Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Day 340

December 6th, 2010

December 6th, 2011

We had a pretty good day today. Gus was wide-awake at 6:50 which led Steve to getting up with Gus while I got in the shower. It made for a long morning, but Gus went down for a nap at 10:00 and slept until 1:30!! When he got up he was in a great mood!

Snuggled in his blanket this morning

Helping daddy fold the clothes...  :-)

Playing in his frog hamper

This afternoon I decided to watch Gone With the Wind. I had never seen it, and I was certain that I'd hate it. It was on AMC at Thanksgiving and I had saved it to the DVR and decided to give it a go this afternoon. Guess what? I LOVED IT!!! I kept calling Scarlet "Charlotte" and I kept calling Rhett "Rex" but other than those to issues, it was fantastic. It had surprises that I didn't see coming and the ending... oh man. I had heard the famous quote many times before, but never in the context of the movie. AMAZING.

We gave Gus a bath tonight and he had a GREAT time as usual.
Checking out the water
Trying to catch it
Absolute joy!
So I posted something on Facebook asking friends if they had any connections to surrogacy to give me some info. I had several people comment on the post, and then a few messages about it. One message absolutely shocked me. A very good friend from college offered to be a surrogate for us. I wasn't really asking anyone to do this for us, just asking for info, but she offered. I'm not sure if it'll happen, or what the details are, but it's amazing to me that she offered her body for us.

She's in MI and when I looked online, everything that I found said that surrogacy in MI is illegal. Basically, it's illegal to pay someone money to be a surrogate for you. She'd be considered the birth mother (even if the baby is biologically ours) and then we'd have to adopt our baby from her and her husband. Weird. Costly. I'm not sure how expensive it'd be, but knowing that just the attorney fees to adopt would be at least $10k. Add to that the price for IVF/embryotic transplant... it could be like $20k to do it.

So, there's a lot of negatives to doing it, but she also offered some info about an infertility treatment program. She also got info for a doctor in the Atlanta area, and I am going to check it out. Her sisters both struggled with getting pregnant (she was going to surrogate for them) and then they went through this program and both got pregnant and had babies. So who knows... but I'll definitely check it out.

And then another person that we know here in NC said that she's always wanted to be a surrogate, and for me to keep her in mind if it's something that we seriously pursue. It's at least nice to know that there are people in our lives that are willing to help in this way if needed!!

Tomorrow I'm going to get my nails off. I'm doing the shallack stuff for a while and it'll give me more time between appointments and save me money. 

I started packing a bag for us today. It's got stuff in it that we'll take in the car when we move. Just clothes and towels and stuff, so that if the movers are delayed for any reason, we've got stuff to get by. It's crazy to think that we leave in three days.

See you tomorrow!


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