Sunday, September 02, 2007

It's funny how things can either stay EXACTLY the same or drastically change.

Since my last post, I still have not had a period. Yes... I'm sharing info about my cycle with everyone. So now we're in month two without one... I did have some SMALL bit that I thought was a sign that it was coming, but it never came. I am going to have to call my doctor again and see what the deal is. If I were pregnant it'd be fantastic... but I don't think I am. Who knows, since I didn't ovulate last month I couldn't tell which day I was most fertile. Still, Steve refuses to spend any more money on pregnancy tests (we dropped over $40 last month thinking I was pregnant).

On another note... I've started my parent teacher conferences for the first quarter. I'm not sure why I am having them when I've only taught the kids for five weeks, but I guess it's better to alert parents to things early, rather than waiting until the first quarter is over. I have to set them up on my own and stay after on my own time to complete them. It totally sucks...

Today I had a HUGE scare. Since yesterday, we noticed that Bob hasn't been acting like herself. In fact, yesterday I made a comment to Steve about how odd it was that I hadn't seen her all day. Well this morning, around 11ish, I was up here working and Steve called to me and said, "You might want to come see Bob... she's acting really weird." So I came downstairs and sure enough... she was not able to lay down and she was wobbly. Like she had just taken a tranquilizer, except she was shaking. I started to pet her and then it hit me that there was something seriously wrong with her.

Steve called the 24-hour emergency vet hospital and we got her ready to go in. I couldn't stop crying. I had the most terrible feeling that she was going to have to be put down. She had big snot bubbles coming out of her nose (gross I know), and she was breathing very rapidly. She looked at me and her eyes were both going different directions. It was so scary!

We got to the vet hospital at 12:30 and they took her back immediately, but we didn't get to go with her. Finally at 2:30 we found out that she's fine. The vet said that she didn't seem to have anything seriously wrong with her, other than a severe upper-respitory infection. We brought her home at 3:30. Talk about a long afternoon.

So I'm going to close for now. My head hurts from crying so much. I'm depressed that this is the first Labor Day Weekend in 20 years that I haven't spent it up north (Michigan) with my parents. I cried about it earlier this weekend... now I'm just depressed about it.

Until next time...