Saturday, February 19, 2011

Days 49 & 50

Yesterday we didn't go anywhere, and my SIL Christie came over with my nephew Alex and my niece Lily. We had a great day with them and I enjoyed taking lots of pictures of Alex, Lily, and Gus playing together. Gus absolutely LOVES his cousin Alex!! My mom made her famous spaghetti for dinner. It was soooo yummy!

Alex kissing Charlie

My FAVORITE picture!!!!

Then today we met my cousin Jessica for lunch and also met up with Gus's birth Great Aunt Sharon and her family (Gus's second cousins). We went back to their place for some fun. They gave Gus this GIGANTIC stuffed frog and he LOVED it! It's not a pillow pet... it's a BED pet!
Gus and his froggy bed pet

He looks tiny on the GINORMOUS frog!

Gus and his Great Aunt Sharon :)

Gus and my cousin Jessica (also his God Mother)

The Conlen Family (Gus's birth mom's aunt, uncle, and cousins)

Gus and his second cousin Madelyn
We came home for a brief minute and then we met Scott, Christie, Alex, Lily, and Christie's mom and husband at Buddy's Pizza (one of our favorite places to go). We had a nice dinner with everyone. Scott had to work a double so we didn't get to see him. :(

After dinner we headed to Wal-Mart to get some ice cream and more formula for Gus. He had a rough night and Steve had to snuggle with him to get him to fall asleep. Tomorrow we're meeting Gus's birth mom's family for some fun at Jungle Java and my friend Anne. I can't wait to see Anne!!
See you tomorrow!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 48

We had a great day today! Gus slept until about 8:30 and then we came downstairs to play for a bit. We ended up going out for some shopping around 11:30 and went to Big Boy's for lunch. Let me say that I absolutely LOVE Big Boy's and NEVER get to have it because we don't have any in NC. Steve HATES it, but will appease me and go. I thought our visit was delicious today!

After hitting BB for lunch, we went to Target and then Meijer (which we don't have in NC and I wish we did). We got some groceries for the week and then we hit up a 7-11 so I could get a much-longed for Slurpee. :) "Oh thank heaven..."

We got back to my parent's place and had about an hour before we had to head out to Jungle Java. As the clock approached 4:45, I got more and more nervous, and then when we got to JJ (right around 5:15) my stomach was in knots. I was extremely nervous and praying that the visit would go well.

Anyone who has an open adoption can appreciate the nervousness and anticipation when meeting the birth family for the first time after the adoption. I thought it could go one of two ways. Either it'd go extremely well (unlikely) or there'd be something that would upset me and the whole thing would become awash. Steve thought they'd be late... turns out WE were the late ones.

It was an incredible first visit. Gus was in a great mood due to a nap in the car on the way. My parents came with us to provide additional support and I am so thankful that they were there. Not only for the support, but so they could witness everything and give their perspective afterward.

Gus has three aunts on his birth father's side. L is the oldest (20), then D (16) and B (14). They were all there and it was wonderful because we only saw D at the baptism and the circumstances were less than desirable. His birth father, H was there as well and then so were H's mom L and dad C. For the most part, L and D were the ones who held Gus and then his birth grandma, L held him for a bit too. They seemed so happy to be near him and it was beautiful to bring our families together and see so many who love our little man.

They gave him a stuffed panda pillow pet, and then H wanted him to have a giraffe because giraffe's are tall, and he's tall (6'6).

We went into the baby play area and Gus had a blast. He was so happy and squealing with delight. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the meeting:
Gus and his birth Aunt D

Birth Aunt B

Gus and his birth aunts

Gus and his birth father H

I wonder what H was thinking as he looked at and held Gus...

Birth Aunt L, Gus, and H

Fun with birth Aunt D

Starting to get tired... Gus and his birth Grandma L

Gus and his birth Grandparents L and C

Gus and his birth father's family

I know that open adoption isn't for everyone, but after today, it was just incredible. I have known it was the right thing for Gus since we found out about it, and after spending the time with his birth father's family, it made me so thankful and hopeful for the future we will all have together.

I could have kicked myself for forgetting the pictures that I brought up for them... I'll be sure to give them to the birth mother's family to pass along.

After our play date, we headed to Eastside Mario's (one of my Michigan favorites) and met Scott, Christie, Alex, and Lily for dinner. It was so great to see them and to see how big Alex and Lily have gotten since July. Alex's looks are maturing, and Lily isn't a baby anymore. She's so big!!!

