Sunday, July 22, 2007

Song: "The Captain" by Casey Chambers
Mood: Tired

Well... Open House went well. I made a Power Point last weekend to use and I'm so glad I did! I added some notes to the bottom and then I'm going to email it to the parents. Some were not able to attend because it was the night for all the end-of-season swim banquets. I still had a pretty good turn-out though. All the parents were really nice and had great questions. It was a lot easier than I had expected.

I am really excited to have three weeks off soon!! I feel like there's so much to get done around here (our house)!! I absolutely HAVE to get my books put into my computer and then organized. I am going to start doing novel studies when we track back in in August. I plan on going into school the first week that I'm off, just to get some extra work done. I feel like I have a better idea of what I'm doing and I don't feel so stressed anymore. Oddly enough I have found that I'm not the only that doesn't really know what I'm doing. No one does really, so it's reassuring!!

Last Monday M.E. came to me and told me that she had gone to get her nails done and told the person about me. She gave me the business card and told me to call and make an appointment with Jennifer. As you all know, I spent about four hours removing my acrylic nails and ended up with sore and disgusting looking nails. So on one hand I was eager to get nails back on, but then apprehensive about having them look like they did before.

So anyway, I went on Friday and was so glad I did! I now have gel nails and they look absolutely incredible! I've never had gel, but my mom has and she's had hers for more than 12 years!!! I am so happy that I found someone great that I can go to for my nails!! On the flip side, Steve called my hair girl to ask about getting in to get his hair cut and was told that she no longer works there. So much for that... now the quest is on to find someone good to do my hair. I'm due for a touch-up next week.

Speaking of next week... we have the Kenny Concert a week from Friday! I am so excited I can't wait!!! We're just hoping that there are a bunch of people coming with him to NC like there are to Michigan.

Well... enough from me for now. I'll be writing again sometime soon.
Until next time...

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