Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 344

Hello from Johns Creek!! We made it to our new place at 12:25 this morning. We immediately noticed the welcome mat which says "Walker" on it! We walked in together and couldn't contain our excitement!

In addition to the welcome mat, our realtor left the kitchen lights on for us and we immediately noticed a poinsettia and a nice note welcoming all three of us into the house!

We checked everything out, saw that we had some mail and packages, and I was excited to see that my final gift for Gus arrived and was in the garage waiting for us!

We got ready for bed after unloading the cats and then we were in bed by 1:45.

Gus fell asleep immediately but Steve and I struggled to fall asleep right away.

We got up this morning and it was 8:30! I took pictures with my good camera while Steve showered and then we headed to Kroger for a few things.

I feel like we're in the middle of it all! The hospital is just around the corner, there's shopping and restaurants near and then Kroger was five minutes away!

We got back and had just enough time to eat breakfast just before the movers arrived to start unloading.

We put the cats in the guest bathroom, we figured it was the only room big enough for all five of them that wouldn't need to be opened at all.

Well just as Steve was outside with the movers, they escaped. The handles are easily opened and Toebe must have opened as he was jumping at the door.

Anyway, I'm trying to wrangle cats, Steve's helping and we get them squared away when Steve goes back outside. I find Gus sitting on the couch with Steve's pill organizer, holding a Tums and a Sudafed and chewing on a Tums!

I freaked out and told Steve to come downstairs bc of an emergency-- we called poison control bc a Sudafed was missing. As Steve was talking to the person at PC, I found the missing Sudafed! Whew!!

Then Steve went back up and like two seconds later, stupid Toebe saunters into the room! He got the door opened AGAIN!! This happened once more before I figured out how to lock the door.

The rest of the day has been uneventful. They're all upstairs right now and Gus and I are watching Mickey.

Here are pics from today so far:

Naptime- Gus napped for two hours and slept through movers moving stuff!!

I'm eager for the movers to be done so we can start unpacking and organizing!!

See you tomorrow!!

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Friday, December 09, 2011

Day 343

It's 3:41 and we ate STILL in NC. The movers got here at 9am and have been working non-stop. They haven't even had lunch and I can't imagine how hungry they must be-- especially with moving things and exhausting their energy.

Wendy took Gus this morning but brought him back early... Which totally sucked bc he's been miserable here. It's been a terrible afternoon and there's no end in sight. At 11 they said at least another hour or two... And now it's almost four and they just can't say when they'll be done.

I'm sitting in the car with Gus strapped in his carseat watching Mickey. He was having a tantrum- either from teething, being hungry (he refused to eat breakfast AND lunch) or he's tired from not napping-- or it's all of the above.

I'm exhausted and DREADING a seven hour drive in the dark.

Here are pics from today.

Shopping with Ashley and Wendy

Lunch at All Aboard Pizza


Purry trying to squeeze in and cuddle with Bing and Toebe

Ready to go!!! Who knows when we'll get out of here... I hope it's soon though!!

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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Day 342

Oi vey!!

What a long day! We got up from a pretty sleepless night and tried to scramble and pack up a bit before the movers arrived. I took Gus to Kristen's and left there around 9:15...

This is what I saw as I came up the street:

Our movers (there were five of them) got started immediately and had already packed a bunch of stuff before I arrived. They packed the Picky Stickies and I had meant to grab them for Sunday! Now we'll be SOL!

The day was a blur but it was long. The movers left at 7:30 tonight and we put Gus in the tub and into bed right after.

Here are pictures from today:

This morning our realtor came by and put the for sale sign up and put the lock box on the door.

Our whole house will be painted this weekend, then the professional cleaner will come and then the professional photographer will come early next week.

Our whole day was exhausting. We ended up buying the entire crew lunch (we had not expected to pay for everyone).

Gus's room is empty

The playroom is empty

Kristen texted me to let me know that Gus was okay... Sad and a little off, but okay. So she put Mickey on and he was happy.

I saw Wendy today- she's going to watch Gus for us in the morning. We should be done tomorrow around noon.

The pets stayed on the screen porch all day. It got cold so they started to snuggle together!

I headed to Kristen's for the last time ever and got sad. Gus was so excited to see me and I was so happy to see him!! He and Grace played for a bit before we said our goodbyes.

I'm so sad to leave- I got teary and decided that it's not goodbye forever. Kristen's parents are only two hours from our new place so we'll definitely see them again.

I stopped at Applebee's and grabbed dinner for us. We ate, the guys loaded the garage and then they left.

Tomorrow at this time we should be in our NEW HOME!!

The office

Now we pray that the house sells quickly!!

See you tomorrow!!

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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Day 341

Let the games begin!! We spent our last "free" day in NC today. I had a nail appointment this morning and got my nails removed. I now have my own nails back and they're shallacked. I got a French Manicure because I figured when my nails start to grow out, it'll be easier to maintain with the French.

It was sad to say goodbye to Sandy (my nail girl). One of the other girls that works there was telling me that everyone there is jealous of the fun that Sandy and I have during my appointments. The one girl told me that none of them have a client that they laugh with and have such a connection with like Sandy and I have. :-(

So, after my appointment, I stopped and got us lunch and came home. I talked to my dad today and it was great to catch up with him. They're coming to see us on the 27th and I can't wait.

Steve's dad and Sue Ann are coming down on the 23rd and will be with us through the 26th. I'm excited that they'll be with us for Christmas!! It'll be very special for Gus!!

Here are some pictures of Gus from today:

Yep... that IS what you think it is. He decided to remove his pants and diaper after his morning nap... and he had pooped. GROSS!!!!

We had another BEAUTIFUL day here today. It was in the low 70s and so mild! Gus and I spent some time on the screened porch just enjoying the weather and the view of the woods. I'll miss the woods the most.

We decided to head to Mexican for dinner and to stay local so that I'd be back before Gulbike came tonight.

We went to Fiesta Mexicana and we decided to try a booster seat with Gus instead of the high-chair. Afterall, he'll be 19 months on Sunday, and I remember Lily (my niece) was sitting in a booster at 19 months.

Well, I'm so glad we tried it because Gus did a GREAT job with sitting in his "big-boy" seat!! He didn't try to get up or anything and he seemed to really like being right there at the table with us like at home!

Tonight has been CRAZY hectic. We're trying to pack a bag for us to take in my car so that we're prepared for Friday night. It's been unnerving and I've got HIGH anxiety and stress over tomorrow. I just want to fast-forward through tomorrow and just be on the road to Georgia.

I have no internet, and we're relying on our signals from our AT&T. Not the greatest. Not sure if I'll have time to blog tomorrow or Friday, so it might be a few days before you hear from me. I'll try though.

See you tomorrow maybe!
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