Saturday, March 14, 2009


So every now and again I get into this bad "funk" where I am overly negative, and see things through dark-colored glasses. Right now, I am on the edge of this funk and I am trying to stay positive to avoid going in.

Last night on our way home from Mexican, Cleveland decided to start acting up. Just before coming to a red light, Cleveland started making some strange noises. Loud enough that we could hear them over the radio. So we get to the light and then we smelled this awful smell... and then Cleveland decided to shut down. Then we saw a bunch of smoke coming from the right side (the passenger) of the car. Steve got out and checked under the hood, but it was too dark to see anything. As this was happening, it was pouring rain.

Steve got back inside, and turned the key and it started. We were able to get home without Cleveland stalling out. So we got up this morning and took him to the car place for them to do a quick analysis and they found that it's something with the air-conditioning. Apparently, when Steve turned on the defrost in the car last night, that's what caused the smoke and Cleveland to turn off. So... now we're waiting to see who is going to fix it. I just want to trade the damn thing in and get an Edge, but Steve wants to wait until we have a few more payments on Cleveland and have some money saved for the Edge. Leave it to him to be logical and whatnot... what fun is that? I can't wait to go and test drive one and have it be mine!!! :(

Then there's the issue of needing to get away for a vacation. When Steve got his Burt's award, he said we could use the money to go somewhere nice for our 3rd anniversary. Well... that's approaching in four months, and it'd be the right time to start planning, but now he says that we don't have the money. Sandals has a HUGE 60% off sale... it'd be wonderful to get away this July/August... when I'll really need it. When I asked about the award money he said we used it to pay off bills. :( No vacation for me I guess.

Then there's the whole baby issue. I've been on my new medication for about a month and thought it was all going great. Not really... the same problems as before and I still don't think I am ovulating. I just found out that one of my sorority sisters is pregnant-- while I am super happy for her, I am still upset for myself. It seems like all the people that I know that have had problems getting pregnant... the ones that I can say, "At least I'm not the only one" are all getting pregnant. So now it's down to Mindy and Andrea as the only two left with me. I just fear that it'll never happen for us. AHHHHHH!!!

So that's about it from me. I am just in a rotten mood. On the positive, I got my hair done today. It's much lighter-- AND soooo long! I'll use Steve's camera and take some pictures and post them on my Fb and Myspace for anyone that's interested in seeing my new do!!

Until next time...