill last night and I was up late doing them. I had breakfast and then headed to the post office and then on to get my hair done. Here are two pictures...
In the chair while Shannon mixed my color...

Taken by Steve tonight :)

It had been over nine months since I got my hair done/cut. I had a Groupon so I only had to pay a tip which was nice. I am so happy with the color and I always love it when my hair is straightened... something I can't do myself and it looks nice when it's done. I will have tomorrow with it and then that's it... I'll wash it on Monday and it'll be back to curly.

We had dinner with the Dudding family tonight at Mamma Mia's and it was nice. I always enjoy their company... Francis wasn't feeling well, so dinner was cut short. I ordered the special (Should NOT have)... it was shrimp parm and I should have just gone with my gut... I was expecting it to taste like chicken parm, and instead there was a shrimp fishiness... it just wasn't good at all. We stopped at Pelican's and got Fruity Pebble sno balls for dessert. Here are pics from dinner:

They gave Gus a Buzz Lightyear GIANT mug!!! He loved it!

We got home and I took a few pictures of Gus before bed:
Grabbing the ice cubes that Steve dropped

Steve was helping him pick them up

Flirty boy

Gentle with Purry LOL

Today Steve found out that one of his co-workers (Paco), lost his wife last night. She was in her early 40s... and they have a 3rd grader and a 5th grader. He's now a single dad raising two kids. It came as a complete shock to Steve and rumbled his core. He and I talked about it on the way to dinner and both of us got choked up... it's horrific and very very sad. Our prayers and thoughts are being sent to God to take care of Paco, his children, and all of their family. She had recently had a brain issue and they thought they got it before it exploded... and she was on experimental treatment at Duke and of three people that had received it... two were dead. She now joins them. Anyway-- very sad...

Anyway- on a different note... today I worked on my classes a bit. It's all typing basics and a little boring, but Steve thinks it's a good idea to just give it 100% and maybe I'll actually learn to type the way that you're supposed to. I do a great job of typing, but I don't keep my fingers on the "home row" like you're supposed to... we'll see.

I got a FB message from Sharon and C and we're organizing the birth family gathering. We'll be going to Sharon's cottage on the island, and it should be fun. I think Gus will have a great time!!

Here are pics from a year ago:

I'm off to study...

Friday, August 05, 2011

Day 217

August 5th, 2010

August 5th, 2011

Today is Friday, and that means that Suzanne came to clean the house! YAY!! Gus was still sleeping when I woke up this morning, so I decided to take advantage and hop in the shower while I had time. Just as I was done, he woke up, so the timing was pretty perfect.

He and I headed downstairs and had breakfast. Suzanne arrived and we played downstairs while she cleaned upstairs. Here are some pictures from this morning:
Gus LOVES his telephone

Deep in thought

Playing with his elephant

I took him up for his morning nap around 10:45 and he fell asleep right away. 

While Gus napped, I logged into Career Step and decided to finish the module that I couldn't finish last night. It was a HUGE unit... there were like 60 pages and I started at 7:00 last night and when I got to 11:00... I was only 80% done. I decided to stop while I was at a new section before trying to complete the remaining 20% and unit test.

I was able to finish the unit and take the unit test... I was really nervous about it, but I scored a 100% on it!!! Woot! Woot!! :)

I was able to start the next module, which is all about the keyboard. I did a practice typing game and it said my WPM was like 49.9 (not good), but when I took three different speed tests, my average WPM was 80 (which technically, because I scored an 80 or above, I can opt out of the module). I decided to do the module and get more practice... it can't hurt!!

Gus woke up and that was the end of my studies for today. 

We headed downstairs and played for the afternoon:
He loves to put blankets/towels on his head and walk around!

Thinking about what to do next...

Steve got home and I had just put Gus down for his afternoon nap. He slept for almost two hours and woke up in a FABULOUS mood! He was hungry, but SOOOOO happy! :D

Here are some pictures from a year ago:
Me and Gus at the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher

Baby Gus and the gator... too close for comfort!!

WHOO HOOO!!! Putting his feet in the Atlantic Ocean for the very first time!!

Passed out in the beach cabana that Aimee and Matt let us borrow

Happy while we had dinner at The Oceanic

Me and Gus at the Oceanic

It's crazy to think that it's been a year since I last saw Aimee! I miss her so much! We had hoped to see her when we went to MI in February, but the timing was bad... and then we went back in April, but we weren't able to see anyone other than family because we were only there for the weekend. We're going to see them for sure this trip at the end of the month!!

