Sunday, March 05, 2006

This is the outside of Cabin 423 :) Posted by Picasa

The reading campfire and trees. Doesn't it look like a camp??? Posted by Picasa

The reading canoe :) Posted by Picasa

Scott at dinner tonight. Posted by Picasa

Mom and Dad tonight celebrating their 31st Anniversary. Posted by Picasa
Song: "Tilt Ya Head Back"-- Nelly and Christina Aguliera
Mood- Sleepy and sad

Okay so I haven't written in a while. This last week was pretty good considering that it was the first week back from break. We got the classroom decorated (I'm going to post pictures) and it looks like a cabin on the outside and inside we've got the reading canoe and a firepit with logs to sit on while looking at the trees inside the room. All this thanks to Jack's dad who let me know that the only reason he did all of this was because I'm Jack's favorite teacher of all time and he promised to do whatever Jack wanted to make me happy. LOL.

Yesterday my brother Dave celebrated his 35th birthday. I haven't seen him since September... makes me sad but I have to not think about it or I get really emotional about it. Anyway, today was my parent's 31st wedding anniversary and to celebrate, Steve and I took them and Scott to Steak and Ale for a dinner. It was really nice and Steve took some pictures (I'll post them).

Tomorrow Steve and I will celebrate our two year anniversary. I'm excited because this is the last time we'll be celebrating this anniversary. As of July 8th we'll have our new anniversary to celebrate, so this one will be the last one that counts as anything important.

Wednesday is Heather's birthday (my sister-in-law) and then Thursday is a staff developement day so there will be no kids. This Sunday my mom is going to become a full member of the IHMs (Immaculate Heart of Mary) and we're going to her ceremony in Monroe, MI and then I think going to dinner.

We had our second Main Dish Kitchen event yesterday and it was fun. My mom came too and that was a lot of fun. Nikki Peattie (a parent of one of my 5th graders from last year) was there with her husband as well. We've got another session in April, and my dad said that he's going to come with my mom to this one. Should be interesting to have them both there working together!!!

Anyway-- I'm going to go... I need to get some shut-eye. See ya later!