I had a great day with my mom and then loved spending time with my mom and dad, and then Gus's birth family, and ended the day with my twin brother and his family. It was just about perfect. Of course, I always think of Dave and his family whenever all of us get together and I miss him even more during times like today.

Anyway... Gus is in bed and I need to head upstairs and join him and Steve. Tomorrow should be fun to just relax and not go anywhere or do anything. Christie is coming over with Alex and Lily and we're going to just stay here and play and then have dinner. Then Saturday is our fun with my cousin Jes and Gus's birth mom's aunt and her children. Should be fun and then bowling with my brother's family after.

See you manana!

2 15 11 Purring Baby

Day 47

So yesterday we made the twelve-hour trek to the mitten. I wasn't sure how Gus would do in the car, and I was hoping that it would go well. Steve was up at 3:30 and I was up at 4:00 and we were on the road by 5:00. We stopped at McDonald's around 5:45 and then didn't stop again for a while. Gus fell asleep and was sleeping until around 8am.

The entire ride was pretty uneventful. It wasn't until we hit the Toledo area that Gus started to want out of the carseat. He had been in it for about 12 hours at this time, and just wanted to get out and play. He was also tired, so after we went through Toledo and hit the border (YAY for MI), I gave him a bottle and he instantly fell asleep.

We arrived at my parent's house right at 5:30 and it was so great to see them! They were amazed at how big Gus was and how much he is able to do. He played for a little bit with a chair that Scott and Christie brought over for Lily.

We were so hungry and my mom ordered us Hungry Howies for dinner. I LOVE Hungry Howies and it was delicious!!! I love their flavored crust!! We also had Greek salad with it and it was soooo good!!

It was about time for bed, and Gus didn't actually go to bed until 9pm (well past his bedtime), so Steve and I took him upstairs and crashed. It was a perfect end to a great day!

I definitely think it's better to get up earlier and drive a little in the dark and then arrive when it's still light and have a decent amount of time during the evening to spend visiting before having to go to bed.

Here are some pictures from the drive:

I'll post again later tonight with pictures for Day 48.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 46

Last night was a rough night for me... I kept smelling cat urine and couldn't fall asleep because I thought I was going to puke. How gross is that? Not only is it gross...but Steve used the black light and found NOTHING. Hmmm... anyway, I ended up moving to the guest room at 12:30 because I couldn't take it anymore. From 12:30-6:00 was the best sleep that I've had in ages. No cats. No talk-radio. No ticking of the clock on Gus's baby monitor. Complete silence and it was beautiful.

Steve came in at 5:30 and plugged in the baby monitor and then around 6 I heard Gus stirring. I changed him and fed him and then he went back down. I was able to sleep until around 9ish... he was very tired.

When we got up, I started to pack stuff and while I was getting things organized, I looked to see him starting to enter Elphie's crate. It made me laugh, so I thought I'd take some pictures.

After playing in the crate, I took a shower and then we went downstairs and I watched The Bachelor (SPOILER ALERT)... I was SO glad that stupid Michelle went home. I hated her so much. Now I just can't wait to see who he ends up with... my guess is Chantal (the one that smacked him, not the mortician). Next week is the home-town dates and I can't wait to see what happens (yes... I know it's just a tv show, but it brings me joy).

After a little bit Gus was ready for his morning nap, so we came back upstairs and I put him down and did his weekly blog. I got some things organized for tomorrow... but I always end up forgetting something. No matter how many days in advanced I plan, I always forget something. Maybe this time will be the one time that I don't. We'll see.

Gus was back up around 12:30 so we went back downstairs and had lunch. He's been very clingy to be lately... absolutely must be in my arms at all times (which I love BTW). When I put him down, he made the frowny face and started to cry. Here's a picture...
How pittiful is that? Of course you can't not pick him up when he's crying like that. He doesn't cry all the time however, so here are two pictures of him cruising around my legs:

The bottom one was him trying to climb up into my lap.

Wendy came over around 1:30 and stayed for about two hours. I gave her her birthday present (Umbro shorts and an ass-load of candy, and a kick-ass card), a day early (it's tomorrow) because I won't see her until we return next week. She took the girls home and I brought Gus upstairs with the intention of napping, but he had other plans, and didn't fall asleep AT ALL. :D

Steve got home and I was finally able to pack for the trip. I had planned on making cheeseburgers for dinner, but the meat wasn't defrosted so we ended up going to Chick-Fil-A instead.

