Thursday, August 16, 2012

Let's Get Physical!!

I forgot the a in that title... 

This morning I went in for my first physical in... um... maybe ever. Well, probably not ever, but it was my first physical (REAL one) since I was probably entering middle school.

Because Steve and I are looking to adopt again, we have to have another home study. One of the requirements for the home study is a physical for every person in the household (yes, this includes one for Gus). When we adopted Gus, our NC physicals were cake. We went in, they weighed us, did our blood pressure, asked some generic questions and that was it.

Because we moved here in December and I haven't been sick enough to need a doctor, I didn't have a general practitioner. I have one now! :-)

I called last week about setting up my physical appointment and they had something right away that met my needs with Gus. Not only was it important that it be at a time that would be good for him (and me), but I was going to have to have blood-work done, so it needed to be a fasting test, meaning that I wanted it done early in the morning so I wasn't starving all morning.

I really wasn't sure how Gus was going to do. My appointment was at 9:15 and I got there at 9:00 as requested. I was able to get all the forms filled out online BEFORE my appointment (SUCH A BLESSING) so I didn't have to sit there and fill out forms and try to watch Gus. It was nice to just go in, give them my forms, and wait in their GORGEOUS lobby. They have a HUGE saltwater fish tank and Gus was enjoying watching the fish.

We were called back and I had to weigh-in. With all my clothes on (and shoes), I weighed about three pounds more today than I had when I last weighed myself here. I'm not sure how much my clothes (tank-top, t-shirt, jean capris, flip-flops, and then bra and undies) weigh, but I'm sure they're at least one or two pounds.

Anyway, my next stop was the bathroom so I could pee in a cup. Oh joy!! Thankfully, I was able to give them a decent sample (there's nothing worse than having to produce some urine and not having to use the bathroom). 

We headed into our room and I got Gus set up with his trains and his iPad. The nurse came in and asked a whole bunch of questions, and then we talked about the sheet from the home study agency. She said that I was going to need a TB test (chest x-ray) and I'd need the T-dap vaccine (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis). On top of that, I was going to have blood drawn.

I seriously didn't sleep well at all last night because I was so stressed and nervous about having blood drawn and worried about my blood-pressure being too high. I'm sure stressing about it wasn't going to be helpful for anything, but I couldn't control it. I have such a fear of needles.

So... it was time for my chest x-ray. I wasn't aware that I'd need a TB test, and having Gus with me... was not easy. He could not be in the x-ray room with me, and so they had to get someone to "babysit" him while I was getting my x-ray. They tried to show him the fish, they even fed the fish at a special time just for him, but he was very upset that I had vanished. I could hear him crying while I was in the room getting my chest x-ray. :-(

They let him in as soon as it was possible and he looked so pitiful. He had pushed out his bottom lip as far as it'd go and he was sobbing. It broke my heart. We reunited and then we headed back to the room.

Gus was back to happy and went back to playing with his trains and cars. The nurse came in and did my Tdap and while it stung a bit... it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. The pain came about five hours after... oh man.

Then the doctor came in and she and I chatted... she was excited to hear that we were starting the process of adopting and she went through the form and filled out as much of it as she could based on her findings without the blood work.

Before it was time for us to go, another lady came in to take my blood. She was very nice, friendly, and understanding of my fear of needles. I think it hurt more for her to slap my hand to get a vein to pop up than it did when she actually started to poke me. I was able to lay down and I didn't black out or pass out (I can't sit in the chairs in the lab because I pass out 100% of the time). It was a much smoother experience, and I'm thankful that they were so understanding and willing to work with me.

She finished and had me stay lying down, and then about five minutes later, the original nurse came back and she gave me what I needed to check out. She said in about three-five days they'd have my lab results back and they'd complete my paperwork and I could come by and pick up the completed physical form.

