Sunday, March 04, 2007

Song: "Say It Right"- Nelly Fertado (I love this song!!!)
Mood: Tired

Mid-Winter Break 2007 is officially over. I'm not too upset about it though. I'm looking forward to going back to work. Michelle is taking over teaching for the next two weeks (maybe even three) so I'm eager to watch her!!

I went to the dentist on Thursday... it was not a good visit. He didn't give me gas prior to giving me the shot... and it hurt really bad. My entire mouth hurt after the shot. It took about 5 minutes before the shot numbed me that way it's supposed to. Anyway- he filled three more cavities. Making a total of 6 and I still have at least four more to go. The two visits this last week came to more than $500 and that's with dental insurance. Good insurance at that!!

We went to dinner on Thursday night to celebrate mom and dad's 32nd anniversary. We went to Steak & Ale and it was very good. I'm still partial to Outback for a good filet... but that's just me. I think Steve feels the same way. Outback is so much more affordable than Steak & Ale!!

Friday I was supposed to go shopping with Michelle, but it didn't happen (still not sure why) so I just stayed home and cleaned and started some laundry.

Saturday we made breakfast (I made the eggs and toast and Steve cooked up some bacon) and then we watched Employee of the Month (with Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson). It was pretty good. We watched Flags of Our Fathers also, and it was very good. Kinda hard to follow at times, but a pretty good movie.

After watching movies, we went to Office Depot and then drove to Bills hotdogs for some root beer and a hotdog for lunch. Then we went to Borders (in Ann Arbor) to see about getting me a new journal, since my old one is full. They didn't have anything, so we went to Old Navy to see if they had any pants for Steve... again, nothing. Then we drove to DSW (my favorite store) and we went hog-wild!! I got two pairs of cute shoes, one pair brown and the other black (identical style) and then a cute pair of Rocket Dogs that I love love love!! Steve got another pair of tennis shoes (identical to the ones he already has) and then two pairs of brown dress shoes. After DSW we went to Marshall's to see about some pants... such a dirty store. I felt like I needed a shower after being in there!!

Lastly, we went to Kroger to get some groceries. I decided that I wanted to get ripped Saturday night, so we got all the things I'd need to get good and drunk. Steve promised that he'd drink with me, but he didn't want to get drunk and hung-over.

We came home and had dinner (ribs that weren't so good) and then I started drinking, but Steve felt sick and he didn't drink with me. It's a waste to get drunk alone... so I went to bed after only one drink. Oh well... there's always St. Patty's to get drunk right?

Today is Dave's birthday. Mom and dad are out there with him and Heather and the kids. I'm jealous... but oh well. I don't have the money to go out there for a while. Anyway, he's 36 today. I called early to wish him a happy birthday, but I got the voice mail. They must be somewhere having some fun.

I have come to the conclusion that I'm 100% ready to have a family. I don't really want the whole 9 months of being pregnant thing... but I most definitely want to be a mom. Steve said that he doesn't want to even think about starting a family until June/July/August/September/October. It's all about timing and planning... if I get pregnant during those months, I'll have the baby in the spring and then not have to go back to work and have the summer with the baby. It makes sense... but I'm ready now.

Oh well... I'm going to go to bed. Tomorrow will be here soon enough and I'm not used to doing anything productive with my days!! I've got the 2nd session of the Art Club starting tomorrow. Should be fun!!

Until next time...