While in the drive-thru line, our neighbor Steve, came up to our car and appologized to Steve for his behavior the other day. I don't know if I blogged about it or not, but he flipped out the other day about Ned pooping in his yard (no proof that it's Ned) and was throwing dog poop into our yard. Steve had just gone out to let the dogs out when he saw neighbor Steve flinging poop. When my Steve asked what was wrong, and offered to come clean it up, neighbor Steve went off and said he didn't feel like dealing with Steve, and just wanted everyone to keep their damn dogs on a leash and not shit in his yard. Then he stormed into his house.

The next day, my Steve asked if neighbor Steve had come over to appologize yet. He had not. We didn't think he would ever. However, he was behind us in the drive-thru and saw my car (my plates say C@hy and it's one-of-a-kind, so he knew it was us). There were a million people in line, and so he got out and came up to the window. 

He said he was really sorry about how he acted and it hasn't set right with him since. He was having a bad day and didn't mean to take it out on Steve. It was very nice of him to say sorry. Steve said something about how he'd like to get rid of the little dog, but Gus likes her (and he pointed to Gus in the back with me). Neighbor Steve had no idea that we had Gus. He was shocked and said, "I didn't get the newsletter about it..." hahaha. Anyway, all was set right and it was really nice of him to be a grown-up and say he was sorry.

I'm about ready for bed. We're hoping to leave at 4:30 tomorrow... and it'll be here in 7 hours and 15 minutes. Gotta go catch as many winks as I can!!

Pray that Gus does well in the car and that it's not a twelve-hour drive from Hell.


2-14-11 Gus on Swings

2-14-11 Slide

Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 45

Happy Valentine's Day!! Gus wore his special "Love Stinks" onesie today in honor of the holiday. <3

We got up and played a little this morning and then Wendy and Ash came over... they brought us some presents for Valentine's Day (isn't Wendy the best?). Here's what they gave me:

A very sweet card and then some Toblerone and a kick-ass friendship mug! I love it!! Then they had a little gift for Gus too... the card said, "Gussie Boy" (which is what the girls call him):
Could the day have started any better? Wendy is such a great friend... I am so lucky to have her in my life!!

I tried to talk to my mom on the phone and Gus had a complete melt-down. I don't know what it was about the phone, but he freaked out and was crying. My mom thinks it's because I wasn't paying attention to him, but he was acting like he was afraid of it... it was so strange. And then Wendy rocked him while she and I talked, and he fell asleep, but was still having little tremors while sleeping. So strange. He woke up happy as a clam though!

We went to Michaelangelo's for lunch. I was not the most excited about it... and I ended up spending $10 for the buffet... and in retrospect, it was too much to spend for a small salad, drink, three garlic knots and a slice of pizza. I must be more wise with my dining expenses.

While we were eating, I took some pictures of Gus:

It was a GORGEOUS 75 degree day here in NC today, and so to celebrate the warmth, we went to the park here in our neighborhood. I had never been there and someone had once told me (maybe it was Wendy) that it wasn't a nice park. I think that was way before, because Wendy said they re-did the whole thing and it was beautiful. I will for sure be taking Gus there a lot as he gets older. Here are some pictures from the park:
Wendy and Gus on this spinney thing

Kaitlyn climbing the mini-rock wall

My boy in the swing enjoying the warmth of the sun on his back!

We didn't have a lot of time to play because we had Gus's nine-month well-baby appointment this afternoon. He weighs 20 pounds 3 ounces (50th %), and then his height is 28.5 inches (50th %), and then his head is 17.5 inches (25th %). The NP was very pleased with his growth and development and she said he's an amazing baby! He's right on track with everything and she eased my concerns about his eating and said not to fret about it! :)

When we got home I took some pictures with my Canon while waiting for dinner to cook. They're not the best I've taken, but not the worst either.

Gus is screeching in the two bottom pictures... gotta love it!!

Here's what Steve gave me for Valentine's Day:
It's a really nice card (one the best yet) and some candy. Very thoughtful and sweet!

Gus did something very daring tonight... he climbed into the swing... and stood up!!! I couldn't believe my eyes and so I took a picture and then quickly we made him get off the swing. Here's the proof of this boy doing dare-devil things!

Oi Vey!!! He's going to be the death of me!! And to think... he's only nine-months-old. What will the next 18+ years bring???

See you tomorrow!