Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Currently (7-3-12)

Currently I am...

that it took more than a month to gain the additional weight that I have, and it's going to take more than a month to get rid of it. I've lost ten pounds so far and it's been the most work ever to lose it.

about vaccines through a class at Penn (University of Pennsylvania). It's through a program called Coursera. It's a pretty amazing program and it's FREE. If you're  someone who loves to learn for the sake of learning, it's the perfect thing for you!

Wishing for
someone to make an offer on our house in NC. Seven months of praying and hoping that each showing yields an offer... we're coming down to the end of our savings and have no more money. It's scary to think of our next step if we don't get an offer soon. Two mortgage payments is slowly killing us.

our next steps for adopting baby #2. I'm in the researching phase which is stirring up a lot of emotions and feelings. Sometimes I HATE that we have to adopt, mainly because it's SO EXPENSIVE. The process is very intrusive and I hate that I have to be an open book and share intimate details in order to adopt, but two crack heads to make a baby and not answer to anyone. :-/

a lot of things that I've found on Pinterest. It's seriously been a life-saver and inspired more creativity and fresh ideas! Steve loves it and I love finding new things to try! It's saving us money from going out to eat... we're definitely dining out less. :D