Monday, August 26, 2013

Off to School!

On August 8th, we had a chance to go to LWES and see Gus's classroom and introduce him to his teacher, Ms. Amanda. He was very excited to see his room and he enjoyed checking out all the different toys.

 His room

 With Ms. Amanda

 His tiny class (the top four are the AM session kids and the bottom two are the PM session kids)

 Checking out the bus

 With Ms. Susan (Speech teacher)

 Gus's color this year is yellow and his animal is the duck.

 His playground

On Monday, August 12th, Steve stayed home so we could both be here to see Gus off on his first day of school. Gus was very excited because we had been talking about school and the bus and Ms. Amanda all weekend. He was good until the bus came, and then he was excited to get on, but wanted us to get on with him. 

 On the bus and ready for us to join him...

 He was NOT happy that we weren't coming, and he started to cry. The bus driver had to drag him to his seat and fight him to strap him into the car seat.

 You can just barely see him looking at me through the window

 We live on a cul-du-sac, so the bus had to go down and turn around

As soon as the bus went by, Steve and I started crying. It was so hard to see Gus cry and not be able to help him. We just hoped that he'd have a good day and would stop crying by the time he got to school.

We went outside at 10:55 to wait for Gus (his day is from 7:40-10:40 and he has to be at the end of our driveway at 7:05 for pick up). We had no idea what time he'd be coming home, so we figured fifteen minutes would be the soonest.

I got a call at 11:10 saying that the bus still had not picked Gus up from school, and that as soon as the bus got there, Ms. Amanda would call to let me know that he was on his way. So we went back inside.

At 11:45 Gus's bus finally arrived!
 The best thing I saw all day!

 He was SO excited to get off the bus and see us!

 Waving bye to his bus driver

 Waiting for the bus to turn around and pass back by our house!

Every day, his teacher sends home a daily note about behavior and what his day was like. Gus's first day was a wonderful day for him! 

This morning was the beginning of week three for Gus. I have been taking pictures every day and here are pictures from the first two weeks of school:

 Every day, he goes to the top of the driveway to wait for the bus to turn around and then waves goodbye to the bus!



 Cold and rainy Friday- 8/16/13

 Starting week two! 8/19/13


 We waited and waited and waited... it started to rain so we went to wait inside the garage. Gus's bus didn't come until 7:35!!!



 TGIF!!!  8/23/13
 "The moon!"
 "Hi bus!!"

 Here he comes!!

 Starting week three!! 8/26/13

 Back to potty training! Wearing his potty watch to school!

 Looking at the moon-- he kept saying, "I love you mama, to the moon and back!"

 Here comes the bus!

I'm so proud of Gus. He has been doing so well with school and going FIVE DAYS A WEEK! His language has started to really take off (still isn't caught up, but he's making HUGE progress) and I was thinking that it's only been two full weeks, but... that's ten days of school. When he was going to CtK, ten days of school was the same as FIVE WEEKS!!!

He's wearing pull-ups to school and hopefully, his teacher can help us with him going #2 on the potty. That's his biggest area of concern, and he's great with peeing, but until he can recognize the need to poop, and tell me he has to poop... I don't know how successful potty training again will go. We'll see. Hopefully it'll all come together and will go well for him!!

We have his curriculum night on Wednesday (he'll be staying home and my friend Kathryn is going to babysit him and Hugh for us). It should be interesting to see what he'll be learning for the year and for us to get a better idea of things we can do to help him here at home.

Today, when he comes home, we'll be starting the Letter School program (it's a homeschooling program). We are starting with letter A and we'll be doing a letter a week. I've got different activities each day for him to do. Should be fun!!