Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 45

Happy Valentine's Day!! Gus wore his special "Love Stinks" onesie today in honor of the holiday. <3

We got up and played a little this morning and then Wendy and Ash came over... they brought us some presents for Valentine's Day (isn't Wendy the best?). Here's what they gave me:

A very sweet card and then some Toblerone and a kick-ass friendship mug! I love it!! Then they had a little gift for Gus too... the card said, "Gussie Boy" (which is what the girls call him):
Could the day have started any better? Wendy is such a great friend... I am so lucky to have her in my life!!

I tried to talk to my mom on the phone and Gus had a complete melt-down. I don't know what it was about the phone, but he freaked out and was crying. My mom thinks it's because I wasn't paying attention to him, but he was acting like he was afraid of it... it was so strange. And then Wendy rocked him while she and I talked, and he fell asleep, but was still having little tremors while sleeping. So strange. He woke up happy as a clam though!

We went to Michaelangelo's for lunch. I was not the most excited about it... and I ended up spending $10 for the buffet... and in retrospect, it was too much to spend for a small salad, drink, three garlic knots and a slice of pizza. I must be more wise with my dining expenses.

While we were eating, I took some pictures of Gus:

It was a GORGEOUS 75 degree day here in NC today, and so to celebrate the warmth, we went to the park here in our neighborhood. I had never been there and someone had once told me (maybe it was Wendy) that it wasn't a nice park. I think that was way before, because Wendy said they re-did the whole thing and it was beautiful. I will for sure be taking Gus there a lot as he gets older. Here are some pictures from the park:
Wendy and Gus on this spinney thing

Kaitlyn climbing the mini-rock wall

My boy in the swing enjoying the warmth of the sun on his back!

We didn't have a lot of time to play because we had Gus's nine-month well-baby appointment this afternoon. He weighs 20 pounds 3 ounces (50th %), and then his height is 28.5 inches (50th %), and then his head is 17.5 inches (25th %). The NP was very pleased with his growth and development and she said he's an amazing baby! He's right on track with everything and she eased my concerns about his eating and said not to fret about it! :)

When we got home I took some pictures with my Canon while waiting for dinner to cook. They're not the best I've taken, but not the worst either.

Gus is screeching in the two bottom pictures... gotta love it!!

Here's what Steve gave me for Valentine's Day:
It's a really nice card (one the best yet) and some candy. Very thoughtful and sweet!

Gus did something very daring tonight... he climbed into the swing... and stood up!!! I couldn't believe my eyes and so I took a picture and then quickly we made him get off the swing. Here's the proof of this boy doing dare-devil things!

Oi Vey!!! He's going to be the death of me!! And to think... he's only nine-months-old. What will the next 18+ years bring???

See you tomorrow!


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