Saturday, June 01, 2013

Soccer Star :: So Proud!!

 Today was a very big day!

We got up this morning and we weren't sure of what our plan was. Now that Gus is three, do we put him in the 3-4 class or do we keep him in the 18-42 month class? The 3-4 class was at 9am and another at 11am. The only thing about this class is that parents are NOT allowed on the field. It's totally independent and we weren't sure if Gus was ready for that yet. My goal for him was to be ready for the 3-4 class by the end of June.

The class he's been attending is for kids that are 18 months up to 42 months (a year and a half to three and a half). It's a wide age range and there are two coaches and a TON of kids. This class is at 10am and another class is at 12. We have been going to the 10am class since we started.

A little after eight this morning, I told Steve that there was no way we'd be making the 9am 3-4 class because the boys weren't even up yet. We decided to do the 10am class and give his coaches a heads up that we'll be trying the 3-4 next week.

So we got in the car at 9:20 and arrived at the complex at 9:45. While we were driving there, we could smell something coming from the backseat (Hugh) and decided that a diaper change would be needed before heading in for soccer.

I got out and went to the back to get Hugh's stroller and Steve went to get Hugh and I heard, "OH MY GOD!!!" He said I had to come look... and when I did, I saw poo EVERYWHERE. It was as if someone had squeezed Hugh and he exploded out of his diaper and all over the carseat. To make it worse, he had been playing with it and it was on his hands and a bit got in his hair. GROSS!!!

There was absolutely no way we could go in for soccer, so we had to turn around and head home. Gus was very upset by this (he loves soccer) and we promised that we'd come back after changing Hugh.

Well, an hour later we were back at the complex and we were going to attempt the 3-4 class. We walked in and asked where the class was (it's on a different part of the field than our 10am class) and the coach was right there. She introduced herself and we introduced her to Gus and told her that he has some delayed speech, but he's able to understand and follow directions. He was excited to go to the field. Steve told him that we'd be watching from the side and at that moment, another coach came over and had Gus go get a ball. He listened and we walked over to the side where we could watch him.

He made sure to see where we were and we stayed there the whole practice. He was so excited to be on the field and he did such an awesome job being without daddy!!
Gathering before the start of practice
Doing some stretches

Doing the "soccer dance"

Jumping over the ball

Lots and lots of running

Proud daddy watching

Getting some one on one coaching!!!

High fives

Team high five at the end of class

I was amazed at how well Gus did. He listened to the coaches, he followed directions, and he didn't try to come get Steve. A few of the other kids were crying and not participating because they wanted to be with their parents. The coaches did a GREAT job keeping the kids engaged and the 50 minute class went by so quickly. The water breaks were efficient and Gus went right back out without any problems. It really was awesome.

They played Heroes and Villians today and Gus (again) refused to wear the flag in the back of his shorts. However, he did a fantastic job of chasing the other kids and collected about six flags. He also did a great job chasing his coaches and grabbing the flags from them!!

On the way out, we stopped at the front desk and let the head coach, Coach Michael, know that we're moving Gus from the 18-42 class into the 3-4 class. He asked Coach Sebastian (his old coach) if he was ready and he said yes, and then his coach from today agreed that he did really well and could move to the 3-4 class.

So we are officially moved to the 3-4 class and I think Gus will do an awesome job!!! I am so incredibly proud of my little soccer star!!!