Thursday, April 10, 2014

AncestryDNA House Party

A few weeks ago, I applied to host an DNA House Party. I thought it'd be so great to do the test with Hugh and see what his paternity lineage is.

We'll never know his paternal side, and due to how he was conceived, we'll never be able to tell him anything about his paternal side. Children wonder about this kind of thing, and so I thought I'd apply for the party with the hopes of being selected.

Well... I was selected! Hugh's DNA test came at the end of March and it was not the typical cheek swab that I was expecting. We had to have him fill up a container with spit!! Not an easy task with a 15 month old!!

It took about 35 minutes to get the vile filled with enough saliva! We mailed it to and then a few days ago, I got an email saying that they received the sample.

So now we wait. And then on June 7th, we will announce to friends and family what the results were at the House Party! I'm eager to see what it says but not very hopeful that it'll be as specific as I'd like. 

I was looking online and reading blogs about this, and most people disagree with their findings and many said it was inaccurate. Without having anything to go on with his paternal side, we'll just have to hope that we get accurate info. We may choose to do another test later down the road, that's more specific, but for now, I'm hoping it'll give us a better idea of his ethnicity.

I want to be able to give him some information about where his roots are when he asks. I am so thankful to have an open adoption with his birth mom, and have already been asking her about her lineage and started a family tree with the information. It's interesting that doesn't have an easier feature for creating a tree with an adopted child. It won't let us merge trees to create (what we like to call) an orchard.

No matter what the results are, I'm excited that we were picked and I am eager to hear anything that they were able to capture from his saliva.

Anyone want to guess what his paternal ethnicity is?