Sunday, June 29, 2008

Song: "Fall For You"- Secondhand Serenade
Mood: Exhausted
So I officially survived my first year in North Carolina teaching 4th grade at a year round school. It was the longest year of teaching that I've ever had in my eight years as a teacher. I literally was with them from the beginning of July through the end of June. Fortunately, I had an outstanding class and it was a pleasure 99% of the time.
Last Sunday Steve and I met 12 of my kids at the Durham Bulls stadium for a game. They played the Norfolk Tides. It rained and rained and eventually we had to leave because the rain was coming down too hard. However, we had a really great time and the parents really seemed to enjoy themselves. There were 52 people there and like I said, 12 kids. That's more than half my class!! I think it'll be something I do each year, like I did in Michigan with the Tigers.
The last week of school was more stressful than anything I've ever experienced at work. There was so much due by Friday and I just didn't have time. Each night after work I worked on getting the end of the year DVDs ready for the kids. That took so much time and thankfully Steve was there to help me. If Steve had not helped, there's no way I could have finished them by Friday.
The fourth grade teachers decided to have spirit week for the last week of school. Not sure why the administration didn't do it for the whole school and we were waiting for it to be announced, but it never did. We decided to take it upon ourselves and as a result only the 4th graders participated. Monday was wacky hair day (there's a picture at the top of my wacky hair). Tuesday was backwards day, Wednesday was Wacky Wednesday (student choice) and most of my kids dressed up like twins. Thursday was mismatched socks and shoes and then Friday was celebrity day. All the fourth grade teachers (except Katie) dressed up as beauty pagent queens. I was "Miss Steak," Jen was "Miss Tury," Lisa was "Miss Spelled" and Laura was "Miss Understood." It was funny and the kids really liked it. We each wore a tiarra and then because it was the last day, Thomas gave me a dozen roses so I carried them with me. The roses made the outfit complete. Ms. Jarman introduced me and Jen as celebrities for the track out ceremony and we each gave the pagent wave. LOL.
My kids had a fantastic party on Friday. Chick-fil-A donated nuggets and then they had pizza, chips, grapes, watermelon and veggies and dip. Then they went outside and we did a bunch of water games that they LOVED! After that we came back inside and had ice cream sundaes. It was really nice. My parents gave me a really nice personalized frame and then a $75 gift card to DSW, a $25 gift card to Sonic and $20 cash. I got $25 from one student to Stones (teacher's store) and then I also got some nice earrings from one, a $30 gift certificate to this place that's only open for breakfast (supposed to be really good). I also got a nice frame (apple) with a picture of one of my girls and then three bags of personalized M&Ms. They say "Thanks Mrs. Walker" and then "You Rock Luv Emily." I thought they were awesome!!
Tomorrow I have to go back to work and it's a workday. It'll be Katie's last day (tear). Then Tuesday will be the first day of the year with our new team. There's three new people. Laura is going to 3rd grade and so a different Lisa is taking her place. Then a woman named Amy is taking Katie's place and then there's a new girl (not sure of her name-- we call her Barbie because she looks like a damn Barbie doll) but she's from EMU (weird right?). She's a brand new teacher... I told Jen she looks like a tri-Sigma. LOL.
Anyway-- I'll write again soon.
Until next time...