Sunday, June 01, 2008

Song: "Anything But Mine"- Kenny Chesney
Mood: Tired

Okay... so I have to brag about myself for a minute (if I don't, who will right?). I recently applied to be a Discovery Educator Network STAR teacher. I had to fill out an online application, answering questions about my educational experience and my background with technology. I then had to watch a video and take a test. Then I had to complete an "event/training" and log it before I could be considered. Well... I was considered and approved! I am a STAR educator! I am super excited because I get my own blog on the DEN, I get invited to special events and conferences, and I can train people on the various Discovery Education products (United Streaming being one). It comes at a perfect time because (with my help), my school finally purchased United Streaming and I'll be able to train everyone at my school on how to use it. I might even get to train the teachers at Laurel Park (the new school that my old principal is opening).

I got a nice plaque saying that I am a Discovery STAR Educator (it arrived at school and my kids got to see it), I also got a nice laptop bag (which is perfect because I just happen to have a NEW laptop that needed a bag), a nice STAR educator pin (that I wear with pride) and a lanyard that says DEN. I am excited!!

I'm not done bragging... (lol). I have finally figured out how to do PodCasts and have had such a great time teaching my 4th graders about them. We've used them for book reviews and so far it's been incredible. They've gotten comfortable and are even experimenting with new ways of doing a book review. You should definitely check out my website and listen to their PodCasts.

And still not done (bet you thought I was done didn't you?)... I've mastered taking video and embedding it into my website! I have had so much fun with recording my kids doing the wackiest things and then putting it on the website. I think the parents have really enjoyed it as well. There's a page just for videos on my website. If you need a good laugh... check it out. :)

Okay, my head is super big now... so I'll check out.
Until next time...