Saturday, December 23, 2006


So I made it to Christmas break!!! My class this year is really good, so it hasn't been too difficult... but I haven't had a break since the year started. I got a day at Thanksgiving, but the most time that I've had is two days in a row... this is the first time I'll have some real time to myself!

Steve got me my Sidekick III for Christmas (early) and then this last week we went and got his surround sound system for the livingroom. When we got home the system sounded great, but just wasn't perfect because of the tv. So... we went back out and we got a 50-inch flat-screen plasma television and stand. It's absolutely beautiful. It's got HD and we've got HD through our cable so we're able to see all the HD stuff now and it's amazing!!

Friday I had our Christmas party at school. Kylie and I opened the wall (probably won't happen again)... we did a pizza party and then the kids did two different ornament craft activities. They made a snowman ornament out of popsicle sticks and then they were each given a packet of Model Magic to use and create an ornament. The kids had fun.

We went Christmas shopping this morning for mom (it's our tradition to go shopping on Christmas Eve). We went to Westland mall... it wasn't busy at all. She is going to be very happy with her Christmas (at least she better be)!!

I came home from shopping and had a headache so I took a nap, and Steve's downstairs watching the Bengals play the Broncos in HD. He doesn't feel well so he's laying on the couch.

It's depressing that there's no snow for Christmas. I don't remember it being so warm in December. I was just outside with Ned and I have a tank top on and I was realitively comfortable.

Lastly, my website has been given another award. I got a gold award today... I was surprised because I don't remember submitting my website for this one, but whatever. An award is an award and it's all very cool by me!!

Talk to you after tomorrow!!