Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 344

Hello from Johns Creek!! We made it to our new place at 12:25 this morning. We immediately noticed the welcome mat which says "Walker" on it! We walked in together and couldn't contain our excitement!

In addition to the welcome mat, our realtor left the kitchen lights on for us and we immediately noticed a poinsettia and a nice note welcoming all three of us into the house!

We checked everything out, saw that we had some mail and packages, and I was excited to see that my final gift for Gus arrived and was in the garage waiting for us!

We got ready for bed after unloading the cats and then we were in bed by 1:45.

Gus fell asleep immediately but Steve and I struggled to fall asleep right away.

We got up this morning and it was 8:30! I took pictures with my good camera while Steve showered and then we headed to Kroger for a few things.

I feel like we're in the middle of it all! The hospital is just around the corner, there's shopping and restaurants near and then Kroger was five minutes away!

We got back and had just enough time to eat breakfast just before the movers arrived to start unloading.

We put the cats in the guest bathroom, we figured it was the only room big enough for all five of them that wouldn't need to be opened at all.

Well just as Steve was outside with the movers, they escaped. The handles are easily opened and Toebe must have opened as he was jumping at the door.

Anyway, I'm trying to wrangle cats, Steve's helping and we get them squared away when Steve goes back outside. I find Gus sitting on the couch with Steve's pill organizer, holding a Tums and a Sudafed and chewing on a Tums!

I freaked out and told Steve to come downstairs bc of an emergency-- we called poison control bc a Sudafed was missing. As Steve was talking to the person at PC, I found the missing Sudafed! Whew!!

Then Steve went back up and like two seconds later, stupid Toebe saunters into the room! He got the door opened AGAIN!! This happened once more before I figured out how to lock the door.

The rest of the day has been uneventful. They're all upstairs right now and Gus and I are watching Mickey.

Here are pics from today so far:

Naptime- Gus napped for two hours and slept through movers moving stuff!!

I'm eager for the movers to be done so we can start unpacking and organizing!!

See you tomorrow!!

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