Today I completed two Cat's Custom Classroom Creations orders that I got... I'll put them in the mail tomorrow on my way to get my hair done. I'm getting it cut and colored... should be fun!! I haven't seen Shannon (my hair girl) for MONTHS!!

I'll be sure to post pictures in tomorrow's blog... we've got dinner plans with the Dudding family tomorrow and I can't wait!!
See you tomorrow!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Day 216

August 4th, 2010

August 4th, 2011

This morning I had considered going grocery shopping, but Gus was in a mood so I decided to put it off until after his morning nap. Here are some pictures of Gus and Purry from this morning:

While he napped, I considered going onto Career Step and doing more hours, but I wanted to get our family website updated with pictures. We are now current up to August. I'm so glad I take the time to re-size pictures as I take them and I have separate folders that I named "For Website" that I can just copy the re-sized pics and paste them into the Walker Website images folder. Sounds more complicated than it actually is.

Here are some pictures from grocery shopping:

Funny thing happened while we were grocery shopping. So I grabbed two bags of Great Value (Wal-Mart brand) French fried onions... and somehow Gus managed to grab one of them and it was on his lap while we shopped. I didn't think much of it. So we get to the check out and (mind you- the entire time we shopped I was smelling fried onions) I put the one bag on the belt and I'm looking for the other one. I assumed that I forgot to grab a second bag, and I went about my business of unloading the cart. Then I go to grab my wallet (I keep it in the pocket at the front of the cart)... and I see the bag sitting in Gus's lap. He had opened the bottom of the bag (must have poked it) and had been eating the fried onions while we shopped!!! 

So... we came home and had lunch and the Gus played with the new stacking rings that I got him.

I got a text from my dad asking if I wanted this easel that he picked up for me (for free):
It's plexiglass and exactly like the one that I wanted! We are also taking the two chairs. :)

I got some great news about Will and Adri!! They met an expectant mother today and are officially matched with her! She's due in about a month with a little girl!!! So if all goes well, they'll be parents in about a month!!! We are so excited for them and cannot wait to see them as parents! They'll be incredible and their baby will be so lucky! It made me think about the excitement and nerves that we felt when we found out about Gus! We are so blessed and lucky to have him in our lives! Thank God his birth parents chose us and trusted in themselves to make a decision that was the best for them and the best for him. :)

I've been working on my program tonight since 7 and this section is about computers. I read this stuff and for the most part I'm like, "DUH!!" but then they give a quiz and purposely add extra multiple choice letters-- stumped me and I put e thinking it was the next letter available, and there was no e it was f. Then I missed a few from spelling mistakes... I spelled compact disc as compact disk... and got it wrong. It's the little mistakes that piss me off. Like really? Test the content knowledge not the damn mechanics!!

Anyway-- I need to get back to my studies. My goal is to complete this unit tonight and I'm 50% of the way through it. It's a BIG one and I'll have to take a unit test at the end... I hope I do well on it!!

Here are some pictures from a year ago:


Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Day 215

August 3rd, 2010

August 3rd, 2011

I have about five minutes to spend on this blog and then I have to hit the books! That's right! I started my classes today for Medical Transcription! So far, I REALLY like it and I am interested in what I'm reading/learning. I was worried that I'd hate it or that it'd be super hard to focus because of being too dry, but so far it's great!

I took my first (of many) test and I got a 100% on it! :)

This morning, Gus and I got up and then we headed out the door so we could get to mass before 9am. We arrived around 8:55 and I decided that since I was alone, I'd do the cry room and let him roam around if he wanted. It was a good call on my part because he was extra squirmy today!!! Here are some pictures before mass began:
Sitting in the big-kid seats all by himself!

Climbing onto the adult seats...

So proud of himself...

After mass, we headed home. Here's the temperature at 9:40 this morning:

We got home and had a snack, and I took several pictures:

Gus even went down the slide on his butt today!!!
He usually goes down on his belly, but today he was feeling daring and decided to try going down on his bottom-- I think it's because Oliver was here last week and he went down on his bottom...  ;)

I was able to do 1:32 of my program during nap time... and now I'm ready to hit the books until 11 or so. I have a goal of 25-30 hours a week... but the more I can do, the sooner I finish, and the more time off I have before the second part begins! PLUS... I'll be missing time when we're on vacation, so I've got to get as much in before we go as I can!!

Here are a few pictures from a year ago:
He loved to be swaddled!!


Must have been thinking about me!  ;)

Not such a happy camper...

See you tomorrow!