Saturday, May 11, 2013


Gus's birth mom posted this on FB. It's so awesome!

We had the most wonderful day today. Gus celebrated his third birthday from the moment he woke, all the way until he crashed at bedtime. He partied hard and had a tremendous day.

It's such a wonderful day. Not only is it Gus's birthday, but it's also Birth Mother's Day. I cannot (and will not) celebrate his birthday without being so thankful for Claire. There aren't enough words in the world to express how I feel about her, but she is the reason I'm a mother, and I will forever be thankful for her.

For years I wondered if I'd ever be a mom. It was honestly my biggest fear, that I'd never get to be a mom. Part of that greatest fear was not ever being able to have a baby... but not being able to have a baby doesn't mean you cannot be a mother. Thankfully, through adoption, my dreams of holding a child of my own was able to come true, twice.

Gus is such a special little guy. How do I describe him?

He's funny. He finds absolute joy in the simple things, and has a hearty, appreciative laugh (like his mama) when he finds something amusing. He likes to play and giggle, and laugh, and make other laugh, and he likes to smile. He smiles a lot. Because he smiles a lot, I smile a lot.

Gus has a sweet, tender heart. He cares deeply about other people and when he sees something sad, he will get sad himself. He likes to be playful and sometimes doesn't know when to stop, but he never has a malicious intent to hurt anyone. 

Gus loves his family. His favorite people are his mama and daddy, his baby "Chew" (how he says Hugh), and he loves his dog Ned and his kitty, Hobo. He also loves Purry Como, but he would rather run him over on his pillow racer, than anything else.

Gus has always been a special boy. He lights up my world and I have a love and passion for him that knows no bounds. He fills my soul and makes me feel complete (he and Hugh both make me feel whole). I can honestly say that the person that I was before Gus, is not the same as after Gus. He changed me forever.

Here are some fun pictures of Gus as he's progressed over the last three years.

I'm thankful for each day I get to spend as Gus's mom. He brings out the best in me, and makes me feel so blessed.

I'm thankful to Hunter and Claire for choosing Steve and I to be Gus's parents. The decision they made to place him into our arms was not something that wasn't easy for them. Each time I look into Gus's eyes, I see so many people from his birth family. I'm thankful that we have an open adoption and we can share all the joy that he brings us, and they can share parts of their lives with us. Together we make one big happy orchard and we couldn't ask for more.