Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week 7: My Cousin Derek

This week I am sending a letter and some pictures to my cousin Derek. He lives in France with his husband Arnaud. :)

Derek is the youngest son of my mom's sister Margie. My Aunt Margie is my favorite aunt and I grew up very close to my cousins. My cousin Derek has an older brother Corey, and he's married to Heather. Then there's Brandon, he's Derek's oldest brother, and he's married to Marie and has a son named Xavier (he turned 1 in December).

Anyway, when I was growing up, I loved to spend time with my cousins and Derek always had a special place in my heart because he was the youngest. I liked to pretend that he was my baby and I'd carry him around. My dad always yelled at me to put him down, but I just couldn't get enough. He was such a sweet boy and has turned into an exceptional young man. 

Derek moved to France after college and met his husband there. I was lucky enough to be in MI with Gus at the same time that Derek was back in the states for the summer. He had come back for a wedding of one of his best friends, and he actually designed her wedding dress. We got to see him a few different times.
Derek and Gus (June 2010)

"Duck Face" Derek and Gus (July 2010)

Derek as a wee lad... at Little Houses and Buildings in Westland (1987ish)

Derek and our Grandma Burney

Brandon, me and Derek after Derek's confirmation (I was his sponsor)

You know how some/most of your family members are people that you wouldn't normally associate with or be friends with outside of being family? Well, Derek is the kind of person that I would most definitely be friends with, and I consider myself so lucky to be someone that can call him family.


Next week's letter will not be posted on Sunday... it'll have to wait until the following week and I'll do weeks 8 and 9 at the same time.


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