Wednesday, April 02, 2014

1,200th Post

It's incredible to think that I've written 1,200 blog entries to this blog. Who would have thought someone could have so much to say?!? LOL

Things have been going well around here. We've been really busy now that the weather is getting warmer and we can do more things outside. The boys have been enjoying frequent park playdates and I've enjoyed the stress of chasing around Hugh and trying to keep an eye on Gus as the same time.

A few weeks ago, my MOMS Club chapter was asked to come to Great Play for a free trial class. Gus was supposed to be home, because it was a teacher work day, but due to the snow in January and February, they made it a make-up day. So I went with Hugh and thought he'd enjoy himself, but unfortunately, he was over-stimulated and did not have fun. They offered us an amazing deal, and I decided to get a membership for Gus.

He's gone to class three times now and it's so wonderful for him. It meets all his sensory needs and he loves going. The instructors know about his SPD and speech issues and they work with him to focus and listen and are very patient with him when it comes to talking.

 They bring out toys/activities for Hugh to play with while Gus is in class :-)

The plan is to keep Gus in classes through August and then I'd like to enroll Hugh once Gus starts school. I'm thinking we may keep Gus enrolled in an after school class, but we'll see how he does with the full-day schedule.

Speaking of school... we don't know what Gus will be doing for next year yet. His preschool teacher and I talked about options for the future for him. We have an IEP in May and we'll have more details at that time, but for now, he's on the list for one of the spots in an inclusion class (special needs kiddos with non-disabled peers). We're crossing our fingers that he gets a spot. I think it'd be an amazing opportunity for him and everything about it seems positive.

Gus's teacher said he's ahead of his peers academically, and in several areas he tested at a typical 5 year old level (he's 3.5) and the rest he tested at 4.5 to late 4. So we're happy with how well he's doing academically, it's the sensory issues that are not getting better. His speech is continuing to improve, but his ability to focus, pay attention, and sit still are all challenges for him. I feel like a lot of it is that he's a boy... but his SPD issues don't help the cause. His teacher is going to look into adding OT to his IEP.

Now that it's warmer, the park has been our go-to place in the afternoon. Gus and Hugh are starting to play together and it warms my heart to see the relationship between them developing. Gus is such a great big brother and he really does adore Hugh. He calls him "Sewy" lol.

We didn't have soccer last Saturday because of the rain on Friday night. Instead, we went to Chuck E. Cheese's with some friends from Gus's class. He had a great time with James, Cameron, and Meera. We have pictures this Saturday, and hopefully it'll go well! Be looking for a blog post with more pictures from soccer!!

Thanks for always reading, and for those of you that've been with me from day one... here's to another 1,200 posts!!!