I stopped at Taco Bell on my way home because I was starving, and needed an instant boost. And it makes me happy. :-)

We were there for two hours and Gus was incredible the whole time (and even was good when I was away from him). I'm amazed at how well he behaved. He was cute when the doctor was checking my ears, eyes, mouth, etc. he sat on my lap and just watched the doctor and I told him that mama's have to go to the doctor just like kiddos do. He liked watching me get examined.  :-)

I looked online to see what my blood pressure was (on paper it's just a number with no real meaning) and I'm happy to report that I'm in the high-normal range! I'm in the middle of the range... so I'm not super close to being risky, but I need to work on getting to normal. However, she said it was great and most-likely, I AM in the normal range but because of my fear of needles/having my blood taken, and the whole anxiety of being at the doctor and having Gus there, those were all things that probably elevated my blood pressure... she said she was very happy with my health and to keep exercising, keep watching what I eat, and to focus on losing weight. 

I honestly think that running/exercising has helped my blood pressure. When I moved from MI to NC, I had to have a physical (very basic) and Michelle Ferguson's mom helped with it and she did my blood-pressure and said it was too high and I needed to really watch it. Being just above "normal" today is probably from being more active and being aware of what I'm consuming.

So... I'm happy that it's over. I am happy that I have a Tdap in my system and it's good for ten years. I haven't had a Tetanus shot since I was in 6th grade, so I'm protected and with Whooping Cough coming back, I'm protected against that as well. Now my left arm is getting more and more sore-- talk about OUCH. Not sure how long it lasts, but my gosh-- it HURTS!!

I'm hoping that my blood-work comes back all normal. I take Gus to the doctor next week for his physical and to get the remainder of the vaccines that he needs to be caught up and then Steve goes next week too. Then we'll just have to go and get finger-printed and we can submit our paperwork and get our visit scheduled for sometime in September!!


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Funday!

Colored Rice in our Sensory Bin

This morning Gus was a little cranky. It was a bit of a challenge to keep him content all morning long, so I decided to use the time to dye some rice and pasta for our sensory table. We also made some cookies.

I found a few recipes for dying rice with food coloring, but they called for rubbing alcohol and we didn't have any, so instead I searched for dying rice with vinegar and found a few different ways. I made the first batch with purple and it called for too much vinegar (1 cup of rice and 1/4 cup of vinegar with a few drops of coloring).

Then I decided to use less vinegar and it was just what I needed (I did two tablespoons of vinegar to one cup of rice and a bunch of coloring).Gus was ready and eager to help me and it instantly boosted his mood. :-)
Helping to dump the cup of rice into the gallon bag

Adding the food coloring

Ready to shake!!
He was doing a great job helping!!

Shaking the yellow

After a few times he knew what to do and I didn't have to help!

Crazy shaking!!

After we dyed the rice, we dyed some pasta (uncooked). We followed the same procedure as above.

While our rice and pasta was sitting (it's recommended that it sit in the bag for about 30-60 minutes to set), we decided to bake some cookies. I pulled over the tot tower and Gus got inside and he was ready to start helping with the cookies!!
Dumping the cookie mix into the bowl

Adding the butter

Mixing the dough

Ready to put into the oven!

By the time we were done making cookies, it was time for a nap. Gus was not happy about having to go for a nap, but he was really in need. He ended up sleeping until 6:15!! I had to go up and wake him and he was in a deep sleep. 

When he came downstairs, he was so excited to see what new bin was at the sensory table!
The rice sat for a few hours and dried

In the bin and ready for Gus to discover it!

So pretty!

Here's the pasta-- green bowties

Blue twisty

Purple shells

Here are some pictures of Gus discovering the new rice bin and playing for a bit before dinner.
Hmmmm... I wonder what's under the lid...

He literally said, "Ohhh!!" :-D

It didn't stay pretty for long...

He loved mixing it up with his hands and feeling the rice!

Fun at the sensory table!

Later this week we're going to play with baking soda and vinegar... should be loads of fun!! I'll be sure to take pictures and post them!!