Saturday, September 03, 2011

Day 246

This morning we got up and headed to breakfast in Rushville. It was yummy and then we headed to the Amish school fundraiser.

There were a TON if people there... Sheer craziness and absolutely HOT!!

There were people everywhere. It was 100 degrees.

We came back and Gus and I napped and then we got up and had lunch. I worked on class stuff while Gus played.

We headed back to the house for dinner and Gus went on a tractor ride with grandpa.

Then we had dinner and everyone went for a swim!

Then we came inside for dessert!

Gus is in bed and I'm about to hit the hay as well. We'll be getting on the road early tomorrow and the vacation will officially be over. :(


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Day 245 (Friday)

We hit the road again on Friday morning around 8am. It's always sad to say goodbye to my parents, but we are hoping to see them in December.

Gus did great on the way from Michigan to Indiana. It was a little more than four hours and we stopped at a Dayton area Meijer and got Gus a Bengals t-shirt.

We stopped in Findlay fir gas and Steve took us by the university so I could see where he went for grad school. It's a cute little campus.

We had White Castle for lunch (a treat since there aren't WC's in NC).

We arrived a little after 1:00 and then took naps. We headed to a cute place for dinner and then when we got home, Gus and Steve went for a swim while I crawled into bed.

Steve installing Gus's car seat in the minivan that my in-laws borrowed.

Where we had dinner

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Friday, September 02, 2011

Day 244 (Thursday)

Thursday was the first day that we were able to sleep in and not have to get up at any particular time.

We didn't get home from Scott's until 11:30 on Wednesday, and Gus was exhausted. He slept until 8:30.

My mom and I had plans with Christie (a girls day), so I got as much packed as I could so Steve could pack the car in the afternoon.

Mom and I met Christie at Emagine and we saw the Deathly Hollows part 2. Steve and I had already seen (seen? Saw?) it but my mom and Christie had not.

After the movie, the three of us went to Potbelly for lunch. We said goodbye to Christie and my mom and I went to Donovan's so Sherri could do my nails.

I decided to go with color... I like the red!

We also went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and then came back to my mom and Dad's.

Steve had 3/4 of the car packed and ready to go.

While my mom and I were gone, Steve and my dad hung out with Gus and went to Mongolian BBQ for lunch.

We headed to Scott & Christie's after Gus woke up. Then Scott, Christie, Steve and I went on a double date and left the kids with Gram and Pap. :)

It was a great dinner without the kids and we laughed a lot. It made me miss being around them. :(

We got back to their place and hung out for a bit before heading back to my parent's.


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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Day 243 (Wednesday)

We are having so much fun on our vacation! We had the entire day to just relax with family.

Our day started by heading to Big Boy (yum) for lunch after Gus took s morning nap.

Then we went to my mom's work and I got some snap cubes for Gus!

After her work we headed to Scott and Christie's for the rest of the day.

My dad with Gus and Lily

"The baby-whisperer"

Gus and Lily watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse together

After dinner we had a family Wii party. We played Rock Band while the kids went crazy dancing! It was so much fun!

Lily on the drums

Scott and Charlie

:( look at that face!!

Gus trying to comfort his baby cousin

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